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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Flour Acquired

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Su Yu, who was lying on the chair and holding an apple in one hand, was looking at the communication channel. He wanted to see if anyone had discovered any valuable information.

As soon as he entered the communication channel, Su Yu realized that the messages in the communication channel had become scattered messages again. Unlike before, he still needed to scroll through his thoughts to see what others had sent.

[Ding! The amount of time your island was on the ranking list has met the conditions, you can now enjoy the privilege of being ranked first.]

[1: You can trade for five additional times a day. Your trade offers can be placed at the top of the trading channel.]

[2: You can send five additional messages a day. Your messages can be placed at the top of the communication channel.]

[3: Continue to accumulate time on the rankings and you will receive a treasure chest as a reward. The time span is 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days...]

Just as Su Yu was browsing, the notification of him becoming the number one on the list rang in his ears again.

However, at this moment, Su Yus expression was slightly grave. This was because the messages in the communication channel at this time had turned shocking.

“Please, let me go back. My child is only one year old!”

“Sigh, I wonder if the children and the elderly also transmigrated to this damned world.”


[Ding! Humans below the age of 14 to over 60 have other arrangements. Survivors, please work hard to live. Only by working hard do you have hope of seeing your families again.]

Just as Su Yus expression turned ugly, a notification that seemed to have seen through everyones thoughts sounded in the ears of all the survivors.

This instantly ignited the hope of many people to live again.

As for Su Yu, he felt that he was destined to be alone. Before he transmigrated, he was also alone. After his soul transmigrated, he was still alone, so he did not have any relatives to worry about.

“Thats great! I must survive!” After the notification, the regional channel that Su Yu was in became lively again.

“Bros, do you have any useful information to share I only caught some lousy things today.”

“Fishing depends on luck. I didnt get any lousy treasure chest.”

“F*ck, then theres no hope for me. My luck was absolutely terrible when I played games in the past.”

“Good luck, bro. By the way, can you give me your supplies before you leave”

“F*ck off. Ill definitely die after you.”


Looking at the information in the communication channel, Su Yu was too lazy to leave any messages, so he clicked on the trading channel.

Looking at the search panel on the bright screen, Su Yu entered the wordsflour.

Soon, more than ten trade offers about flour popped up on the light screen.

[Wang XX]

The source of this content is n/ov//el/bin[./]net'

Items to Trade: 1 kg of flour.

Items in Exchange: 0.9 kg bread or instant noodles.

[Zhou XX]

Items to Trade: 2 kg of flour.

Exchange item: 1.8 kg of ready-made food.


Su Yu glanced at the trade offer of flour and found that most of it was used to trade for food that did not need to be cooked.

However, seeing that a packet of instant noodles was only 100 grams, Su Yu immediately gave up on the idea of exchanging instant noodles for flour.

After some thought, Su Yu decided to try using the windproof lighter.

Items to Trade: 1 windproof lighter.

Items in Exchange: 300 grams of flour.

This was the trade offer set by Su Yu. After that, Su Yu set the number of transactions twice. Su Yu did not care to think about whether the trade would be successful and instead chose to fill his stomach first.

Su Yu immediately left the trading channel, opened the car door, and walked out.

“Use this to ignite the wood and start a fire for me,” Su Yu ordered as he glanced at the two low-level goblins who were still working hard.

After saying that, Su Yu took out a windproof lighter and pressed the ignition button. He showed the two goblins how to light a fire. After the demonstration, Su Yu threw the windproof lighter to the two goblins.

The two goblins, who were loyal to Su Yu, naturally went to start a fire. With the wood shavings produced as these two goblins were making wooden tables, wooden stools, and other things, starting a fire was not a problem at all.

Soon, the two goblins gathered a pile of scrap wood and quickly started a fire.

Su Yu then poured some mineral water into the pot and placed the pot on the fire.

Two to three minutes later, after seeing that the water in the pot had started boiling, Su Yu tore open a packet of instant noodles and threw it in.

The fragrance of the instant noodles stimulated Su Yus nose.

As for the two goblins at the side, they were staring at the pot atop the fire and swallowing their saliva.

However, although the two goblins swallowed their saliva, they did not dare to have any thoughts. At this moment, Su Yu was quickly stirring the water with his chopsticks.

Three minutes later, a pot of hot instant noodles was ready to be served. After pouring all the noodles into a bowl, Su Yu looked at the goblins, who were staring at the bowl in his hand and swallowing their saliva.

“Cook it yourself. After youre done, wash the pots and bowls for me.” After thinking about it, Su Yu was not so stingy as to starve the two slaves. After all, the two of them were still useful for now. At the very least, he could throw any dirty work to the two of them.

After saying that, Su Yu threw two packets of instant noodles at them.

If it were any other human, they might have considered not giving the food to the slaves because no one could guarantee that they would still be able to obtain food.


However, Su Yu wasnt worried at all. He already had the energy crystals needed to make ordinary baits. All he needed was flour. With two energy crystals, Su Yu could make a total of 60 ordinary baits.

With Su Yus insight skill, he would definitely not fish out any rubbish. Therefore, the source of food in the later stages was naturally guaranteed.

[Ding! The two windproof lighters you uploaded have been sold. Do you want to withdraw the traded item Please choose a container to store the traded item.]

The notification shocked Su Yu, who was sitting on a log and eating his noodles. He almost choked.

“Damn it, why didnt you wait for me to finish eating before sending me the notification”

Su Yu complained in his heart. Then he chose to extract the items directly. As for the container, Su Yu chose a plate on the ground.

Then, 600 grams of snow-white flour appeared on the plate on the ground. At the same time, a windproof lighter each appeared in front of the other two survivors.



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