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Chapter 302: Exterminating Star Beasts With a Snap of the Fingers, Before Returning to Jianghai City

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The Fox Empress also walked forward, but she was not as familiar as Ning Yuhen and Ye Xiao, so she was even more respectful.

At that moment, the Fox Empress, who was the ultimate leader of the Silver Fox clan… All of that was no longer important.

In front of Ye Xiao, she was just a tiny ant.

That was her only identity!

“Thank you, Mr.

Ye! Saving my Silver Fox clan member is a great kindness that I can never repay.

From now on, the Silver Fox clan will definitely serve you, Mr.

Ye, with all my efforts!”

Ye Xiaos expression was calm as he said,

“The Fox Empresss words are too serious.

As long as the Silver Fox clan can remain friendly with the human race in the future, that will be the best.”

“Dont worry, Mr.


The Silver Fox clan will definitely not destroy the friendship with the human clan.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

She raised her head and looked at Ye Xiao.

For a moment, her eyes could not help but be a little dumbfounded.

Ye Xiao was so young.

He should only be 21 years old by now.

At that age, he had advanced to the legendary Emperor realm of the human race.

Behind him was a talent that was a hundred times more terrifying than his cultivation.

‘I really dont know what kind of realm he will reach in the future.

‘Could he become a god

‘An existence that surpassed the human race and the star beast race.

“Ill be taking care of you for many days during this trip to the Silver Fox Valley.

As a reward, Ill leave a few imperial arrays for the Silver Fox Valley.

With the imperial arrays, as long as enough spirit stones are put in, even an Emperor realm martial arts expert wouldnt be able to break them easily.

Its relatively safer.”

Ning Yuhens heart tightened.

“Supervisor, are you leaving so soon Then cant you stay for a while longer”

“Im not staying.

Although you guys predicted that the star beasts would very likely launch a beast calamity within half a year, I feel that this time is still too long.”

The Fox Empress was shocked.


Ye, are you saying that they will advance the time”

Ye Xiao replied, “Yes.”

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“Thats right.

Ive just scanned the consciousness of those divine beasts and know that they were all sent to this area.

“The star beasts have already completed their encirclement of the human world.

The beast calamity… Will be activated in at most a months time.

“I have to rush back to the human world first and make some preparations in advance.”

“Then Ill go back with the supervisor.”

Ning Yuhen immediately spoke, but Ye Xiao shook his head.

“You stay here and properly raise your strength.

Protecting the Silver Fox clan is your mission.”

Ning Yuhen instantly became like a deflated rubber ball and fell silent.

“Alright then.”

The Fox Empress patted his shoulder and comforted him, then said to Ye Xiao,

“Since Mr.

Ye said so, then it must be true.

We wont keep Mr.

Ye any longer.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“There will be a long time for us to meet in the future.

Well meet again in the future.”

“Well meet again in the future.”

Both parties bade farewell to each other.

Ye Xiao used the Yin-yang Escape Art and left the Silver Fox Valley in an instant.

When he spoke just now, he had already set up an array for the Silver Fox Valley.

After becoming an Emperor realm martial arts expert, his speed was even faster than before.

With just a thought, many things were completed.

Therefore, when he spoke, in less than three seconds, the array was already completed.

After becoming an emperor, he executed the Yin-yang Escape Art, and it was also much faster than before.

The distance that originally took a few seconds to reach, now only needed a short second to instantly arrive.

A second later, Ye Xiao had already arrived at the barrier above the human world.

He had come out from that place.

As long as he activated the teleportation tunnel, he would be able to return to the human world once again.

However, just as he arrived here, Ye Xiaos divine sense sensed the battle cries from 1,000 miles away.

His divine sense swept over and shot out a ray of light with a flick of his finger.

He activated the space-time tunnel and turned around to enter the human world.

At the same time, on a battlefield thousands of miles away, the human race and the star beasts were engaged in a fierce battle.

It was obvious that the human race was at a disadvantage while the star beasts had the upper hand.

There was only one King realm martial artist among the human race.

There were not only two divine beasts among the star beasts.

At the same time, the number of them was four times more than the human race!

With so many of them, even if it was two for one or even three for one, it was still a victory for the star beasts.

That was because there were simply too many star beasts.


“Kill all the humans! Well have a feast tonight and eat them all!”

The divine grandmasters among the star beasts roared and continuously stimulated the bloodthirsty and ferocious star beasts that had lower IQs.

They charged forward without any regard for their lives.

The human camp had already been torn apart.

Based on the current situation, it wouldnt be long before those 10,000 human martial arts experts died there.

In the chaotic battle, the two grandmasters relied on each other and acted as horns.

“Old Qin, hurry up and leave.

We cant hold on any longer! Ill cover you and help you break out of the encirclement.


“But on the battlefield, everyone is fighting bravely.

How can I run alone”

“Idiot! Cant you see that there are already many people running away The military order in space says that if we encounter a completely irreversible battle, we have to retreat quickly.

If we can run, we have to run.

Its important to preserve the overall strength of the human race.

“If we stay here, everyone will become food for the star beasts.”

“No, we have to leave together.”

“Dont be silly.

If the two of us leave together, we wont be able to leave at all.

Our team has already been wiped out, and only you and I are left.

Hurry up and leave, Ill hold on.

If we dont leave now, itll be too late!

“Think about your granddaughter.

hasnt she already become an emperor You still have to watch her become successful in the future! You cant die here.”

Qin Shenglong gritted his teeth.

He had not wavered a moment ago, but when he heard his granddaughters name, countless beautiful memories instantly welled up in his heart.

He had just arrived at the space battlefield not too long ago, and he had always heard of how cruel the space battlefield was.

However, that day,, he realized that the horror of the space battlefield could not be described with words.

Its terror had exceeded the imagination of humans.

Sometimes, one second you were talking and laughing with your teammates, and the next second, you were gone.

That was the cruelty of the space battlefield.

Life and death were like playing house here.

They were like duckweed in a rainstorm, not qualified to decide their own fate.

He had only experienced a few months, but the human race had maintained it for thousands of years!

For thousands of years, such cruelty had been happening in the starry sky every moment.

People were dying every moment.

Who knew how many humans had left their lives in the starry sky forever to protect the humans on the ground so that they could live a healthy and stable life.

If he ran away for his own survival, would he not become a coward

At that time, Yuyan would look down on him.

Even if Yuyan would not look down on him, how would others look at Yuyan

She had the majestic bloodline of an emperor, but her grandfather was a deserter on the battlefield!

He had betrayed his companions and had no manners, justice, or shame.

Even if it was for her, he could not be so embarrassing, could he

“Old Wang, I wont leave.

If you want to leave, well go together.

If you want to die, well die together!”

“Old Qin, you… Sigh! Are you stupid”

Qin Shenglong only smiled and did not say anything else.

Then, he used his full strength to slash at the astral beasts.

Alas, there were too many star beasts, so many that he could not slash them all no matter how hard he tried.

One second, two seconds, three seconds… He felt his consciousness gradually blurring.

His arms were already somewhat numb, and his sword was already somewhat dull.

He was almost unable to move anymore.

The star beasts were still pressing down on him from all directions.

Could everything be over

As a grandmaster, he had just arrived at the space battlefield for less than a month.

Hehe… So, a grandmaster was actually such a tiny existence.

However, at that moment, an accident suddenly happened.

Old Wang, who was beside him, shouted loudly, “Old Qin!”

“Old Qin, quickly take a look at what that is!”

Qin Shenglong glanced at it, and with just a glance, his entire body froze on the spot.

He saw a streak of divine light from the horizon rapidly approaching the battlefield like a resplendent meteor.

The two sides that were fighting slowly came to a stop.

All the living beings were curious to see that streak of light.

It was getting closer and closer to the battlefield.

In everyones eyes, it was getting bigger and bigger.

At that moment, both the star beasts and the humans started to panic.

“D*mn it, its coming this way.

Everyone, Hide!”

However, its speed was too fast.

Just as everyone reacted, it landed on the battlefield.

A wave of light spread out rapidly.

A powerful force instantly spread out in a destructive manner!

All the humans present thought that they were dead for sure.

However, when the light disappeared and the humans opened their eyes again, they realized that all the star beasts had turned into ashes, and all the humans were unharmed!

That scene stunned everyone present.

No one had expected that to happen.

The battle had originally been one-sided, but now, because of a divine light, the situation had been reversed in an instant, resulting in an unbelievable victory.

“Oh my God, who did this”

“He must be a senior of the human race.

However, who among the human race can do this He can attack from afar and control the spiritual energy to such an extent.

“His means are really amazing.”

“We must have met a legendary God!”

Ye Xiao opened a passage and soon returned to the human world.

After returning to Jianghai city, Ye Xiao took a deep breath of the air in the city.

‘I feel more comfortable in my hometown after staying here for a long time.

He smiled slightly.

In the next second, a figure flew over from the direction of the library.

It was Jiang Chen, the venerable Black Tortoise.

He had sensed Ye Xiaos energy, so he had rushed over at once.

“Ye Xiao, its really you..

Ive been waiting for you.”


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