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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Purchasing Fragments

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“Work hard to survive, how can we survive We cant even eat tree bark on this bare island. We wont be able to last long with the food we catch!”

Someone had just stepped forward to boost morale in the communication channel, but in the next second, another person had stepped forward to demoralize.

“Sigh, those top ten on the rankings definitely dont have to worry about food and drink anymore. After all, they receive so many ordinary baits every day.”

“Thats right, thats right. As fellow humans, they should help those who dont have resources, like us!”

“Hehe, do you think they are your dads Why do they have to use the resources they obtained with great difficulty to save you”


When Su Yu saw the information on the communication channel, he raised his eyebrows slightly.

Su Yu was not surprised at all that some people had started to shift the topic to those who were ranked at the top of the list.

After all, there were also 5,000 people in a small region. There were all kinds of people here. From the high officials and nobles, the ordinary people, the hooligans on the streets of the city, to thugs who were imprisoned or even vicious criminals, and some students who retained their innocence and romance before they transmigrated.

With so many types of people mixed in the same area, one could imagine that such a problem would definitely arise in the communication channel.

Moreover, Su Yu felt that at this moment, there might already be a little naive fool who had been cheated of his resources and was still helping others count their money!

As expected, just as this thought flashed through Su Yus mind, he casually glanced at the communication channel from the corner of his eye and discovered that such a thing had indeed happened.

“Everyone, pay attention. A woman named Wang Tiantian scammed me out of a bag of food.”

“Dude, can you elaborate on your experience of being scammed Were you scammed while chatting”

“You can still be deceived at times like this. Brother, youre really good!”


After reading through the information, Su Yu immediately sent a message.

“Buying island fragments. Owners can privately message me to trade for food, fresh water, or other items.”

After sending the message, Su Yu chose to pin it at the top.

“F*ck, what is the big shot on the rankings buying!”

“Are you out of your mind You can even tell what it means. What is this Its an island fragment. Its obvious that its used to increase the size of the island!”

“F*ck, I thought I was going to starve to death. Theres always a way out. Brothers, I just caught a wooden treasure chest with the welfare ordinary bait and got a 1 square meter island fragment from it. I have to trade with the big shot on the leaderboard.”

“Jealous. Envious. Hate.”


Not long after Su Yu had pinned the purchase notice to the top, someone immediately began to DM him.

In fact, the island area fragment was inside the prosperity points rankings rewards treasure chests. All the treasure chests from the second to tenth place had this item inside. The difference was the area of the island added.

For example, Su Yu had obtained a 5 island fragment on the first board, while the second rank obtained a 3 island fragment, and the third rank obtained a 2 island fragment.

As for the fourth to tenth rank, they all obtained 1 island fragments.

However, these guys who could squeeze into the top ten would naturally not use these fragments to exchange for daily necessities like the other survivors would.

Although the daily necessities they had were not as diverse as Su Yus, they did not lack basic necessities.

“Survivor Wu Zhe has met the requirements you set and would like to DM you. Do you want to accept the DM”

“Yes.” Hearing the DM notification, Su Yu quietly agreed.

“Is this the first-ranked master I want to ask how much food and water can be exchanged for a 1 island fragment.”

At this moment, Wu Zhe, who was on his island, was slightly pale. His lips were cracked, which was a sign that his body was starting to get dehydrated.

It turned out that Wu Zhe did not manage to fish up any fresh water from the ten ordinary baits given to the newbies. Furthermore, out of the ten treasure chests that he fished up, eight of them were damaged treasure chests. They were filled with tattered socks, withered branches, and so on.

As for the other two treasure chests, they were ordinary wooden treasure chests. Wu Zhe had obtained a total of ten portions of wood from them. When he saw what he obtained from his ten sets of bait, Wu Zhe almost passed away on the spot.

Fortunately, Wu Zhe had obtained a piece of whole wheat bread and a 500ml bottle of mineral water from the novice survival treasure chest. Otherwise, Wu Zhe felt that he might as well jump into the sea and die.

Thats right, Wu Zhe was the unlucky fellow who had said in the communication channel early in the morning that he had relied on his willpower to withstand the entire night.

At this moment, when Su Yu saw the message sent by the other party on the DM interface, he fell into deep thought.

It was not that he was worried about not having anything to give, but that Su Yu was considering how much things he should trade the fragment with.

This trade item could not be too little, but it could not be too much either. Otherwise, if Su Yu wanted it later, it would be difficult to buy these things from those lucky survivors.

It was within Su Yus expectations that someone would make a deal with him. After all, to those who were lucky enough to catch an island fragment, but could not even maintain their basic life support, it was better to use it to exchange for daily necessities.

After all, there wasnt much point in adding a square meter of island area in the early stages.

After pondering for a while, Su Yu gave Wu Zhe a price.

“A 1 square meter of island fragment can be exchanged for 15 liters of fresh water, 10 kilograms of rice, and a windproof lighter.”

At this moment, Wu Zhe, who was staring at the DM interface, saw the message sent by Su Yu.

To be honest, Wu Zhe was a little hesitant. He couldnt determine whether the other partys offer was low or not.

However, when he thought about how he might not be able to survive the night if he did not sell this thing to the big shot to exchange for some living supplies, Wu Zhe instantly made up his mind.

“Damn it, lets just exchange it. Otherwise, if I sell it to others, the price might be lowered even more. After all, only the top ten big shots on the rankings can take out a large number of resources at this time.”

In fact, Wu Zhe still wanted to compare prices, but he only had ten chances to send messages today. Wu Zhe had already sent messages in the communication channel several times today, so even if he wanted to DM other big shots, he might not be able to.

After all, he still had to reply to Su Yu later!




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