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Chapter 312: Saber-Sword Immortal, Splitting the Sky With a Single Sword

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It was true that the other regions also had certain defenses, but if the martial artists themselves did not cooperate, it would be in vain.

On the screen, it clearly showed that the major cities in the west were being crushed by the star beasts.

The firepower was so dense that it was impossible to see.

One majestic skyscraper after another was mercilessly destroyed.

The human martial artists and the star beasts were engaged in a chaotic battle.

“Im Lucy from St.

Louis, and its the disaster of the century.

On top of that, it seems that the Seven Stars Alignment has occurred once more and theres a lot of them, a lot of them.

But I believe that the strong and brave American warriors will not lose to… ”

“Oh my God, who will save us There are so many star beasts in Australia.”

“Martial artists of the great Ying state, for the honor of warriors, kill!”

It was like the end of the world.

Human martial artists were dying everywhere, and a large number of human martial artists lost their lives every minute and every second.

Only the Nine Provinces were protected by arrays.

They were able to withstand the impact of the spiritual energy cannons, and no one was injured or killed.

Du Changfeng did not know how long the Nine Provinces could hold on.

He knew that the Saber-sword Immortal was protecting Jianghai city, but the Saber-sword Immortal was not under his command, and it was impossible for him to command them.

Moreover, the Saber-sword Immortal was certainly only used to deal with the opponents high-level combat strength, so it was impossible for him to deal with those small fries.

Therefore, he had to make plans in advance to ensure that the Nine Provinces human race in Jianghai city would be protected as well as possible.

“Pass my order.

Tell all human martial artists to equip their weapons and be ready at any time.

If the array is broken, all human martial artists must participate in the battle!”


After giving his orders, Changfeng took out a leather case from under his desk and opened it.

There was a set of grandmaster-grade armor inside.

At that critical moment of life and death for the human race, as the governor, he had to go to the battlefield and live and die with the human race.

In the starry sky, almost a thousand huge spiritual energy ships landed densely like meteors.

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On the largest spiritual ship stood a few figures of different shapes.

There were powerful and burly lion-faced star beasts that were more than a few meters tall.

There were petite mermaids that were only five feet tall.

There were also slender figures that looked like skeletons.

Although each figure looked very different, the aura that they exuded was so terrifying that it made people hold their breath.

The star beasts looked down at the human world, their eyes filled with coldness and bloodthirsty killing intent.

“The humans base camp is down there.”

“After thousands of years, we can finally wipe out the human race in this world.”

“This time, taking advantage of the continuous Seven Stars Alignment, our star beast races strength has soared.

The top 80 martial arts experts on the star rankings all reached the strength of lesser supreme divine beasts.

Excluding the human martial arts experts on the list, the star beasts were in the top 60.

All of them were above the lesser Supreme Divine Beast realm.

“There were even a few star beasts that immediately advanced to the true Supreme Divine Beast realm with the help of the Seven Stars Alignment.

“Adding the 12 supreme divine beasts from before, there were already more than 21 supreme divine beasts.

“How could the human race still stir up waves

“Be careful.

There are still some martial arts experts in the human race.”

“Whats there to be afraid of On this ship, the 47th-ranked Mad Astral Dragon, 49th-ranked Yang Chen, and 53rd-ranked Skeleton Rat… There were so many martial arts experts at the top of the star rankings, and all of them were lesser supreme divine beasts.

No matter how strong the human race was, how strong could they be

“Thats right.

Moreover, the six Emperor realm martial arts experts of the human race are all in the space battlefield.

Apart from that, there are no other Emperor realm martial arts experts.

I wonder what youre afraid of”

The star beast that tried to persuade the star beasts shook its head slightly.

“Im not too sure either.

I just have a vague feeling that somethings not right.

Forget it, maybe Im just overthinking.”

“Dont think about that nonsense anymore.

The human race is right in front of us.

increase your speed and charge down.

Conquer the surface world and kill all the humans! Refine the divine blood and let us completely ascend to the Supreme Divine Beast realm!”


All of the star beasts were extremely excited.

It was unknown whether it was because of the thirst for the blood of the humans or because of the support of the Seven Stars Alignment, but at that moment, the atmosphere had already been heated to the extreme.

On the surface, the array on Jianghai city was receiving more and more attacks.

If it was not for the dense spiritual energy and the continuous supply, it would have been destroyed long ago.

At that moment, on the array, the torrential rain-like ripples from before could no longer be seen.

What was left was all golden light.

That was because the star beasts spiritual energy cannon attacks were too concentrated.

There was no interval between the attacks.

They were all attacks, and the scene in the sky could no longer be seen.

Du Changfeng constantly arranged for the martial artists of Jianghai city to set up the array.

Once the array was broken, they would immediately rush out and fight to the death with the star beast.

Nearly one-fifth of the population of the entire Nine provinces was in a strict formation, staring straight at the sky.

Everyones heartbeat could not help but begin to quicken.

Although they could not see how many star beasts were behind the dense artillery fire, everyone knew that the number was definitely more than the number of martial artists they had set up in Jianghai city at the moment.

Moreover, even if there was an array to block it, they could vaguely feel how powerful the attack behind the array was!

As the attacks became more concentrated, the array above Jianghai city began to tremble.

At the entrance of the library, Ning Yuhen looked at the array with a somewhat grave expression and said,

“Supervisor, this array has been enduring high-intensity concentrated attacks all this time, but it cant withstand it either.

Its about to be cracked open.”

“I know.”

Ye Xiao replied with a calm expression.

An array was not a god.

To be able to withstand so many concentrated spiritual energy cannons for half a day was already pretty good.

If it were any other human city, without that array to resist, more than 70 percent of the city would have been destroyed.

Who knew how many martial artists would have been killed or injured.

However, one-fifth of the human race in the Nine Provinces had gathered there in Jianghai city, and up until then, not a single person had died.

It was enough.

With his perception, he could already sense that the star beasts spiritual airships had already descended to an altitude of about 30,000 feet, and he could take action.

That was also the reason why he wanted to deploy martial arts experts in every region.

Just relying on the protection of the array would definitely not be able to easily fend off the star beasts.

If he wanted to resolve the crisis, he had to kill all those star beasts before he could truly stop their attacks and ensure that the array could continue to be used.

Otherwise, just relying on the array to withstand the attacks would eventually shatter it.

Taking a deep breath, he walked towards an empty space in front of him.

A sword intent that exuded an endless sharpness began to brew from his body.

With every step Ye Xiao took, the surrounding spiritual energy was cut apart by an invisible sword intent, unable to reunite for a long time.

Behind him, Ning Yuhens heart shook, and his gaze became extremely grave.

It was even more grave than the attack from the sky just now.

‘Is the supervisor going to make a move

He glanced at You Wei who was not far away and said,

“You Wei, quickly hide behind me.

Were too close to the supervisor.

You cant withstand the aura that erupted from his body.”

You Wei reacted and immediately approached him.

Ning Yuhen immediately activated a defensive barrier and protected her within it.

She looked at the figure not far away in horror.

Of course, she knew that Ye Xiaos strength was very terrifying.

However, in the previous battle at the Silver Fox Valley, she was only at the outer perimeter fighting with some major sect-level star beasts.

Hence, she did not have the qualifications to see Ye Xiao using his own pressure in front of the Emperor realm ruins, he was able to directly suppress the terrifying scene of several King realm martial artists.

That was the first time she saw Ye Xiao make a move.

At that moment, her heart was beating intensely.

How strong was an Emperor realm martial arts expert when they made a move

She opened her eyes wide with all her might.

That might be the only time in her life that she had seen an Emperor realm martial arts expert make a move!

She wanted to record that scene throughout the entire process.

Ye Xiao walked a hundred steps away from the two of them.

With each step, he was brewing his own aura.

With each step, he was condensing his own strength, condensing his own aura and strength to its peak state.


Ye Xiao activated.

In order to prevent the array from being destroyed, Ye Xiao abruptly withdrew the array at that instant.

Without the array, the pressure brought by the attacks that filled the sky instantly pressed down on the heads of all the humans in Jianghai city.

Everyone felt their breathing freeze on the spot.

In this instant, their bodies were unable to move a single inch, it was as if they were all locked onto.

In fact, it was not just because they were facing the overwhelming pressure of the attacks, but also because of the fear in the depths of their souls and bodies.

They could not move at all.

No one had expected that the array would be withdrawn.

Everyones eyes were wide open.

Could it be that the array had been broken

Perhaps they ran out of spirit stones to supply spiritual energy to the array

The heavens were not joking with them, right

If that attack were to land, how many people would die in such a densely populated area

The speed of the cannon light was extremely fast.

It should not have taken more than two seconds for it to land on the ground, right

Some martial artists above the Xiantian realm were still able to react.

Their bodies could not help but release a spiritual energy barrier in an attempt to protect themselves.

However, in the next second, an incident suddenly happened!

From the center of Jianghai city, a powerful hair-raising power suddenly rose from the library.

As soon as that power appeared, it instantly canceled out the suppression brought by the falling artillery fire.

People felt that the mountain-like suppression on their bodies instantly collapsed.

Then, a shocking sword light slashed out.

As soon as the sword light appeared, all the cannon fire in the sky was instantly destroyed.

The sword light shot up into the sky and pierced straight through like a hot knife through butter.

Wherever it passed, all the spiritual energy cannon attacks behind it were completely destroyed.

There was no way for it to resist at all.

Within a second, it broke through the suppression of all forces..

With unrivaled strength, it devoured nearly 1,000 star beast spiritual ships.


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