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Chapter 21: Partial Rainstorm

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“Hehe, who knows whos the one eating steamed buns and drinking cold water Are you jealous So what You cant do anything to me!”

Su Yu realized that, at this moment, the guy who had been showing off in the communication channel had started to mock people again.

“F*ck, Im so angry. How can there be such a despicable dog!”

“F*ck, why isnt there an option to report!”

“Are there any big shots here Come out to punish this b*stard!”

“This bastard is definitely fishing using his lifespan. Hell probably die on the spot in the next second.”


At this moment, Su Yu saw that in the communication channel, most of the survivors had started to scold that inhumane fellow.

This was because this guy was completely rubbing salt into most peoples wounds! Not only did he fish for a lot of supplies, but he also had to show off and mock others, as if he was afraid that others would not know that he had a lot of supplies.

As for the top ten on the regional prosperity points rankings no one – including Su Yu – was criticizing him in the communication channel.

Although Su Yu had seen the news, he only felt that the guy had nothing better to do.

Su Yu didnt have that much free time. If he had the time, he would rather fish for resources.

At the same time, on another small island, aman with a feminine appearance and no masculine aura was looking at the bright screen in front of him with a cheap smile.

Thats right, this guy was the one who mocked people in the communication channel just now.

“Tsk, a bunch of losers.” After muttering to himself, he picked up his fishing rod and ran towards the shoreline.

To be honest, this guys skill was almost the same as a certain survivors curse words. He really was fishing with his lifespan!

[Grade A skill, Lifespan Increases Luck]

Skill Description: Skill owners can consume their own lifespan to increase their luck temporarily. The minimum consumption for each usage is 3 days of lifespan. It can increase luck temporarily by 3 minutes.

It was precisely because of this innate skill that this person could fish for so many resources. If not for the fact that he valued his life, with this initial skill, this person would definitely have a place in the top ten of the regional rankings.


At this moment, Su Yu, who stopped paying attention to the communication channel, was commanding the four low-level goblins to pull the fishing net.

[2 Ordinary Wooden Treasure Chest, 8 Ordinary Monster Treasure Chest.]

The treasure chest contained the following items: 1 island area fragment, ordinary energy crystals, 2 improved baits, glass steel, simple toilet, 50 liters of gasoline, 10 portions of fertile soil, 1 portion of roasted lamb, 50 kg of rice, and 50 portions of thorns.

At this moment, Su Yu, who was commanding the four goblins to pull the net, was scanning the information of the treasure chests floating in front of him.

“Its alright.” Although he didnt get any stats potion this time, Su Yu was quite satisfied. The appearance of the simple toilet finally resolved the awkwardness of facing the sea while doing his business.

Among these things, the one that Su Yu was most concerned about was the improved bait. So far, Su Yu was still missing one material. Otherwise, Su Yu would have been able to make the improved bait himself instead of pinning his hopes on the treasure chest to obtain one.

Su Yu had also searched for and tried to purchase materials on the trading channel, but there had been no news so far. Perhaps no survivor had been able to fish them up so far.

To Su Yu, only treasure chests of a higher star level could allow his island to develop faster.

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To be honest, if the other survivors saw the development speed of Su Yus island, they would probably feel numb.

At this moment, in the center of Su Yus island, there was an exquisite European-style wooden house. Beside the wooden house were two Toyota cars. As for the rest of the island, some areas were already filled with fruit trees and saplings. The remaining areas were completely covered in fertile soil. In addition, there were four low-level goblin slaves and many resources that were piled up until there was almost no place to store new resources.

If it werent for the fact that the island was still too small, Su Yu would have been able to build the thorny fence with the blueprint. After all, Su Yu had already accumulated all the building materials needed to build this thing.

After casually using the island fragment, Su Yus island area increased by another two square meters, reaching the size of 117 square meters. In total, it was less than 11×11 square meters. This size was naturally not suitable for building a 10×10 thorn fence. In that case, Su Yu would not be able to fish.

Just as Su Yu was about to go to the shoreline to search for traces of treasure chest, he heard a thunderous explosion in the sky.

The sudden sound of thunder made Su Yus scalp tingle.

After Su Yu regained his senses, he looked up at the sky, only to find that the originally clear sky had suddenly darkened.

[Ding! Survivors, please note that heavy rain is about to descend. The probability of fishing for a high-star treasure chest after the rain will increase slightly for a period of time.]

“F*ck, the weather is unpredictable!” Su Yu was depressed when he heard the notification.

“Quick! Cover those saplings with waterproof cloths.” Glancing at the darkening sky, Su Yu turned his head and ordered the four goblins. Then, he turned around and walked toward the small wooden house.

“Damn it, please dont be a gale!” To be honest, Su Yu was a little worried about the wind.

After all, if a gale were to blow on the sea, it would be difficult to survive!

After Su Yu entered the small wooden house, he immediately clicked on the communication channel to see how many people were affected by the heavy rain.

“Im going to die. Its going to rain heavily. Ive only built a dilapidated straw hut!”

“Im worse off with only a few logs and a tarp.”

“Its fine, its fine. Didnt the notification say that the probability of fishing a high-star treasure chest would increase after the rain”

“Thats right, thats right. If it rains, we can take a shower and store a lot of fresh water.”

“Dude, are you stupid Have you never considered the wind”

“Oh my god, I didnt expect that.”


Glancing a glance at the rapidly rolling messages in the communication channel, Su Yu realized that many people were affected by the heavy rain this time.

“Master, everything is ready.” Just as Su Yu was browsing through the information, a few goblins appeared at the door of the small wooden house.

“Come in, all of you!” Su Yu glanced at the few goblins outside the door and did not let them stand outside. After all, they were all his labor force. If they fell sick, Su Yu would suffer a huge loss!

Upon hearing Su Yus words, the four goblins hurriedly squeezed into the small wooden house.




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