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Chapter 11: Wooden House Constructed

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However, before he continued fishing again, Su Yu did not forget to put up a trade offer on the trading channel.

Items to Trade: [Zhonghua Cigarettes (One Pack)] [5 kg of Rice] [Shampoo (500ml)]

Items in Exchange: glass steel 0/1, PE braided thread 0/1, carbon cloth 0/1, one for each item.

Su Yus trade offer was almost like he was engaging in a scam. It would be good if the trade was successful. However, if it wasnt, it could serve to attract the people who had these items to make a deal with him privately.

Previously, Su Yu did not expect that he would be able to exchange for those three items with just three packs of salt. He only wanted to create a gimmick to attract the attention of other survivors so that he could make private deals later.

As for the items that he offered, it would be a gift to the other party, just like the windproof lighter from before.

In any case, these ordinary resources would only increase in number to Su Yu, so he had nothing to lose.

When Su Yu pinned the trade offer again, some people in the regional channel who couldnt stay idle started chatting again.

“F*ck, why couldnt I have caught any of these materials Otherwise, I could have exchanged them for some of those cigarettes. ”

“Dude, youre right. Dont say it anymore. I feel so tempted to smoke now.”

“I feel that were not from the same world as the first on the rankings. Why is he so rich in resources!”

“ 1. Poor me. Ive used up all ten fishing opportunities. Can you believe that five of them were broken treasure chests”


Su Yu didnt pay much attention to the discussion on the communication channel. At this moment, Su Yu was holding the blueprint of the wooden house in one hand as he walked toward the place where the wood was piled up.

When the two low-level goblins saw their master approaching, they immediately bowed. Su Yu waved his hand to signal them to move aside.

[Ding, please choose the location of the wooden house.]

At this moment, Su Yu chose to use the blueprint of the wooden house, and the notification sounded in his ears again.

Upon hearing this voice, Su Yu looked around the small island that he owned. He then placed the wooden house in the center of the island.

[The location of the wooden house has been confirmed. Please wait a moment.]

Clang! Clang! Clang! After Su Yu chose to use the blueprint of the wooden house, he saw the shadow of a wooden house appear in front of him. Then, the wood quickly piled up like building blocks.

Finally, with a flash of white light, a small European-style wooden house appeared in front of Su Yu.

[Ding! You have obtained an ordinary wooden house. Your islands prosperity value has increased. Your current prosperity points are 30 points. You are currently ranked first in this area.]

When the construction of Su Yus small wooden house was completed, the mechanical notification sounded in his ears again.

Su Yu directly filtered the notification out. As long as no one surpassed him and became the new number one, Su Yu was too lazy to check the ranking list.

[Ordinary Wooden House]

Description: A simple residence that can shelter you from the wind and rain, or used to store supplies.

When Su Yus gaze landed on the wooden house, simple information about the wooden house appeared in front of Su Yus eyes.

After scanning through the information, Su Yu pushed open the wooden door of the wooden house and walked in.

When Su Yu entered the wooden house, what greeted him was a small wooden room, similar to some single-room rental houses from his home world.

After looking around, Su Yu turned around and walked out of the wooden house. After all, it was just a simple wooden house. There was nothing inside, and there was nothing to see.

“The two of you, move those supplies into the wooden house and arrange them neatly,” Su Yu, who had just left the wooden house, instructed the two low-level goblins.

Upon hearing Su Yus order, the two low-level goblins naturally rushed over to move the supplies.

This was because after eating instant noodles in the afternoon, the two of them found the taste of instant noodles to be absolutely delectable. Even as they were doing woodwork, they could not help but salivate when they thought of the delicious meal they had never eaten before that afternoon.

Therefore, the two of them were very enthusiastic about their work. They yearned for their next meal, for the hope that their master would reward them with instant noodles again.

Of course, Su Yu did not know what the two low-level goblins were thinking. At this moment, Su Yu had already sat on the massage chair and started fishing.

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As time passed, Su Yu fished up three Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest in a row. Finally, he caught another Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains 20 ml of ordinary physique stats potion.

Fishing Technique: The quality of the fishing rod has been improved. Strength produces miracles. Just pull hard.

[20ml Physique Stats Potion]

Description: Consuming it can increase Physique stats by 0.2. There are no side effects.

Note: This potion will not be effective on the user with basic physique stats that are greater than 5.

“My luck has improved again” After seeing the description of the treasure chest that he had fished out of the water, Su Yu, who had been in a slightly listless state, instantly became energetic.

Just as instructed by his insight skill, Su Yu directly exerted strength in his hands and started pulling. Anyway, he was also too lazy to use any pulling techniques.

The Wooden Treasure Chest, which was still in the water, was naturally unable to withstand Su Yus brute force and was directly dragged onto the shore.

As soon as the treasure chest came ashore, Su Yu impatiently checked the contents of the treasure chest. Then, he looked at the two tubes of the blue-colored potion in his hand.

“Gulp, gulp.” He pulled out the cork and finished the potions in one gulp.

As soon as the potion entered his stomach, Su Yu felt something. This time, the feeling was a little different from the feeling that the strength stats potion gave him.

The strength potion gave Su Yu a numbing feeling, while the physique potion gave Su Yu the feeling of ice and fire. It felt extremely refreshing.

“Ah!” In the end, Su Yu couldnt help but shout.

The two low-level goblins, who had heard the commotion from their master, looked over in confusion.


“Damn it, the effect of this potion is really powerful!” As the potion continued to take effect, Su Yu couldnt help but shiver.

In the end, when the efficacy of the physique stats potion subsided, Su Yus body was covered in sweat.

“Phew.” After letting out a long breath, Su Yu took off his coat and the long-sleeved shirt he was wearing.

After casually placing his clothes on the massage chair, Su Yu picked up a large bottle of mineral water and gulped it down.

If other survivors who had yet to obtain any fresh water saw the way he was drinking the water, they would probably be envious.

Su Yu burped when he was done and put the bottle of mineral water on the ground. Then, he set up the ordinary bait and cast the fishing line fiercely to start a new round of fishing.



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