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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Number One In the Regional Island Prosperity Points

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[Low-level Goblin]

Identity: Slave

Loyalty: 100 (Unable to betray its master)

Strength: 1.


Spirit: 1.

Skills: Basic Construction

Weapon: Broadsword.

Description: The cheapest labor force that can survive with a small amount of food. It has been implanted with the ability to speak in the common language.

The moment the two goblins appeared on the island and saw Su Yu, their eyes were immediately filled with fanatical madness. Then, they immediately knelt on the ground, wanting to kiss Su Yus shoes.

Su Yu moved his feet away in disgust. Then, he said in a deep voice, “The two of you, go and build me a wooden bed with those piles of wood, as well as a wooden table and some wooden stools.”

“Understood.” Upon hearing Su Yus words, the two goblins immediately nodded.

Loyalty level of 100 meant that Su Yu only needed to say a word, and the two low-level goblins would immediately jump into the sea. They would not be able to disobey any of Su Yus requests.

Soon, the broadsword-brandishing goblins ran towards the pile of wood.

[Ding! Your islands Prosperity Points have increased. You are currently ranked first in this region. Please continue to work hard. If you continue to be on the rankings for six hours, you will obtain the privilege that comes with being ranked first.]

Su Yu, who had just dismissed the two goblins with a wave of his hand, suddenly heard another notification ring beside his ear.


Hearing the contents of the notification, Su Yu could not help but exclaim in surprise.

At the same time – because Su Yu was the first person to increase his islands Prosperity Points – this matter started to become widely discussed in the communication channel.

At this moment, a regional ranking list appeared before Su Yus eyes.

[Prosperity Points Regional Ranking]

First Place: [Su Yu] Prosperity Value 10 points – (on the rankings at 00:00:25).

Second Place: None.

Third Place: None.


After seeing this situation, Su Yus thoughts shifted, and he immediately brought up his stats panel.

[Level 1 Island Master]

Name: Su Yu.

Age: 23 years old.

Strength: 1 (1)

Physique: 1 (1)

Spirit: 1.5 (1)

Owned Slaves: 2 Low-level Goblins (10 Prosperity Points)

Note: In parentheses are the stats added by the Island Master on his own island. The additional stats will not be effective after leaving his island.

Island Prosperity Points: 10 points (Current region ranked first).

Skills: SSS Grade Insight Skill, Unknown Grade Talent (Double Happiness) – Can be upgraded.

The source of this content is nov/el/b/in[./]net'

[Regional Communication Channel], [Regional Trading Channel], [Regional Prosperity Value List].

The number of living beings on the island had increased, so the islands prosperity points had increased. After seeing his stats, Su Yu immediately reacted.

At the same time, Su Yu thought about the communication channel. He wanted to see the reactions of the others.

“F*ck, the Regional Prosperity Value Leaderboard has opened. The number one big shot, come out and say something!”

“Begging the master, please tell me how to increase the Prosperity Points of the island.”


As soon as he entered the communication channel, Su Yu saw that many people were flattering him. Su Yu had no feelings about this at all.

However, for the sake of the subsequent prospects of trading, Su Yu did not pretend to be aloof. Anyway, this type of information was not important. Moreover, with Su Yus development speed, there was no one in this area who could catch up to his island construction speed.

Thinking of this, Su Yu typed a bunch of words.

“The Prosperity Points are closely related to the number of creatures on the island and the buildings on the island. You can use some materials to build a shelter like a straw hut.”

After Su Yu sent the message, words of gratitude immediately floated out of the communication channel.

“Thank you for telling me, master. Do you need black silk stockings”

“Ranked One Brother, please give me some water to drink. I havent drank water all morning.”


While there were also people who thanked him, there were also many who pretended to be pitiful. Su Yu ignored those who were pretending to be pitiful, because there was no way he could help them.

Su Yu felt that he could not do something such as giving his food to someone else. Whoever wanted to do it could do it.


Looking at the meaningless information in the communication channel, Su Yu directly clicked into the trading channel.

After a period of consideration, Su Yu felt that there should be some trading items inside.

When he clicked on it, Su Yu realized that there were quite a number of people posting information about transactions.

[Wang XX]

Items to Trade: Five porcelain bowls.

Items in Exchange: Two bottles of water or two bags of instant noodles.

[Zhou XX]

Items to Trade: 5 Wood.

Items in Exchange: A bottle of water or a piece of bread.

[Li XX]

Items to Trade: 10 Wood.


Items in Exchange: Cold medicine and a bottle of water or bread.


After glancing at the trading information posted by everyone in the trading channel, Su Yu realized that most of them were asking to buy water and food.

And the thing that were sold the most was wood.

However, after Su Yu sorted out the items he had, he immediately realized that he was extraordinarily poor.

“Damn it, I hope I can fish out some goods that can be traded out later.” Realizing that he was poor, Su Yu immediately exited the trading channel and started fishing diligently.

After Su Yu left the trading channel, someone began to crazily sweep through the items that were being traded for water.

At this moment, Wang Teng, who was on his own island, felt that the heavens were still very kind to him. He had just fished up a red plastic bucket when it started raining in the next second.

He immediately hugged the plastic bucket tightly, as if he was afraid that it would be blown away by the wind.

The rain came and went quickly. In the end, he only filled half of the plastic bucket with water. However, half a bucket of water was enough for him to start buying stuff.

After all, water was a precious resource at this time. Nobody could drink the seawater around the island. With so much water at this time, he was practically a tycoon!

However, he could only trade 10 times a day, so he started to choose carefully in the trading channel instead of sweeping up all the goods.


As for Su Yu, who had just left the trading channel, he noticed that the float had sunk as soon as he cast the hook. He stretched out his hand to pull the fishing rod, and a slightly disappointed expression appeared on his face.

There was no resistance at all under the water. It looked like another Ordinary treasure chest.

When Su Yu exerted strength in his hand, he easily dragged the treasure chest to the shore.

Then, without looking at the information of the treasure chest, Su Yu chose to open it.

[Ding! You have opened an Ordinary wooden treasure chest. Double Happiness skill has been triggered. You have obtained 1 box (50 pieces) of windproof lighter*2.]


After seeing the items inside the treasure chest, Su Yu suddenly felt that he finally had something to trade.

“After all, some people must want an easy way to start a fire. Its impossible that everyone could drill into wood to start a fire!”



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