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Chapter 266: Friends From Afar

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The heart-wrenching pain transmitted to his mind, but Ye Xiao had long thought of that point.

Therefore, although it was painful, the expression on his face was still calm and composed.

The Secret of Eternal Life was activated, and Ye Xiaos arm instantly recovered, looking brand new as before.

The arm that had fallen to the ground turned into blood essence once again, fusing into Ye Xiaos body to make up for the blood essence that he had lost.

‘What a powerful healing technique.

In an instant, it was able to heal my injuries back to their original state.

‘Im already a King realm martial artist, so my blood essence is extremely strong.

Once Im injured, its basically very difficult for me to heal the injuries in my body.

Even if I used three imperial techniques, it would still take a short while for my body to be perfectly healed.

‘I didnt expect this cultivation technique to be able to completely heal me in an instant.

Looks like its really powerful! As expected of the god-healing technique.

‘With this cultivation technique, when I fight with others in the future, even if Im injured, I can instantly heal my own injuries.

‘As long as the other party isnt extremely powerful and can instantly kill me to the point that not even ashes are left, he shouldnt be able to kill me.

Obtaining a powerful healing technique made Ye Xiaos mood much better.

He already possessed the Heaven-cleaving Sword at the god-slaying level, and the Secret of Eternal Life at the god-healing technique level.

Next, Ye Xiao chose to synthesize the movement technique.

Actually, he could also choose to synthesize the fist technique.

However, the fist technique was not that important at the moment.

It was still the same as before.

Battle, healing, movement technique, defense, and mental cultivation technique were all indispensable.

He would first have to rely on those five techniques.

As for defense, he only had the body-refining technique, Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, and the soul-refining technique, Indestructible and Undying.

He did not know what kind of cultivation technique he still needed to synthesize it.

Hence, for now, he would focus on synthesizing movement techniques.

Movement techniques were extremely useful.

Chasing, fleeing, and hurrying were all very useful.

Since he already had a sword technique as a guaranteed attack method, it did not matter if he had one more fist technique or one less fist technique.

Thus, Ye Xiao clicked on the Divine Intent, Earth-burrowing Technique, and Traceless Treading Wind imperial movement techniques to synthesize.

In the next few days, Ye Xiao continued to read books as usual.

Other than reading some basic eye techniques to record them and synthesize an emperor eye technique, Ye Xiao continued to read books related to mental cultivation techniques.

His current mental cultivation technique already consisted of the Violet Sea of Stars and the Dharma Scripture.

If he had another mental cultivation technique, he would be able to synthesize a god-level mental cultivation technique, which could completely solve the problem of his future battle consumption.

The spiritual energy consumption brought by god-level mental cultivation techniques was also frighteningly high.

Two imperial-level mental cultivation techniques would not have much of a problem when operating the other imperial spiritual techniques, but if he were to wait until he was operating the god-level spiritual techniques, he would probably be in a tight spot.

It took about seven days for Ye Xiao to refine and derive an imperial technique from more than 2,000 grandmaster-level cultivation techniques, The Sea Embraces All Rivers.

That cultivation technique was fundamentally different from the Dharma Scripture and the Violet Sea of Stars.

It could be used to synthesize new cultivation techniques.

The cultivation technique had a great increase in cultivation.

It could be expected that after synthesizing that cultivation technique, coupled with the current spiritual energy content in Jianghai city and his star beast meat supplement, the speed of his cultivation increase would be much faster.

If he could obtain some more dragon energy.

It was very likely that he would completely advance to the Emperor realm within a year.

However, Te Xiao did not know where to look for the dragon vein for a while.

After thinking about it, he could only wait and see, waiting for an opportunity.

However, that morning, Ye Xiao had just arrived at the library when he heard the shocking news.

There was a small province in the west that disappeared overnight!

Although it was only a small province, it was still a province after all!

It was not a small city, nor was it a small town.

Instead, it was the combination of several cities and towns.

However, it was still gone

It disappeared without a trace, and almost no one knew about it.

That matter stirred up a huge wave on the internet.

Although the Nine Provinces had intentionally suppressed it, even the external network could not hold it, let alone the Nine Provinces.

Moreover, with such a big incident, even if they suppressed it, how much could they suppress

There were many people in the Nine Provinces who went abroad those years.

Among them, any one of them could make a phone call and spread the news.

In the end, they could not suppress it.

Even the Nine Provinces had to try their best to report some news.

That matter was the most shocking thing to the netizens recently.

Even the Saber-sword Immortal that appeared in Jianghai city was not as big as that incident.

After all, the Saber-sword Immortal only became famous after defeating the two divine grandmasters ranked 49th and 50th on the World Dragon List.

Most of the other things were unknown to the public.

“Have you heard The place where the incident happened this time was called Li province.

It was an extremely small western state.

It was really tragic.

It disappeared overnight.

The entire province had become flat ground.

Not a single person or building was left behind.”

“Sigh! These days, life is getting more and more difficult.

The beast calamity hasnt arrived yet, and this kind of thing has appeared again.

I really dont know what on Earth is going on.”

“I heard from my relatives who work in the west that there was the aura of a star beast in that place.

It was a super powerful star beast that had attacked and destroyed it in one move.

Its very likely that the star beast that had become stronger after the seven stars alignment and had come out to fight against the human race.”

“I heard that the effect of the seven stars alignment is stronger than all the previous ones.

I wonder if the beast calamity this time will also become stronger.”

Everyone spoke one after the other, and their words were like flowers falling from the sky.

Ye Xiao had never gotten involved in such matters.

There was a person on the internet who analyzed that the lower the salary, the more people liked to worry about national affairs.

They would also care about environmental issues and other things that were unrelated to their lives.

It seemed that the bigger the issue, the more they would be able to display their abilities.

Thinking about it carefully, this kind of matter would definitely be handled by a divine grandmaster or even a King realm martial artist.

What was there to worry about

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that Liu Chengxun also had a solemn expression.

“Ye Xiao, Im afraid that something big will happen this time.”


Alright, looks like that law was not very accurate.

“Why are you starting to frown If you want to destroy a small province, you should be able to do it, right”

Liu Chengxun shook his head.

“Thats not what Im talking about.

The Li province is only a small province.

Its martial arts strength isnt strong, so its not strange that it was destroyed.

However, the Li province being destroyed is only on the surface.

Whats really deep is that theres a dragon vein in the Li province that has been taken away.”

Ye Xiaos heart suddenly thumped.

“You know about the dragon vein, right You read books every day, so you should know a little about it”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Thats right, I do know a little about it.

However, the dragon vein should only be a combination of spiritual energy, a product of nature, right Even if it has been stolen, is there a need to be so exaggerated

“Moreover, the province is already very small.

Even if there is a dragon vein, it shouldnt be much of a dragon vein, right”

Liu Chengxun shook his head.

“You dont know that things like the dragon vein arent other resources.

According to legend, there is an opportunity within the dragon vein that allows a human martial artist to break through the shackles of the King realm and advance to a higher level of martial cultivation.

“If a human took this dragon vein, then he might be trying to advance to a higher level of cultivation.

“But if the star beast took it, then the problem would be huge.

“The star beast might not be able to use the dragon vein to advance to a higher level of cultivation, but the star beast can use the dragon vein to do some special things.

For example, for a short period of time, to strengthen its own strength and allow it to possess greater strength.

“Or, it can be used to detonate.

The dragon vein contains a large amount of heaven and earth spiritual energy.

If the star beast detonates it in a certain place, to the human race in an area, it would be no less than a world-ending disaster.”

Ye Xiao fell silent.

He knew that the matter was unusual, but he did not think about it in that way.

If it was according to what Liu Chengxun said, then he would have to be more cautious.

Who knew what those star beasts were trying to do

Their goal was to destroy the human race.

What if something went wrong and they were brought to Jianghai city

However, thinking about it carefully, it should not be so serious.

If the other party really wanted to deal with the Nine provinces, they should have come to the Nine provinces.

Why would they go through so much trouble to go to the west to plunder the dragon vein

There were also many martial arts experts in the west.

If the other party went to the west to look for trouble, he would definitely provoke those martial arts experts in the west.

Moreover, even if the other party came to the Nine Provinces, there were also many martial arts experts in there.

The Nine Provinces was not unable to live without him, and he was not a bodhisattva who went around saving people.

It was better to focus on improving his cultivation first.

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that just as he was getting off work, he actually bumped into an old acquaintance at the entrance of the library.

Beitang Ce!

“Senior Beitang Ce Why did you suddenly come to Jianghai city”

Beitang Ce said with a faint smile,

“I came here to do some business and came by to see you.

Why Does Mr.

Ye not welcome an old man like me”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Its nothing.

It just so happens that Ive been taken care of quite a bit by you in Zhong city.

Today, youve come to Jianghai city, so Ill be the host.

Ill treat you to a drink or two to express my gratitude.”

“Then I wont refuse.”

Beitang Ce handed Ye Xiao a small storage ring.

“I suddenly ventured here and didnt bring anything good so inside this are three Xiantian seventh-grade star beasts that I just killed, so consider this my gift.”

Ye Xiao did not stand on ceremony and immediately walked over and threw it into his pocket.

“Senior Beitang Ce, youve done plenty enough.

Lets go to my house and have a chat.”


The two of them used their movement techniques and arrived at Ye Xiaos house in a short moment.

Looking at that small house in the suburbs, a look of shock flashed across Beitang Ces eyes.

It was as if he did not expect that with Ye Xiaos status, he would actually live in such a place

Not only was that place remote, but the houses were also very old.

It completely did not fit a heaven-gifted prodigy like Ye Xiao!

Huan Liuli sensed Ye Xiaos aura and immediately came forward to open the door.

“Master, youre back.”


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