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Chapter 442: Su Chens Fall

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He still did not understand what was going on.

In the blink of an eye, the dozens of blood tornadoes sped up and arrived in the blink of an eye.

Without giving him a chance to react, they tore his body into a bloody mist.

“Its done”

Looking at the blood sea that had gradually calmed down, Emperor Jing and the others could not help but feel astonished.

Could it be that the battle had already ended

Was it not a little too fast

In total, it had not even been half a minute.

Even if the two of them were so fast, it should not be able to be over in half a minute, right

Be it Ye Xiao or Su Chen, they were both geniuses among geniuses.

Although their attack power was powerful, their endurance was also extraordinary.

It was impossible for them to be a quick shooter.

Xia Xinyi said,

“Its not over yet.

Their auras are both very strong.

This battle is still far from over.”

On the battlefield, Su Chens body, which had been torn into blood, slowly appeared amidst the fresh blood.

However, at that moment, his expression had already turned extremely cold.

“Loriginally thought that you were already strong enough, but I was still careless.

“Your strength once again shocked me.

“One of the two archaic masterpiece techniques that you just used is the secret of the Qilin god clan, the Space Warping masterpiece technique and the Reincarnation masterpiece technique that are ranked sixth and seventh among the archaic masterpiece techniques, right

“If I guessed correctly, the masterpiece technique that you used to repair your body should be the secret of the Phoenix clan that is ranked fourth in the starry sky, the Undying masterpiece technique.

“As for whether your attack is the third-ranked World Destruction masterpiece technique or the fifth-ranked True Dragon masterpiece technique, I dont know.

“Before I met you, I never thought that there would be someone in this world who could have so many archaic masterpiece techniques at the same time, and all of them were top-notch archaic masterpiece techniques.

“Having so many masterpiece techniques at the same time, coupled with the fact that youre not even 30 years old and have cultivated to the ninth level of the Godslayer realm for more than 20 years, your aptitude can not be said to be the best in the starry sky, but its definitely not a problem for you to

enter the top ten.

“If it were any other top genius in the starry skies who had these masterpiece techniques at the same time, after nearly 30 years of cultivation, they would probably have already advanced to the late-stage Godly King realm.

“But even if its the top ten, its still very impressive! Even the me from back then was eclipsed in front of you.

“However, since youve come here, then youre mine!

“As long as I obtain your body, your cultivation, and all of your masterpiece techniques, all of them will be mine.”

Ye Xiao was slightly startled.

He did not expect that his masterpiece techniques would almost fill up the top seven.

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He had originally thought that he only had one World Destruction masterpiece technique and that it was one of the top eight archaic masterpiece techniques.

Looking at it now, the Golden Book divine soul was indeed very impressive!

The Golden Book was the greatest of all time!

However, it was not the time to think about that, because Su Chen had already begun to move again.

His body, which had already been healed, turned into fresh blood again in the blink of an eye and fused into the sea of blood.

That was another form of his.

He would use his own will to fuse into the entire sea of blood.

That way, every drop of blood in the entire sea of blood would be his body, and he could use the Bloodbath masterpiece technique.

Ye Xiao knew that Su Chen was going to be serious.

Next was the moment to decide the outcome.

He did not hold back anymore.

With a wave of his right hand, he immediately summoned the Great Dragon.

The moment the Great Dragon appeared, the prestige of the Treasured Artifact made Su Chen even crazier.

Avoice came from afar.

“Hahahaha… Its actually a Treasured Artifact! I didnt expect you to actually have such a treasure.

Its mine! Youre mine too!”

Ignoring Su Chens voice, Ye Xiao used the World Destruction masterpiece technique on the Great Dragon and slashed out with his sword.

‘As the sword slashed out, it released a light that was hundreds of millions of feet long.

It shot into the sky and split open the entire sea of blood, creating a heavenly chasm that was hundreds of thousands of feet long.

The spiritual energy in the starry sky surged in rapidly, but in the next second, countless streaks of pitch-black blood condensed from the sea of blood and dripped onto the dragons body, causing the light on the dragons Treasured Artifact body to be corroded and suppressed.

“This is the resentment of the billions of vengeful souls that I killed, the filthy blood condensed from it.

Even if your weapon is a Treasured Artifact, it wont be able to withstand its corrosion for a short while.

Your Treasured Artifact cant be used anymore…”

Even if you have the Undying masterpiece technique, it can only repair living creatures, not weapons.


“That might not be the case!”

Ye Xiao said indifferently.

He activated the Creation masterpiece technique, and in the next second, the dragon let out a shocking dragon roar.

The places on its body that had been injured by the filthy blood instantly recovered, and the light was once again released.

“This is… This is the Creation masterpiece technique You actually have the Creation masterpiece technique, the archaic masterpiece technique that is ranked second in the starry sky Hahahaha… Good! Good! Good! Good!”

Su Chen excitedly said threegood words.

“Today, as long as I destroy your soul consciousness and destroy your soul body, I will be able to obtain these supreme archaic masterpiece techniques and your Treasured Artifacts!

“In the future, I will definitely become the strongest person under the starry sky!”

The attacks once again surged wildly.

The blood sea contained far too much energy.

The power that that energy unleashed was definitely proportional to Su Chens current cultivation base.

The amount of cultivation he had depended on the attack unleashed by the sea of blood.

Otherwise, with so much blood, he would probably have the strength to fight a mid-stage Godly King.

It was precisely because of it that Ye Xiao did not have to worry too much.

He held the Great Dragon in his hand and kept unleashing his attacks.

Sword light slashed out tens of thousands of times every second.

Every time it cleaved, it would shatter Su Chens attack.

Su Chens attack had no way of hurting him.

At most, it could only delay him.

However, just a few seconds later, when the blood sea attack reached its peak, the attack suddenly stopped.

At almost the same time, a pair of blood-red eyes suddenly appeared in front of Ye Xiaos eyes.

That blood-red eye had a special power.

It seemed to be specifically targeting the divine soul.

Ye Xiao finally understood what he meant.

It was time for his final trump card, Divine Eyes!

All the previous attacks were to confuse him, making him use Divine Eye to directly attack his divine soul when he was at his most nervous and at the same time when the defense of his eyes was at its weakest.

Once his divine soul fell, he would also be completely dead.

He would then conveniently take over his body, and he could naturally obtain all of his archaic masterpiece techniques and Treasured Artifacts!

If Ye Xiao himself did not have a Divine Eye, he might have instantly fallen into the other partys trap earlier.

His divine soul would have been heavily injured by the other party, and then his will would have been devoured.

Unfortunately, he cultivated the Primordial Pupil!

The Primordial Pupil could absorb all the power of the eye and use it to activate the Primordial Pupils attributes, which were the same as the other partys.

At the instant Su Chens Divine Eye attacked him, the Primordial Pupil was automatically activated.

Therefore, Su Chen did not injure him in the slightest.

However, because he suddenly saw the Blood Eye, Ye Xiao had a trace of shock.

That scene, in Su Chens eyes, was the performance of Ye Xiao being struck by his move and his soul being injured by him.

“Taking advantage of your illness, Ill take your life!”

The comers of Su Chens mouth curled up as if he had already seen victory.

At that moment, he was no longer hiding in the sea of blood.

He wanted to seize that moment of success.

He wanted to kill Ye Xiao and completely secure his victory.

He had never been that happy before because the rewards from killing Ye Xiao were a hundred times, a thousand times, or ten thousand times stronger than all the rewards he had obtained in the past few hundred years.

Even in the past, when he had already obtained the blood art that his master had imparted to him and upgraded it to the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, he only felt that he would definitely make the Su family pay the price in the future.

He was not so arrogant that he felt that he could completely destroy the entire Kai Tian god clan.

However, not to mention a mere Su family, even the Kai Tian clan, no, even the entire starry sky, he felt that he could completely trample under his feet.

Among the archaic masterpiece techniques, from the second to the ninth, other than the archaic masterpiece technique ranked eighth, which he did not have, everything else was gathered all at once.


Heaven-toppling awesome!

However, at that moment, he suddenly felt a sudden pain in his divine soul.

His expression was somewhat blank and filled with disbelief.

What kind of situation was that

It had already reached that point, yet Ye Xiao was still able to turn the tables

‘That sword of his had directly pierced through his divine soul.

The power of the Treasured Artifact and the World Destruction masterpiece technique mercilessly shattered his divine soul.

He… Lost…

He… Was going to die

Did he die just like that

He had only just carried out his first revenge!

There were still so many fellows who had not had the time to take revenge, but they were all gone just like that

Was he playing with him

He did not dare to believe it, but that gradually disappearing consciousness of his was telling him that he had really lost.

Completely and utterly lost!

He saw Ye Xiaos eyes.

The imprint of that eye was extremely similar to what his master had once told him, the ancestor of Divine Eyes, the Primordial Pupil!

That was the Divine Eye ranked number one in the entire starry sky, and also the most powerful Divine Eye.

Any Divine Eye in front of it was trash!

At that moment, Su Chen suddenly felt as if he had been freed.

Back then, he had been chased out by the Su family.

The pain had pierced through his heart, and his heart was filled with resentment.

During those few hundred years, he had been homeless outside.

He did not know how much suffering and suffering he had suffered.

In order to become stronger, to kill his way back to the Su family, to regain his dignity, and to make the Su family regret what they had done back then, he had chosen an extremely evil method.

Through killing, he continued to absorb fresh blood and continuously improve his strength.

He had lived in hatred for too long.

Sometimes, he knew that what he was holding was wrong.

Sometimes, the person standing in front of him was just an unarmed little girl, but in order to become stronger—in order to take back everything that belonged to him, he still did not hold back.

He was too tired!

At that moment, the fatigue and mental torture that he had suffered for hundreds of years seemed to have been completely eliminated in an instant!

“Hehe, so it turns out that death is far more comfortable than living.

“Who knew that you even had the Primordial Pupil.

Dying in the hands of a genius like you is not considered a wish.

“Youve won!”


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