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Chapter 224: Supervisor, I Am Very Strong, Very Strong!


“Xiaoyan, you are about to die, dont speak for now.”

Song Xiaoyans pupils had already begun to dilate.

Even though a fighters vitality was slightly stronger than an ordinary persons, she was still severely injured!

Furthermore, she was not a martial arts expert above the Xiantian realm.

Her physique had not reached that level yet.

“Yang Xi, Im sorry.

I had no choice but to beat you up at the bar today.

I hope you wont blame me.

Monkey and the rest are here to pick me up.

I… Should leave.”

“Xiaoyan! Xiaoyan! Dont sleep.

Wake up.”

Yang Xi shook Song Xiaoyan and hurriedly turned around to shout at Ye Xiao,

“Supervisor, dont you know the healing technique Can you help me treat her”

Ye Xiao did not make a move.

Although Song Xiaoyan was still kind-hearted, her body was already covered with a lot of blood, resentment, and filth.

This meant that she had killed quite a number of people.

Although she had no choice but to become a villain, killing people was killing people.

Moreover, she had killed quite a number of people.

It was impossible for Ye Xiao to save her.

“Her soul has already been infected.

Even if she is saved, she is still a villain.

Moreover, I feel that what you should be concerned about now is not her.”

Ye Xiaos words caused Yang Xis gaze to shift to the Black Snake.

The Black Snake spat out a dark red snakes tongue.

Its fangs-like pupils emitted a light that caused ones heart to palpitate.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… I originally wanted to give you guys a little tender moment before eating you guys.

Now, it seems that you guys dont need it anymore.”

Yang Xi clenched her fists, and her eyes revealed two burning flames of hatred.

She had always hated star beasts, and now that she saw her former comrade being transformed into a tiger demon by a star beast, her hatred was even greater.

“I want to kill you! Then Ill use you to make snake soup!”

The Black Snake slowly released its own aura.

“I also have the same intention, to use you to make soup.”

Yang Xis expression became a little solemn.

The other partys aura had already reached Xiantian first grade, a Zongshi realm martial artist!

So powerful!

She took a deep breath and said calmly without turning her head,

“Supervisor, you should run.

Someone has to get out alive and bring this secret out.

Otherwise, the human race will suffer.”


“The other party is a grandmaster.

Can you handle it”

The corners of Yang Xis mouth curled up slightly as she revealed a smile.

“Supervisor, dont underestimate me.

Although my cultivation might only be at the Xiantian realm level, Im actually very strong! Im stronger than you can imagine!”

After saying that, the aura in her body actually started to rise!

Ye Xiao was slightly startled.

He did not expect Yang Xi to have such a technique.

However, after taking a closer look, he understood that Yang Xi must have used some kind of secret technique that could greatly increase his strength in a short period of time.

At that moment, Yang Xis aura continued to rise, and soon, she reached Houtian eighth grade, Houtian ninth grade… Finally, she reached Xiantian first grade!

Yang Xi also seemed to have become another person.

She became dark, bloodthirsty, and filled with killing intent.

She was like a bloodthirsty beast, and only killing intent could be seen in her eyes.

It seemed that although this secret technique could greatly increase her cultivation, in reality, it would also change her personality.

It should be that that cultivation technique was not good enough.

Although it was violent, it also had a huge hidden danger.

At the same time as increasing a persons cultivation, it would also magnify a persons negative emotions to the extreme.

Yang Xi had previously swallowed the star beast star core, so after using that cultivation technique, the negative effects would be even stronger.

No, it could not be said that the cultivation technique was not good enough.

After all, it could raise a Houtian realm martial artist to the Xiantian realm.

Therefore, strictly speaking, it was already a very good cultivation technique.

However, compared to Ye Xiao, it was not perfect or good enough.

To put it in laymans terms, Ye Xiao was too strong, so he no longer looked at that level of cultivation.

After her aura rose, Yang Xis mental state was clearly not quite normal.

“Im going to kill you! Im going to kill you!”

As her mental state became more and more unstable, Yang Xi quickly went berserk.

With a stomp of her foot, the thick cement ground cracked, and her body also used this powerful recoil force to transform into a stream of light, instantly charging toward the Black Snake.

Her speed is very fast, in the blink of an eye, to each others side.

The air was lifted by her.

That powerful attack… Was enough to make a Xiantian grandmaster of the same level… Take it seriously.

Just at that moment, something unexpected happened.

A long black whip suddenly lashed out from the Black Snakes robe and ruthlessly lashed at Yang Xis body.

Following an explosion in the air, Yang Xi was sent flying on the spot and fell heavily at Ye Xiaos feet, she fainted.


Although Yang Xi had raised her cultivation, her battle experience was definitely far from reaching the grandmaster realm.

The snakes tail hidden in the black robe was extremely powerful.

It suddenly attacked within a short distance, making it impossible for others to guard against it.

Its power was much stronger than the attack of a human grandmaster.

Therefore, Yang Xi was caught off guard and was knocked out in one move.

“Bah! So flashy.”

Grandmaster Black Snake spat and then turned his gaze to Ye Xiao.

“Kid, now its your turn.

Do you want to knock yourself out, or do you want me to help you”

Ye Xiao let out a long breath and said with a serious expression,

“Actually, Im also very strong.”


A gust of night wind blew past, and the alley was somewhat awkward and silent.

The black scales on Grandmaster Black Snakes face continuously flickered and flickered with a sullen light.

“If you refuse a toast, youll be forced to drink the forfeit.”

After ridiculing him, he stomped heavily on the ground, and his body instantly transformed into a bolt of lightning as he charged toward Ye Xiao.

Its speed was even faster than Yang Xis.

It was almost at the Xiantian second-grade realm.

It was as fast as lightning!

The Grandmaster Black Snake left in a very peaceful manner.

Moreover, the speed at which it ascended was even faster than the speed at which it defeated Yang Xi.

Until the moment of its death, its eyes still revealed a hint of arrogance and complacency.

That was because Ye Xiaos speed was really too fast, so fast that it could not even react in time to shock.

“Ive already told you that Im very strong, but you refuse to believe me.”

Ye Xiao shook his head helplessly.

At that moment, along with the sound of a siren, a garrison car also arrived at the entrance of this alley.

It was a member of the garrison who was in charge of patrolling.

“Whats going on What happened here Why are there spiritual energy fluctuations”

However, when they saw the corpse on the ground, they immediately became vigilant.

Ye Xiao explained calmly,

“My friend and I passed by this place and saw that there were tiger demons harming people.

Then, my friend wanted to make a move.

Later on, the grandmaster-level star beast behind this tiger demon also came out.

In the end, it was killed by a passing grandmaster martial artist.”

“Where is that grandmaster martial artist”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I dont know.

He was very fast.

After killing this star beast, he ran away.

I was just about to give you guys a call when you guys came over.”

The garrison team looked at each other and could not help but be a little stunned.

“Please follow us back to make a statement.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

He went back to make a statement with the garrison team.

Yang Xi and the woman who had been knocked unconscious by Song Xiaoyan were also rescued.

Their statements were basically the same as Ye Xiaos.

Ye Xiao and Yang Xi also took the opportunity to make a large number of star beasts to be released to the world and told the garrison team the news.

That would just save them some trouble and let the nine provinces take precautions to prevent any worldwide crisis from happening later on.

As for the grandmaster that Ye Xiao made up, he did not attract too much attention.

That was Zhong city, not a small place like Jianghai city.

There were many people there and martial arts experts were everywhere.

It was nothing strange for a grandmaster to appear.

The whole incident ended perfectly.

Yang Xi originally wanted to do something for her comrade, Song Xiaoyan, so that she could be buried in peace.

Unfortunately, her body was sealed and had to be reported to the higher-ups.

Therefore, she could not hand it over to Yang Xi so that she could be buried.

Yang Xi could only give up on that.

Later, she bought some paper money and burned it for Song Xiaoyan as a tribute to her.

Although Song Xiaoyan had done a lot of bad things, she was forced to do so.

She had become a villain and could not even commit suicide, so how could she stop herself from doing bad things

However, in the end, she still cared about the human race, so it was not too bad!

That matter was delayed until two or three in the morning before it could be considered to be over.

That was because they had to start studying the next day, everyone still had to wake up early!

There was definitely no problem with Ye Xiao.

He was already at the peak of the divine sect.

Even if he did not eat, drink, or sleep for a year, it would not be a big problem.

Yang Xi was not as strong as him.

Her dark circles were very heavy.

Her colleagues naturally knew that she had gone out for dinner with Ye Xiao last night.

However, everyone had a tacit understanding and did not say anything.

Moreover, Ye Xiao was so handsome that any woman would be moved.

If they were Yang Xi, they would also throw themselves into her arms.

Ye Xiao was too lazy to explain.

That kind of gossipy thing always made things worse.

If you did not care about it, it would naturally disappear after a long time.

The group soon arrived at the advanced training class.

The advanced training class was a specialized martial arts library department at Zhong City Martial Arts Academy.

The lecturers were all top professors of the Zhong City Martial Arts Academy.

The questions they were talking about were basically research on cultivation techniques, classification, introduction, type statistics… In all aspects, there were questions related to martial arts cultivation techniques.

However, listening to their lectures was still very useful.

There were some problems regarding cultivation techniques that Ye Xiao had not figured out before.

At that moment, after using their explanations, he had more or less gained some understanding.

That did not mean that his cultivation was very high, so he had to understand everything.

High cultivation was only targeted at those imperial cultivation techniques of his.

It was like a person who had money, but it did not mean that his emotional quotient was very high.

In other aspects, he would definitely have some deficiencies.

As expected, one had to live and learn until old age..


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