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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Lack of Treasure Chests, No Respawn

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Su Yu had changed a dozen spots in a row, but he still couldnt find a suitable place to cast his net. He couldnt help but wonder if he had caught too many treasure chests around his island that they didnt have any time to respawn yet.

“F*ck, forget it. Ill rest for a while and take a look later.” After walking around for a while, Su Yu still couldnt find the fishing spot or the fishing spot. He could only sit on the massage chair gloomily.

After casually lighting a cigarette, Su Yu began to smoke.

At this moment, Su Yu could only smoke as there were no other entertainment activities. Feeling a little bored, he prepared to log into the communication channel again.

However, when he entered the communication channel and flipped through the chat records, Su Yus expression became a little strange. Su Yu really did not expect that these people would be bashing him on the communication channel.

Su Yu didnt care about this at all. They could bash him all they like. It wasnt like he could lose a piece of flesh over this. Anyway, it was fine as long as he lived comfortably. After all, these people could not even begin to imagine how comfortably he was living.

Su Yu also couldnt care less about those who sneered at him for not sharing the function of the ordinary energy crystal even when he clearly knew it.

Even saints could not be selfless, let alone Su Yu, who thought that he was just a commoner!

At this moment, in the communication channel that Su Yu was paying attention to, there were still many night owls who could not sleep.

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“I feel that the big shots are busy fishing and collecting supplies every day. Only us, who dont have much, are using up all ten messages to communicate every day.”

“Be more confident and get rid of your feelings. How many times have you seen messages from the big shots in the top ten of the rankings Look at the first on the rankings. He would only post purchase notices every time. He cant be bothered to say anything else.”

“Sigh, this is the second day I envy the big shot. This is the second day of missing my girlfriend.”

“Bro, I have an inflatable one. Why dont you buy it and make do with it”

“Get lost, keep it for yourself!”

“Hiss, its so cold. Even the tent is useless!”


After looking at the information in the communication channel, Su Yu thought for a moment and composed a message. After all, Su Yu had not used up his message quota for today.

Su Yu glanced at the items in the trading channel. There was basically nothing good that was worth trading with.

“Purchasing strength, physique, spirit stats potion, as well as island fragments. Items in exchange will be posted on the top trading channel.”

“F*ck, the big shot on the rankings has appeared.”

“Big shot, youre awesome. Can you give me something to eat Im starving.”

“Brother Rank One, do you want to see the black silk Lets DM.”

“Could the stats potion be something that can increase stats”

“Based on my ten years of experience in gaming, its definitely something used to increase stats.”

“Hiss, were still working hard for food. Has the big shot already reached this level”


As soon as Su Yu spoke in the communication channel, the s exploded. In fact, in the region where Su Yu was, many survivors had a polarized view of Su Yu.

Some of them were constantly defaming Su Yu, some supported Su Yu, while others remained neutral.

At this moment, Su Yu was composing a trade offer to be posted on the trading channel.

Items to Trade: (8 kg of rice or 4 kg of meat 1 pack of Furong Wang 3 steaks.)

Items in Exchange: Strength Stats Potion 0/4, Physique Stats Potion 0/2, Spirit Stats Potion 0/3, 1 Island Area Fragment.

Note: Each bottle of potion or 1 island area fragment can be exchanged for all the items in brackets.

As it had just rained heavily today, many survivors definitely did not lack fresh water. Therefore, Su Yu modified the items in exchange for the island fragment.

In any case, the food and resources obtained from a treasure chest was very abundant. In addition, Su Yu also had the double happiness skill. No matter what, Su Yu had nothing to lose. It could be considered helping him to sort out all the treasure chests that were piled up in the small wooden house.

After all, if the other survivors had an stats potion or a 1 island fragment, they must have obtained it from a treasure chest. Therefore, if the price was low, no fool would trade it.

Moreover, some basic information had already been popularized in the communication channel. It was obviously impossible to buy the items from the treasure chests at a low price.

After composing the trade offer, Su Yu directly chose to pin the offer at the top.

“F*ck, the top of the rankings has posted a trade offer. F*ck, why dont I have any of these items Otherwise, even if I dont catch anything, I could still do trading and last for a few days.”

“The big shot is so rich. He actually used so many resources to exchange items.”

“The second day of wanting to eat meat.”

“Tsk, he has so much food and yet he doesnt even think of sharing some with us This person is really cold-blooded. He doesnt have any humanity at all. Hes too petty. If I had so much food, I would definitely give it to everyone for free.”

“Let me tell you a joke. If you had a million, 10 million, or 100 million yuan, would you be willing to donate it Someone readily replied that he was willing. Even if he had a billion yuan, he would be willing to donate it. However, such a generous person was asked if he had a car, would he be willing to donate it This person looked back at his car and softly said that he was unwilling, because he really had a car.”

“Hahaha, Im dying of laughter. Theres actually someone who wants to use this method to guilt trip the top boss of the rankings. Im afraid this guy is still living in a peaceful world. Does he think that he can smear others reputation by relying on the keyboard!”


Su Yu naturally saw these messages in the communication channel. Then, Su Yu directly posted another message and pinned it at the top.

“If you want to buy it, buy it quickly. I wont be trading after todays trading opportunity is used up.”

“F*ck, I was too focused on talking. I happened to catch a treasure chest today and opened a 1 island fragment. The price that the first-ranked big shot has set is great.”

“Charge! Do your best.”


In the eyes of some survivors who were in the communication channel, the price that Su Yu had listed was not low.

This was because not all survivors had enough food even though they had the fragments of the 1 island. Therefore, not long after Su Yu posted his trade offer, he heard the notification of a successful transaction.


[Ding! Your item has been successfully traded. Please extract the item 1 island area fragment.]

After the notification sounded, eight kilograms of rice, one pack of Furong Wang, and three steaks disappeared from Su Yus supplies.



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