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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Weapon Out

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“F*ck, why are there pots and pans in this damn survival treasure chest I want water and food!”

“F*ck, I got three kilograms of rice, but theres no water!”

“Damn it, why the hell is it a doll”


Glancing at the communication channel, Su Yu found that most of the people who sent messages in the communication channel were complaining about the items obtained from the novices treasure chest.

Looking at it, Su Yu suddenly felt that he was lucky to have obtained water and instant noodles.

However, most people had yet to react, so the messages in the communication channel were scattered and did not reach the speed of spamming.

After scanning the messages, Su Yu found that there wasnt any useful information, so he directly exited the communication channel. He planned to wait for a while before coming in to take a look at the situation.

Then, Su Yu picked up the fishing rod and walked toward the shore. When he reached the shore, Su Yu was not in a hurry to fish. Instead, he focused on the sea in front of him.

[The treasure chest resources in this part of the sea are relatively scarce and ordinary. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]

As Su Yu focused, a line of words flashed directly into Su Yus eyes.

After reading the message, Su Yu immediately turned around and walked in another direction.

[The treasure chest resources in this part of the sea are average. You are recommended to change fishing positions.]

After changing position, Su Yu realized that this fishing spot was still not good enough, so he changed his position again.

[This part of the sea is rich in treasure chest resources. You are recommended to fish here.]

“Awesome.” After seeing the notification, Su Yu instantly perked up.

Then, Su Yu flicked his fishing rod toward the sea and the fishing line fell into the water.

Su Yu, who understood how important it was to watch the fishing rod in the early stages, stared at the float without blinking. His hand was also holding the fishing rod tightly. After standing for a while, Su Yu sat down cross-legged.

Time passed slowly as Su Yu continued fishing. Fishing required patience, so even if the float stayed still, Su Yus expression did not change much.

Suddenly, Su Yu noticed that the float suddenly sank into the water. After discovering this situation, Su Yu instantly exerted his strength and pulled the fishing rod.

With Su Yus effort, a small wooden treasure chest appeared on the surface of the water.

[Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains 10 pieces of ordinary wood. You can just drag it ashore.

When Su Yus gaze swept across the wooden treasure chest floating on the water, Su Yus insight skill allowed him to directly see the information of this wooden treasure chest.

After seeing the information of the treasure chest, Su Yu did not hesitate to pull the fishing rod. The wooden treasure chest on the surface of the water was also dragged up by Su Yu the way it was instructed in the description. During this time, it did not resist at all.

After looking at the wooden treasure chest that he had dragged up, Su Yu touched it.

[Ding! You have obtained an ordinary wooden treasure chest. Would you like to open it]


As soon as he touched the treasure chest, Su Yu heard the notification in his ears. As Su Yu already knew what was inside, he wasnt at all excited.

Su Yu perhaps would not be able to experience the thrill of opening the mystery box after obtaining his insight skill. However, Su Yu would definitely not turn off this talent.

[Treasure chest opening in progress. Double Happiness skill activated. You have obtained 10 pieces of ordinary wood*2.]

After Su Yu opened the treasure chest, he found that it had dissipated. Then, a pile of wood appeared in front of him.

At the same time, information about the wood appeared before Su Yus eyes.

[Ordinary Wood]

Description: It can be used to build wooden houses and wooden furniture. It can also be used as a flammable material to start fires and keep warm. If you dont know how to build a wooden house yourself, you can try to fish a wooden house blueprint and use it to build your own house.

Note: 100 pieces of wood can build a 15-square-meter cabin.

In response, Su Yu nodded slightly. This wood was quite useful. It could be used to build a shelter. Otherwise, it would be terrible if it rained.

However, he required 100 pieces of wood to build a shelter. Su Yus current resources were still a little lacking.

Therefore, in order to move into a wooden house as soon as possible and to obtain some new resources, Su Yu had no choice but to start fishing again.

After that, Su Yu started the tedious task of fishing. Fortunately, there was still a communication channel to entertain Su Yu.

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At this moment, Su Yu was holding the fishing rod tightly in his hand. Then, he got distracted and started to browse the communication channel. After such a long time, the communication channel where Su Yu finally became lively.

“Damn it, can someone tell me how it feels to fish out a damaged wooden treasure chest and obtain a pair of smelly socks soaked in water”

“OP, its fine. I didnt catch anything good either. The first treasure chest I caught only gave me two portions of bread.”

“Damn you, get lost.”

“Is there anyone who would like to see silk stockings Ill DM you the picture in exchange for a bottle of water.”

“Get lost, cross player. You want to exchange pictures for water Dream on!”


It had to be said that this communication channel had become a place for most people to vent their emotions.

After all, not everyone could face such a situation calmly, and the communication channel was perfect for these people to vent the panic in their hearts.

As for Su Yu, he had already died once, and he had encountered such a collective transmigration when he had just transmigrated. Therefore, Su Yu was already a little jaded.

Su Yu took the time to look at the communication channel while paying attention to the floats on the water.

“F*ck, its so heavy.” At this moment, Su Yu, who was staring at the float, suddenly realized that the float was sinking. Hence, Su Yu exerted strength in his arm.


But this time, Su Yu felt that it was very different from the first wooden treasure chest he had caught.

This time, Su Yu could clearly feel the resistance under the water. Fortunately, Su Yu was on the island, and with the islands power, Su Yus current strength was twice as strong as before he transmigrated.

If it werent for the fact that he was afraid of breaking the rod, Su Yu would have exerted his whole power no matter what.

After using some of his usual fishing techniques, Su Yu finally managed to fish the treasure chest out of the water. However, he still needed to expend some effort to pull it out.

[ Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest ]

Description: It contains a Type 59 pistol and eight bullets. The technique of fishing this treasure chest is to exert force and drag intermittently.

Note: Please do not use brute force to drag it. Otherwise, it will easily break free.

“Awesome! Theres actually a weapon, although it doesnt seem to be of much use at the moment.” After seeing the information of the treasure chest floating then sinking into the water, Su Yu immediately became energetic.



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