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Chapter 18: Hundred Forged Black Iron

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“Boss, lets exchange the items. Can you give me more cold resistant items Otherwise, Ill freeze to death at night.” At this moment, Wu Zhe, who had made up his mind, did not forget to try and see if he could get more cold resistant items.

“Alright, since youre the first person to trade fragments with me, Ill give you a bonus, a cold resistant item. Ill put it up on the trading channel. You can bid for it yourself!”

After reading Wu Zhes message, Su Yu was too lazy to bargain. After all, he had a lot of cold-proof materials, and they were still in the unopened wooden treasure chests!

Then, he walked into the wooden house. After opening a wooden treasure chest that contained a blanket, Su Yu directly chose to post a trade offer on the trading channel.

Items to Trade: 15 liters of drinking water, 10 kg of rice, one windproof lighter, one blanket.

Items in Exchange: 1 island area fragment.

As soon as Su Yu posted the trade offer, Wu Zhe immediately made his move.

Soon, Su Yu also retrieved the island fragment that Wu Zhe had traded with him. No matter how small it was, it was still a resource. After looking at the fragment in his hand, Su Yu chose to use it.

In an instant, the area of the island that Su Yu owned also changed from 112 square meters to 113 square meters.

Then, Su Yu began to get busy again. First, he made a rough plan of how to utilize the island area. Then, he picked up the fishing rod and went to the shoreline.

[This part of the sea is barren. There are no treasure chest resources here. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]

Looking at the information floating in front of his eyes, Su Yu immediately began to change positions many times.

[Five meters below the surface of the sea, there is a treasure chest. It is recommended to fish here.]

“Eh” Su Yu, who had changed his position several times, couldnt help but exclaim in surprise when he saw the information flashing in front of him.

“Could it be that his skill has improved because his strength has increased a little”

At this moment, Su Yu couldnt help but wonder. This was because the information that Su Yu had received previously was all hints about which part of the sea had more or less treasure chest resources. It wouldnt specifically indicate the star level of the treasure chest.

“Lets give it a try and find out.” Su Yu, who had some guesses in his heart, directly took out an enhanced bait. After baiting the hook, Su Yu accurately threw the hook to the area indicated by the insight skill.

Time passed slowly as Su Yu waited. Three minutes, five minutes, and when it was almost ten minutes, Su Yu felt as the fishing rod in his hand suddenly went taut.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains Hundred Forged Black Iron.

Fishing Technique: Based on the strength of the fisher and the quality of the fishing rod, it is recommended to pull it back and forth for an hour before dragging it ashore.

[Hundred Forged Black Iron]

Description: To be used on ordinary fishing rods. One of the materials needed to upgrade the Black Iron Fishing Rod. Use together with Ice Silk, Black Iron Hook, and Black Iron Fishing Rod upgrade blueprints to upgrade ordinary fishing rods.

As soon as the treasure chest took the bait, Su Yu realized that the information of the treasure chest floated before his eyes.

“Wow, my skill has really improved. I dont have to wait for the treasure chest to come out of the water to see the information of the treasure chest that I caught.”

At this moment, Su Yus mood could not help but become a little excited. After all, this way, Su Yu could accurately fish without relying on Lady Lucks favor that was somewhat fickle.


Soon, Su Yu successfully dragged the ordinary wooden treasure chest to the island according to the tips given by his insight skill.

Then, Su Yu opened the treasure chest.

[Ding! Your Double Happiness Skill has been triggered. You have obtained two pieces of Hundred Forged Black Iron.]

After the notification of the skill trigger sounded, two pieces of Hundred Forged Black Iron that emitted a dark color and looked as smooth as jade appeared in front of Su Yu.

“F*ck, its so heavy.” Su Yu reached out to pick up the Hundred Forged Black Iron on the ground. When he held the iron in his hand, he immediately felt how heavy it was.

“The materials to upgrade the fishing rod are becoming more and more similar to the magical artifact materials in cultivation novels before I transmigrated.” Su Yu couldnt help but have this thought after glancing at the Hundred Forged Black Iron in his hand.

Moreover, at this moment, Su Yu felt that he might really be able to fish out some secret cultivation technique.

As the level of the treasure chest increased, more and more different kinds of things appeared in the treasure chest.

Su Yu guessed that above the wooden treasure chest was the black iron treasure chest that corresponded to the black iron level fishing rod.

Su Yu guessed that afterwards, there might be bronze, silver, or gold treasure chests. As for whether it was true or not, he did not know.

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Then, Su Yu placed the two pieces of Hundred Forged Black Iron into the small wooden house. Su Yu had completely used this small wooden house as a warehouse.

After storing the Hundred Forged Black Iron, Su Yu excitedly ran to the shoreline and began to carefully observe the surface of the water.

[This part of the sea mostly contains ordinary wooden treasure chests. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]


After obtaining more detailed information, Su Yu could not help but clench his fists tightly.

As such, Su Yu began to move around the shoreline.

[This part of the sea mostly contains and ordinary wooden treasure chests. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]


After changing positions several times in a row, Su Yu finally found a place that he was satisfied with.

[ ordinary wooden treasure chests are piled up in this part of the sea. You are recommended to cast a fishing net.]

“The two of you, hurry up and bring me the fishing net.” At this moment, Su Yu quickly turned his head and ordered the two low-level goblins nearby.

Upon receiving Su Yus order, the two goblins immediately ran to pick up the simple fishing net on the ground, then quickly ran toward Su Yu.

After receiving the simple fishing net from the two goblins, Su Yu quickly hung ten sets of ordinary bait on them.

From the wooden treasure chest, he had obtained twenty ordinary energy crystals. Su Yu had already asked the two goblins to use the flour he had fished up to make over a hundred sets of ordinary bait. Therefore, what Su Yu needed to do now was to use up the ordinary bait with all his might.

“Set up some wood here.” Su Yu, who had just hung up the ordinary baits, cast out the simple fishing net in his hand and immediately instructed the two goblins at his side.


The two goblins, who were already familiar with this, quickly dragged the pile of wood over and hammered it.

As for Su Yu, he was tightly holding the rope at the end of the fishing net.

[ ordinary wooden treasure chests are entering the fishing net one after another. Please take note. Please take note not to be pulled into the water. It is recommended that many people drag it.]

Just as Su Yu was fully focused, the instruction from his insight skill floated in before his eyes.



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