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Chapter 425: The High-Spirited Human Team Exploded

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“How did it go”

Before the spiritual masters could answer, Zhu Chunqiu and the others could not help but ask eagerly.

However, in the next second, a few spiritual masters collapsed onto the ground.

“How… How is this possible How can there be such a monster”

Seeing that, Zhu Chungiu and the others expressions instantly changed.

They understood that the matter was true without anyone else saying it.

‘The Xuan Yuan clan really had a sixth-level Godslayer realm master who defeated a seventh-level Godslayer realm master from the Earth Dragon clan, Nangong Chenming.

Then how monstrous was he

Nangong Chenming was already monstrous enough, yet he was able to instantly kill him.

Did that not mean that in the future, an extremely monstrous martial arts master would appear in the Xuan Yuan clan

It was over.

That time, it was really over.

Everyone could not help but feel a chill in their hearts.

That was even more stressful than the current Xuan Yuan clan.

That was because facing the current Xuan Yuan clan, they could rely on the high-ranking god clan behind them to resist.

In the future, if another super genius appeared in the Xuan Yuan clan, then their strength would rise even further.

Even if they could maintain the current situation and continue the glory of the Xuan Yuan clan, to them, it would also be a heavy blow.

It would also be a nightmare that would be difficult to

get rid of for hundreds or even thousands of years in the future.

‘That was because their strength was already very weak compared to the Xuan Yuan clan.

In the future, if they could not nurture super-geniuses, then their bloodlines would not be able to improve further.

Perhaps, as time passed, their bloodlines would gradually decrease.

On the Xuan Yuan clans side, they were also stunned at that moment.

Since the other party would reveal such an expression, it meant that the matter was 100 percent real and not an act.

How could such a powerful existence appear in the Xuan Yuan clan

‘That was something that even they could not believe.

However, very quickly, everyone seemed to have thought of something.

Ning Zhiyuan and the other young masters glanced at each other and felt something.

However, they did not talk about it.

Instead, they talked to Zhu Chungiu and the others,

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“Zhu Chunqiu, it seems that the members of the Xuan Yuan clan are better than us.

If thats the case, you should return those star areas to us.”

Zhu Chungiu clenched his fists, his heart bleeding.

That was because he had used too much force, his fingernails had dug deep into the flesh of his palm.

However, there was nothing he could do.

If they fought head-on, the Hundred Clans Alliance would suffer a lot of casualties.

Many god clans in the Hundred Clans Alliance were different from the direct descendants of the Xuan Yuan clan.

‘The Xuan Yuan clan was a high-level god clan.

They had powerful healing techniques.

As long as they had the blood essence and soul of their own people, they could revive them easily.

However, many god clans of the Hundred Clans Alliance were dead.

‘There were many unknown divine tombs in the starry sky.

The Hundred Clans Alliance still needed to accumulate strength.

Only by living could they bring more hope.

After a fierce battle of thoughts, he took a deep breath and said as if he had accepted his fate,

“Young Master Ning is right.

When we go back, we will withdraw from those star areas and return them to the Xuan Yuan clan.”

“And the compensation you guys agreed on earlier.”

Ling Shaoyu suddenly added.

Zhu Chungiu felt his blood pressure rise and he almost fainted.

He forced himself to be calm and said,

“IT know!”

‘Then, he waved his hand and turned around to leave.

He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he might really faint from anger.

As soon as Zhu Chungiu left, the others naturally would not stay.

They all followed him and left quickly.

Seeing those people leave dejectedly, everyone could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

The dark clouds that shrouded their hearts had all disappeared.

“Hu! This time, it was truly the blessing of the heavens! They did not expect that at the crucial moment, such a monstrous genius would appear! If he had not appeared, or rather, if he had not appeared a little later, our Xuan Yuan clan would have suffered a huge loss this time!”

“Unfortunately, we dont know who he is.

We cant reward him even if we want to.”

Ning Zhiyuan said,

“If my guess is right, this person is most likely the Saber-sword Immortal of Jianghai city.”

“My God, is he so monstrous”

Zheng Fenghua could not help but exclaim, while Ning Zhiyuan said with a bitter smile,

“With his strength at the sixth level of the Godslayer realm, he could defeat the opponent at the seventh level of the Godslayer realm.

I really cant think of anyone else who could reach this level besides him.”

“He seemed to be far away from the sixth level of the Godslayer realm before, right How did he advance to the sixth level of the Godslayer realm in such a short period of time How did he cultivate Why is his speed even faster than cultivating a god-level movement technique”

“This… Perhaps its the difference between geniuses and us.”

At this moment, Song Qingxue could not help but say,

“His speed of improvement seems to be much faster than Yun Xuanyuans! Yun Xuanyuan said that there would be a battle in half a year, and there were still two to three months left.

By then, he wouldnt really reach the ninth level of the Godslayer realm and be able to compete with Yun Xuanyuan, right”

Hearing that, everyone present could not help but tremble.

Could it be that the future direction of the Xuan Yuan clan was really going to deviate

Heavens, that Saber-sword Immortal was too terrifying!

On the other side, in the star domain of the Hundred Clans Alliance, an eight-man team quietly emerged from a group of meteorites.

“Where have we run to now”

“I dont know.

Weve run to too many places these past few days.

Its all messed up.”

“Its really all thanks to the good weapons and good armor that Ye Xiao gave us.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have been able to hold on until here.

Im afraid that we would have been hacked to death by the Hundred Clans Alliances people long ago.”

“However, the number of martial arts experts weve encountered recently is increasing.

Many martial arts experts are even approaching the God realm.

Im guessing that we ran in the opposite direction and came to the territory of the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Moreover, we went quite a bit deeper.

“Otherwise, its impossible for us to encounter so many of them.”

“Then Im afraid that well be in trouble this time.

If the people from the Hundred Clans Alliance see us, wont they swallow us alive”

“Lets hurry back.

Hopefully, we wont run into any more of them from the Hundred Clans Alliance.”

Everyone exchanged a glance and immediately began to retreat.

At the same time, a patrol team from the Hundred Clans Alliance also began to retreat from the front.

The two sides soon ran into each other unexpectedly.

In the starry sky, when they saw each other, their eyes widened as if they had seen a ghost.

Emperor Jing and the others could recognize them at a glance.

Those people were the ones fighting against the Xuan Yuan clan at the very front.

In fact, there were even traces of blood on their bodies.

However, were they not supposed to be fighting against the Xuan Yuan clan at the front line

Why were they there

The other party clearly did not expect to encounter a group of people from the Xuan Yuan clan in their own land.

“Theard that there has been a lot of trouble behind our Hundred Clans Alliance recently.

I didnt believe it at first, but I didnt expect it to be true.

Some reckless brats really came to our rear to cause trouble.”

D*mn it, the representatives lost in the front, and our old home was stolen by someone.

The Xuan Yuan clan has gone too far!”

“Brothers, lets go and kill them!”

Emperor Jing and the others expressions froze, and they immediately said in a cold voice,

“prepare for battle.

Dont continue fighting with them.

Charge over directly and run after the fight.

“If anyone is captured, dont hold back and self-destruct immediately.

Ye Xiao has our divine soul and divine blood.

We wont die.

He will resurrect us!”

With that order, the entire team charged out like lightning.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The moves of the two sides bombarded each other crazily.

Emperor Jing, the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the Black Tortoise, and Beitang Ce took the lead.

They transformed into five streaks of lightning and charged through the crowd.

However, the White Tiger, Lu Qingshan, and Li Liushui were not so lucky.

On their way forward, there were simply too many enemies.

They had only killed a few of them, and there were also many wounds on their bodies.

These were all martial arts masters, and their attack speed was so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

The moment they fell into a disadvantageous

position, the enemies would pounce on them like mad dogs.

Their stamina was gradually running out, and they no longer had the strength to escape.

Li Liushui threw his head back and laughed loudly.

“Everyone! Ill take my leave first.

Ill go back and look for Ye Xiao! Well meet again after some time!”

‘As soonas he finished speaking, he ignited his armor and weapon.

His body and the weapon in his hand all emitted a dazzling golden light.

That super-powerful strength intimidated countless people present, and their expressions instantly changed.

“What a powerful pressure! Retreat quickly! The power of this explosion is actually comparable to the self-detonation of a peak God realm master!”

“D*mn it! Where on earth did they get this set of equipment”

Li Liushui exploded.

The powerful energy instantly caused the surrounding spiritual energy to vibrate, and like a wave, it rapidly spread outwards.

The combined self-detonation of the divine weapon and the divine armor killed a group of people on the spot, accounting for at least one-third of the enemys entire body.

Lu Qingshan laughed heartily.

“Venerable White Tiger, I cant hold on any longer either.

Ill take my leave first to accompany Li Liushui! Farewell!”

‘As soon as he finished speaking, he detonated his divine weapon and divine armor as well, killing another one-third of the enemy alive.

Venerable White Tiger knew that he could not escape and ascended to heaven, so she sighed faintly.

“Lhave to go and find Ye Xiao too.

Wait for me, the two of you.”

Emperor Jing and the others who had just escaped quickly sensed the three explosions behind them.

They tured their heads to take a glance, even though they already knew how terrifying the weapons Ye Xiao had created were.

At that moment, they could not help but be deeply shocked once again.

Too powerful!

To be able to reach such a level just by relying on the self-destruction of the divine weapons and divine armor was simply terrifying.

The three peoples self-destruction destroyed a team of several hundred people from the Hundred Clans Alliance.

Among them, most of them were in the Emperor realm.

There were even some God realm masters.

However, none of them could escape the bombardment of Ye Xiaos divine weapons.

Ye Xiao was really the greatest of all time!


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