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Chapter 260: He Had Given Too Much

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“That person just now, he should be a human, right”

The captain could not help but mutter.

The others quietly followed and said,

“I didnt see him clearly.

He was enveloped by a golden light, so I couldnt see his face clearly.”

“But… probably.

He looks like a human.

One nose, two eyes, two arms, two legs.

Hes about the same as us.”.

Moreover, if he was a star beast, he would have killed all of us.

How could he leave us alone”

“But what he did, why wasnt it done by a Human”

Ye Xiao returned to Jianghai city in the blink of an eye.

On this trip to the Southwest Seaside Forest, he had collected a large number of heavenly materials and earthly treasures, all of which were top-grade among top-grade.

They should be enough for those star beasts to use.

However, Ye Xiao also had a problem.

Although there were many of these heavenly materials and earthly treasures, they were ultimately limited.

After eating one, there would be one less.

Not only would the number of star beasts he raised not decrease, but it would also even continue to increase.

If that was the case, these heavenly materials and earthly treasures probably would not be able to last for long.

It was impossible for the Southwest Seaside Forest to create another batch of similar natural treasures in a short period of time.

The growth cycle of such things was really too long.

Otherwise, they would not have such powerful nutrition.

They were not pigs that could be sold in three months.

Moreover, besides the Southwest Seaside Forest, there were not many places in the entire nine provinces that had so many resources.

It could even be said that it was difficult to find such resources in the entire world.

That was not possible.

He had just reached the King realm.

If the supply of resources was insufficient, how could he speed up his subsequent cultivation

One had to know that with the rise of cultivation, the time, energy, and resources needed to increase each time were multiplied.

He had been able to improve quickly every single time for so long.

He absorbed and plundered a large amount of star beast resources by himself.

That was far from being possible with resources alone.

If you do not have the resources, you do not have the resources.

‘I have to figure out a way.

‘Or… Carve out another farm

‘Thats a very good idea.

Only by doing it himself would he be able to afford the food and clothing.

However, if he wanted to build a farm, he would have to consider the issue of the land.

The star beast farm that he built could be underground in the library.

It would not take up much space, and at the same time, it would not be discovered by others.

However, the star beast farm was arranged there because they only needed to provide spiritual energy.

Heavenly materials and earthly treasures could not do that.

Other than needing a large amount of spiritual energy, they also needed to continuously absorb the essence of the sun and moon to allow them to mature quickly.

That required a surface of the land.

Moreover, to plant so many things, the amount of land needed would definitely not be small.

It was to the extent that the land for the flowers that he had planted previously was probably not enough.

If he were to do it this way, it would not be very cost-effective.

At that moment, Ye Xiaos gaze landed on his ring.

Spatial storage ring.

Shrinking the space…

That was right, he could completely add the power of space into an item and refine it into a spatial-type magic treasure.

Then, he could carve an array on it and absorb the heaven and earth spiritual energy and the essence of the sun and moon, he would be able to grow a large number of heavenly treasures.

Moreover, he could carry it around with him and hide it easily.

He did not have to worry about anyone finding it.

It was perfect!

He could call Wang Dalong tomorrow and ask him to help him search for some obsidian.

The spatial ring that he had snatched from the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance had something that could be used to grow heavenly treasures, but there was no obsidian.

Perhaps it was because obsidian was too cheap, and that alliance leaders spatial ring had limited space, so he was not willing to put it inside.

Ye Xiao found a 10,000-year-old meteorite iron as the base of the array, which was about 100 cubic feet in size.

It was relatively hard and could withstand the infusion of a lot of spatial energy.

Ye Xiao used Godly Craftsmanship to forge it into a rectangular base.

The initial ground was only five to 60 square feet, and the thickness was about five to six inches.

As long as it was added with the spatial power of the obsidian, it would be able to produce the effect of shrinking the space.

At that time, it would be able to plant a large number of heavenly and earthly treasures inside.

However, that process would still have to wait until he gathered the obsidian.

Time flashed by.

In the blink of an eye, a night had passed.

Fortunately, Ye Xiao did not need to rest now.

The current him had long surpassed the binding power of the physical body on humans.

The spiritual energy in his body was full, and it was circulating all the time.

In the morning, Huan Liuli used the materials of star beasts to make a sumptuous breakfast for Ye Xiao, so that he could replenish his vitality.

While eating breakfast, Ye Xiao dialed Wang Dalongs number.

“Hello! Mr.

Ye, is there any business to take care of this little brother again”

“Its still obsidian.

This time, I want more.

Can you get me a few trucks”

“No problem, its no big deal.

When do you need it Ill send it over to you directly later.”

Ye Xiao was slightly startled.

“Is the delivery speed so fast now Didnt you have to collect it for a period of time in the past”

“That was in the past, but its different now.

Our Jianghai city has expanded, and weve even established a super large-scale martial arts resource transit station.

“All kinds of resources can be allocated at any time.

“Only a few resources need to be allocated from other places, but the speed is also very fast.

Compared to before, we still need to take a round from a level two or three city.

Now, its a direct flight route.

Basically, if we need it in the morning… It can be delivered in the afternoon.

“In addition, Ive formed a transportation company with a few people.

In the future, well be a regular army.

If you want to write an invoice or something, just say so.”

Only then did Ye Xiao realize that with Jianghai citys continuous expansion and strengthening, that city was no longer the small city that he had lived in before.

Instead, it was a large city with a huge amount of martial arts resources, moreover, it was progressing toward a super large city.

That was also a good thing.

In the future, if he wanted to find things again, he did not need to go to other cities.

He could always stay in Jianghai city and save a lot of trouble.

“In that case, send it to me when you get off work in the evening.

You know the place.”

“Dont worry.

I promise to settle it for you, Mr.Ye.”

After settling that matter, Ye Xiao left home to go to work.

When he arrived at the library, it was only slightly past seven oclock.

There was still a lot of time before he officially went to work.

Ye Xiao immediately used the Earth-burrowing Technique and went underground to receive todays offerings.

Seeing that he had arrived, all the star beasts rushed up enthusiastically.

“Master is here.”

“Master, my cultivation has increased by one level yesterday, and Ive already advanced to Xiantian eighth grade.

Isnt the meat of my offerings even more fresh and tender”

“Master, have you eaten breakfast How did the milk I milked yesterday taste Is it good Does it smell good Is it sweet If its not sweet, Ill eat more sugarcane today.”

Among all the star beasts, only Fenglong and Qingniu did not go forward to lick the dogs like them.

That was because the two of them had only just arrived on their first day, so they were temporarily not used to the days of being poultry.

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“Everyone, be quiet.

Ive already told you before that if anyone can provide me with more blood and energy, I will also provide him with more resources to help him further improve his strength.

“From today onwards, no, it should be said that from now onwards, this rule has taken effect.

“I will distribute suitable materials based on your performance today.”

Susan was the first to come forward.

That was because her task was the simplest among all the star beasts, she only needed to brew honey and did not need to sacrifice her blood and energy, so she did it the fastest.

“Ill do it, Ill do it.

Im already prepared.

This is the honey I picked last night.

Its a total of 28 buckets.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

What she did was indeed very good.

In the past, she could only brew a few buckets of honey every night.

That amount of honey had reached several times the amount of the past.

With so much honey, Ye Xiao could completely use it to brew wine with more spiritual energy.

With a little deer blood, antler, and the like… The increase in blood energy would probably be several times more than before.

“These are ten white vanilla stalks.

I dont need to say much about their effects, right Are they worth the extra buckets of honey youve produced”

Susans eyes lit up and she hurriedly nodded.

“Of course, of course.”

The value of white vanilla could not be said to be a supreme treasure to Susan.

However, what Susan had to pay was only to produce an additional 20 buckets of honey every night.

If it was calculated based on salary, it would be very profitable.

It was roughly equivalent to an ordinary worker who was paid 1,000 yuan a day.

Its value was extraordinary.


More importantly, she was a divine-level star beast.

She would not feel tired.

In fact, she would continuously brew honey, circulate her cultivation technique, and even increase her cultivation base.

If that was the case, she could raise her cultivation base and earn a lot, so why not

The other star beasts eyes lit up as well, and they could not help but become excited.

“Master, Master, I have some good stuff here too.

Look at me, I chopped off eight tentacles last night.”

“Master, Master, I chopped off two wings last night and even stripped off all the feathers on my body.

They are all top-notch feathers.”

“Master, look at how much milk I squeezed yesterday I got a few buckets of milk, and Im so tired that Im swollen!”

The star beasts all contributed their offerings.

Ye Xiao also gave them a large number of resources.

Fenglong and Qingniu, who were watching from behind, could not help but swallow their saliva.

“Hey, Old Loach, did you see that He gave us so many things.”

“Not just a lot There are a lot of things that are the best of the best.

Even the two of us can use them.

After eating them, they can provide us with a lot of cultivation.”

“Do you think the two of us still need to act reserved here”

“I wanted to pretend, but he gave us so d*mn much!”


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