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Chapter 178: Dharma Scripture

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

He had been very puzzled previously.

Why had the divine sect not gone to the space battlefield

If they went to the space battlefield, they would be able to kill star beasts and use them to refine pills to reach a higher realm.

He did not expect to actually obtain such an answer.

In the beginning, he had thought of all sorts of reasons, but the only reason he did not dare to think of was that the divine sect was also somewhat afraid of the space battlefield.

It seemed that the world was indeed very dangerous.

Even after he became the divine sect, he could not underestimate it.

At that moment, Liu Chengxun muttered to himself:

“However, if he really has some ability, its better to go to the space battlefield.

“For people like us, it feels like were somewhat self-enclosed.

“If we go to the space battlefield, well definitely grow faster.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He was also thinking about that matter in his heart.

It seemed like he would still have to go to the space battlefield in the future.

The two of them quickly finished their meal and then said goodbye to each other.

Liu Chengxun returned to the librarys dormitory while Ye Xiao walked in another direction.

Huan Liuli quietly came out from the side and jumped onto Ye Xiaos body.

“Master, the left protector of the Beast God Alliance just rushed into the seal and wanted to use Norfis to help him replenish his bloodline power.

Now, he has been torn to pieces by Norfis and the others.”

“Beast God Alliance It sounds like it has some connection with the Beast God sect.”

“The Beast God Alliance is the direct superior of the Beast God sect.

Its an extremely large beastmen alliance in the nine provinces.

“There are countless martial arts experts in the Beast God Alliance.

That left protector, for instance, is already at the Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster rank.

“I heard that the leader of the Beast God Alliance has a cultivation of at least Xiantian eighth grade!”

“Another beastman”

A cold glint flashed across Ye Xiaos eyes.

Ye Xiao did not have a good impression of beastmen.

The only one who had a good impression was Ning Yuhen.

He had even been taken away by the Silver Fox clan.

Beastmen themselves had half the bloodline of humans, but they always wanted to become star beasts.

They believed that star beasts were noble while humans were lowly.

It was fine if they looked down on humans, but they even helped star beasts fight against humans.

A similar situation occurred with Fa Xin before.

In order to protect the people of Forest City, he sealed the beastmen who practiced evil techniques.

Therefore, Ye Xiao hated most of the beastmen.

“Master, according to Norfis and the others, that left protector once threatened them before he died.

He said that he had a coordinate mark on him.

The alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance will definitely come and avenge him and destroy Jianghai city.”

Ye Xiaos pupils constricted, and the coldness made Huan Liuli tremble violently.

Master was angry.

With that, those beastmen would probably be in trouble.

“Master, should we go and check the location of the Beast God Alliance”

“Theres no need.

If we can find it, the nine provinces alliance would have destroyed the Beast God Alliance long ago.

“If its really as that left protector said, it wont be long before the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance will come over himself.”

“Master is wise.

Then, should we go home and cook”

The most exciting thing for Huan Liuli was to eat the meat and eggs of the seven divine-level star beasts every day.

That was because it contained an extremely dense blood essence.

It made her feel that her cultivation was rising rapidly.

Based on that situation, she would definitely advance to Xiantian sixth grade after eating for another month.

At that time, she would only be one step away from becoming a divine grandmaster.

However, Ye Xiao did not do as she wished.

He shook his head slightly.

“Theres no rush today.

Tomorrow is the weekend.

Taking advantage of the two days that Im not working, Ill go and find the cave that Fa Xin went to.

“You stay in Jianghai city and collect the meat and eggs of Norfis and the others on time every day.

Ill leave a smaller spatial ring for you to use to store these things.

You can use it when I return.”

Although Huan Liuli was slightly disappointed, she would definitely listen to what Ye Xiao said.

“Master, dont worry.

Ill definitely complete the mission.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

Then, he took a look at the map.

With a light tap of his toes, his body instantly disappeared from the spot.

Liu Chengxun, who was walking toward the library, was suddenly startled.

‘Just now… Did a big black rat run over

Very quickly, he shook his head again.

‘Im really confused.

How could it be

He himself was a divine grandmaster, and he was even at Xiantian eighth grade.

If there was anyone who could run over in front of him and not let him see, then that person was probably not a human.

In fact, that was because Ye Xiaos speed was too fast.

Xiantian eighth grade plus the speed of the Divine Intent technique was so fast that no one could see his figure.

Even a Xiantian ninth grade martial artist might not be able to easily detect Ye Xiaos speed, let alone Liu Chengxun, who was only at Xiantian eighth grade.

In terms of speed, he was not even worthy of carrying Ye Xiaos shoes.

Ye Xiao quickly arrived at the location marked on the map.

It was not too far from Jianghai city, and it was in a mountain wilderness in the southeast of Zhong province.

To the east of the Zhou province were Jiang province and Qin province.

Jiang province was in the north, Qin province was in the south.

The Qin province was connected to Chu province, and Jiang province was completely connected to the Zhou province.

Lin city was in the northwest of Jiang province, and to the northeast of the Zhou province was where Jiang province and the Zhou province were connected.

That mountain wilderness happened to be in the southeast of the Zhou province, and it belonged to Shaolin of Chu province.

It was the only way to Lin city.

After arriving at that mountain wilderness, Ye Xiao immediately released his Big Dippers Grand Mystery and began to explore further.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery spread out in the air and very quickly occupied the entire mountain forest.

Moreover, it was scanning at a frequency of up to several hundred times per second.

In a short span of two to three breaths, Ye Xiao determined the location.

‘Found it.

Ye Xiaos mind moved, and he once again used the Divine Intent technique.

In an instant, he arrived in a cave.

At the entrance of the cave, there were a few bones piled up.

It was very obvious that fierce beasts or star beasts had already moved in.

However, Ye Xiao did not care at all.

His Big Dippers Grand Mystery had already scanned and marked everything.

When Ye Xiao entered, he heard a low roar in the darkness.

Following that, an extraordinary-level Green Wolf dashed toward him and opened its bloody mouth in the darkness.

A fishy stench assaulted his nostrils.

That bloody mouth, it was so big that it was big enough to fit three of Ye Xiaos heads.


The Green Wolf fell heavily to the ground.

There was already a large hole in its head, and its aura was completely gone.

Ye Xiao did not even raise his hand.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery controlled his spiritual energy and condensed it into a physical form.

In an instant, it directly blasted through the Green Wolfs head and mercilessly killed it.

When Ye Xiao arrived at the depths of the cave, he discovered that the cave had already been transformed by the Green Wolf into its wolf den.

However, those cultivation techniques had been carved on the wall by someone.

Therefore, they were not damaged.

Ye Xiao swept a glance and saw the Tathagata Divine Palm at the first moment.

He had cultivated the Tathagata Divine Palm himself, so he was too familiar with that cultivation technique.

Following that, Ye Xiao placed his gaze on the other cultivation techniques.

The Golden Book quickly collected four basic cultivation techniques.

The Flicking Finger, the Mahabharata Finger, the Herculean Vajra Finger, and the One Yang Finger.

All four were finger techniques.

It seemed that the senior who had carved finger techniques on the wall was quite knowledgeable about finger techniques.

With that, Ye Xiaos finger techniques were close to reaching the maximum in an instant.

Including the ones from before, there were a total of eleven finger techniques.

However, whether it could be synthesized or not, that would depend on the Golden Book divine soul.

After that, Ye Xiao turned his gaze to the last cultivation technique.

‘Dharma Scripture! Its actually the Shaolin imperial technique, Dharma Scripture!

After seeing the cultivation technique on the wall clearly, Ye Xiaos face immediately lit up with joy.

Dharma Scripture was an imperial technique.

Previously, the technique had told him that it was a secret that Shaolin did not teach.

He had been thinking about how he would have the chance to obtain the Dharma Scripture in the future.

He did not expect that in the blink of an eye, he would find the Dharma Scripture in that cave.

That way, he did not have to worry about going to Shaolin anymore, saving him a lot of trouble.

Along with the four Shaolin absolute arts and finger techniques, he had earned quite a lot that time.

It seemed that analyzing that map really made him do the right thing.


Ye Xiao immediately stored the Dharma Scripture into his soul, then activated the Golden Book divine soul and began to cultivate.

He estimated that after two hours, he would be able to finish cultivating all four finger techniques.

The heart technique would probably have to wait until tomorrow morning.

The heart technique he had was the Violet Sea of Stars, and with the Dharma Scripture, he would have two imperial heart techniques.

However, Ye Xiao did not feel that there were too many.

That was because imperial techniques could also be synthesized, the more cultivation techniques, the better.

Now, he just had to wait for his cultivation to reach the stage where he could synthesize the imperial techniques.

At that time, when three imperial techniques were combined into one, the number of cultivation techniques would be greatly reduced.

He just did not know if all the cultivation techniques would be combined into one cultivation technique in the end.

Now that he had learned all of that, it was time to return to Jianghai city.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiao felt a desolate killing intent.

Raising his brows slightly, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery swept over the surroundings, and Ye Xiao received some voice feedback.

“Help! Dont kill me.”

“Mom, Mom, wake up quickly… Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob…”

“You heartless beastmen, the heavens will not let you off!”

‘Beastmen again

Ye Xiaos gaze was a little cold.

He was extremely disgusted with the beastmen now.

Not to mention, encountering beastmen killing humans.

With a thought, the Divine Intent was activated.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Xiao appeared in a small village more than a hundred miles away.

The location of the small village was relatively hidden, but there were quite a number of villagers living there.

At that moment, the electrical wires of the mountain village had been cut off.

The entire village was in darkness.

Only cries for help could be heard continuously, and they were also gradually weakening.

That meant that the people in the village were about to die.

What a vicious heart!

That village had at least a few hundred families.

The actions of the beastmen were truly vicious to the extreme.

Ye Xiao snorted coldly.

A golden sword glow appeared behind his back.

In an instant, a hundred rays of light shot out and entered the mountain village.

In the next second, the sounds of explosions could be heard continuously.


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