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Chapter 25: Big Bottle Version Of The Three-Piece Stats Potions

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“Go.” After locking onto this area, Su Yu cast out his hook.

At the same time, after Ji Qingrou had obtained the blueprint to upgrade into ordinary fishing rod from Su Yu, she also completed the upgrade of the newbie fishing rod.

At this moment, Ji Qingrou also had an improved bait in her hand, so she was wondering if she should use this enhanced version.

After thinking about it carefully, Ji Qingrou decided to trust her innate skill. In the end, based on her six senses, Ji Qingrou also locked onto the area that gave her the strongest feeling. Then, she baited the hook without hesitation.

As for Su Yu, he was staring at the sea with great patience. After all, compared to the ordinary survivors who were still struggling to obtain the wooden treasure chest, Su Yu had already opened several wooden treasure chests.

[ Wooden Treasure Chest]

Description: It contains one bottle of strength stats potion, one bottle of physique stats potion, and one bottle of spirit stats potion. (100ml each bottle).

Fishing Technique: Pull in a roundabout way, pull slowly and quickly.

[Strength ~ Physique ~ Spirit Potion (100ml)]

Description: Consuming it can permanently increase basic strength, physique, and spirit stats.

Note: This potion will not be effective on the user with basic spirit stats that are greater than 5.

“A big bottle version of three-piece basic stats potion” This thought popped up in Su Yus mind as he glanced at the notification floating in front of him.

“This is good stuff. With the double happiness skill, it can definitely increase my strength, physique, and spirit by two points!”

After Su Yu regained his senses, he began to pull carefully.

Unknowingly, time quickly passed. When Su Yu carefully dragged the treasure chest under the sea to the island and looked at the sky, it was already afternoon.


“Forget it, lets eat first.” Just as Su Yu was about to open the treasure chest, he suddenly stretched out his hand and rubbed his rumbling stomach. It turned out that he was too engrossed in fishing and had not even eaten lunch.

Therefore, Su Yu carried the treasure chest and directly walked to the side of the small wooden house. After finding a place to sit down, Su Yu directly instructed the goblins to bring out the roasted whole sheep.

Soon, the two goblins brought out the roasted lamb that was already cold.

This roasted whole lamb was also obtained by Su Yu from the treasure chest. However, Su Yu was not hungry at that time, so he did not eat it. Now, he could still eat it after heating it with fire.

Su Yu didnt need to do these trivial things himself. The two goblins quickly started a fire, then quickly put the roasted lamb on the rack and heated it up.

After heating it for about seven to eight minutes, Su Yu cut off a big lamb leg with a knife and bit down.

As soon as the mutton entered Su Yus mouth, he could only feel a sense of happiness. When the goblins at the side saw their masters appearance, they could not help but swallow their saliva.

However, without Su Yus instructions, they did not dare to reach out and eat the mutton.

Glancing at the goblins, Su Yu swallowed the mutton in his mouth with difficulty and said casually, “Alright, you can split the rest. Consider it your lunch and dinner.”

“Thank you for your reward, Master.” Upon hearing Su Yus words, the goblins immediately became happy.

Then, the four goblins then carried the roasted whole lamb and slipped away to a place a little further away, in case their eating style displeased their master.

Su Yu was still munching on the lamb leg. He didnt feel any heartache. He had a lot of food now, and he couldnt finish all the roasted lamb alone. If he left it until dinnertime, it also wouldnt taste delicious anymore. He might as well give it to the goblins.

After all, the menial and hard chores on the island had to be done by these guys. Although the goblins were a little ugly, they still worked very hard. Otherwise, Su Yu would not have raised them.


“Burp.” After finishing the roasted lamb leg and drinking a bottle of beverage, Su Yu couldnt help but burp.

After stretching his body, Su Yu took the treasure chest and sat down on the massage chair. Although the massage chair was not connected to electricity, he could still use it to sit like an ordinary chair.

With Su Yus thoughts – and under the enhancement of Su Yus Double Happiness skill – a total of six bottles of 100ml stats potions fell to Su Yus arms.

At this moment, Su Yu was not so brave that he dared to drink all six bottles at once. The medicinal effect of these potions were several times stronger than what he had experienced previously!

After thinking for a while, Su Yu decided to drink one bottle at a time. So, after pulling out a stopper, Su Yu started drinking.

As soon as the medicine entered his stomach, an intense feeling swept through Su Yus entire body, causing his body to tremble unconsciously.


After about half an hour, the medicinal effect in Su Yus body finally subsided completely.

“Phew.” Su Yu let out a heavy breath. Without any hesitation, he downed the second bottle.

Just like that, three hours passed. Su Yu had finally consumed all six bottles of stats potion.

At this moment, Su Yu, who was drenched in sweat, felt an unprecedented sense of pleasure. At this moment, Su Yu felt as if he could kill a tiger with one punch.

Thinking of this, Su Yu pulled out his personal stats panel.

[Level 1 Island Master] ~ Island area 139 square meters.

Name: Su Yu.

Age: 23 years old.

Strength: 3.8 (1.39)

The source of this content is no//vel//bi/n[.//]net'

Physique: 3.8 (1.39)

Spirit: 4.3 (1.39)

Owned Slaves: 4 low-level goblins ( 20 Island Prosperity Points)

Note: In parentheses are the stats added to the Island Master on his own island. The additional stats will not be effective after leaving his island.

Island Prosperity Points: 120 points (Regional Ranking 1) ~ (10 points for wooden houses, 20 points for goblins, 15 points for saplings, 20 points for fertile soil, 10 points for man-eating flowers...)

Skills: SSS Grade Insight Skill, Unknown Grade Skill (Double Happiness) – Can be upgraded.


[Regional Communication Channel], [Regional Trading Channel], [Regional Prosperity Points List].

After glancing at his personal stats panel, Su Yu discovered that his current strength, physique, and spirit had all broken through the level of 5 after adding the additional stats given on his own island.

However, Su Yu was still unable to estimate how strong he was.

Fortunately, there was another method Su Yu could use to estimate his current strength. At the thought of this, Su Yu looked at the few goblins.

[Low-level Goblin]

Identity: Slave

Loyalty: 100 (Unable to betray its master)

Strength: 1.


Spirit: 1.

Skills: Basic Construction


Description: The cheapest labor force that can survive with a small amount of food. It has been implanted with the ability to speak in the common language.

Combat Strength Analysis Between Two Sides: The three-dimensional stats of the two are quite different. When both sides are unarmed, you can fight 30 of them all by yourself.



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