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“I didnt expect that it would be us old bones who would have to take action in the end.”

“There are talented people in every generation.

I didnt expect the younger generation to have reached such a level.

Hehehe… Im really old.”

Everyone held their breaths.

Only the ninth-level Godly Emperor of the Dragon, Phoenix, and Qilin three clans did not take action.

The Giant Snake god clan ranked fourth, the White Tiger god clan ranked fifth, and the Four Elephants god clan ranked sixth… All the way to the Bluebell god clan, who ranked tenth, had sent out their martial arts masters.

Every single one of them was a ninth-level Godly Emperor.

There were seven of them!

That lineup was many times more luxurious than the one earlier.

Any one of them could overturn the five eighth-level Godly Emperors from before.

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The gap between martial arts masters was so great that it could not be described with words.

Every single one of them had left a brilliant mark on the entire starry sky.

Everyones name would be known by others.

Godly Emperor Teng Wu!

The ninth-level Godly Emperor of the Giant Serpent god clan, the Grand Elder, was famous and awe-inspiring in the starry sky.

Back then, he had single-handedly withstood two ninth-level Godly Emperors without falling into a disadvantageous position.

From then on, he had firmly established himself as the fourth-ranked martial arts master of the Giant Serpent god clan within 1,000 years.

It was precisely because of him that the Giant Serpent god clans position was undisputed! No one could shake it!

Godly Emperor Lin Wu!

The White Tiger god clans ninth-level Godly Emperor, the White Tiger god clans Grand Elder!

His strength was terrifying.

Previously, when he was fighting against the Xuanhuang Great World, he had single-handedly killed a total of twelve Godly Emperors.

One of them was a ninth-level Godly Emperor! Four eighth-level Godly Emperor!

Godly Emperor Xu Wu!

A ninth-level Godly Emperor of the Four Elephants god clan, the Grand Elder.

He was once the idol of all the martial artists in the entire starry sky during his era.

He was born in the god realm.

After cultivating bitterly for 47 years, he had entered first-level Godly Emperor.

It could be said that he was popular for a time.

Other than that, there were other people who were strong enough to lead the movement against Ye Xiao!

In the starry sky, there were already very few who could reach the Godly Emperor realm.

Not to mention those who could reach the ninth-level Godly Emperor realm.

From a certain perspective, they could no longer be considered ordinary martial artists.

They were people who were blessed by the heavens and possessed great luck.

Each and every one of them was a legend!

At that time, it was likely that Ye Xiao would not be able to stir up any more waves.

It was also time to end it.

No matter how much of a genius he was, he was still only at the seventh-level Godly Emperor realm.

If he was really allowed to continue being so arrogant, then the rules of the world would be in complete chaos.

Crossing realms to battle was not terrifying.

Crossing two realms was not ordinary.

Crossing two realms and still facing so many people, then he was really going to turn the sky upside down!

“Ye Xiao! You must hold on!”

Xuanyuan Long clenched his fists tightly.

At that moment, the seven ninth-level Godly Emperors had already arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

The aura on their bodies had already completely wrapped around Ye Xiao.

That was because they had learned from the previous experience, they all knew that Ye Xiao had the Qilin god clans archaic masterpiece technique that could increase his speed, so no one dared to be careless.

Although they had seven ninth-level Godly Emperors and were confident in crushing Ye Xiao in terms of strength, no one could guarantee that if they forced Ye Xiao into a corner, he would not choose to run away.

If he chose to run away, their faces would still be disgraced.

Therefore, no one wanted to have such an outcome.

The best way was to directly suppress him with their auras and firmly wrap him within, preventing him from escaping.

As the seven ninth-level Godly Emperors had all unleashed their strength, the nine-colored multicolored light that appeared on their bodies practically illuminated the entire star field!

The light radiated for 10,000 miles!

The strength of seven ninth-level Godly Emperors.

Their multicolored light condensed and looked like seven huge mountains in the starry sky.

Relying solely on cultivation and aura, Ye Xiao could not compare to them.

After all, his cultivation was only at the seventh level of the Godly Emperor realm.

That level was still far from the ninth level of the Godly Emperor realm.

However, even though that was the case, the emotions that he displayed did not have any fear.

That face was filled with the carefree and unruly look of a young man.

Even when facing so many martial arts masters, he did not even frown.

From a certain point of view, he appeared stronger than those seven Godly Emperors!

Stronger in belief!

Finally, the seven Godly Emperors began to make their moves.

Perhaps they did not want to waste too much time in order to avoid unnecessary complications that would make the various envoys unhappy.

Perhaps it was because fighting with Ye Xiao made them faintly feel uneasy.

No matter which one it was, Ye Xiao was going to be captured anyway.

The envoys of the three great god clans were all watching from behind.

Who dared not move

After that, no one could bear the wrath of the three great god clans after settling scores.

Following the attack of the seven Godly Emperors, the world beneath Ye Xiaos feet began to collapse on the spot.

The earth shook, mountains shook, and rivers collapsed.

An enormous world was wiped out just like that.

It was just because of a battle.

How terrifying was that

A battle between martial arts masters was already sufficient to destroy a world before it even started.

If they were to start a battle, how strong would they be

Everyone had already started to retreat, and no one dared to get too close.

They were simply too strong.

They were so strong that it made people shudder.

They were creatures that were completely equivalent to two different dimensions.

If they were to get close, only death would await them.


The next second after everyone retreated, the seven Godly Emperors launched an attack.

Rather, it was the beginning of a battle with Ye Xiao.

People could no longer see their actions clearly.

They could only see a few huge balls of light suddenly appearing inside.

They were like celestial bodies on planets, terrifying to the extreme.

In the end, all the balls of light fused together again.

Their strength was really too strong, to the extent that when they fought, the light emitted made it impossible for them to see the battle scene!

Even Godly Emperors were unable to use their divine senses to sense it.

The battle energy in the depths of the space was too fierce.

Just as their divine senses wanted to get close, they would be crushed into powder in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, Grand Elder Phoenix of the Phoenix god clan raised his delicate hand and threw out a bronze mirror.

It released a light screen in the starry sky, clearly showing the battle between Ye Xiao and the seven ninth-level Godly Emperors.

“Its the Supreme Bright Phoenix Mirror! This is a supreme treasure of the Phoenix clan.

I heard that using it, one can see any part of the Yanhuang Great World clearly.

Of course, one also needs to have sufficient strength to match it.”

“I see.

I was wondering how it could see the things inside so clearly”

“That Grand Elder of the Phoenix god clan should be a peak ninth-level Godly Emperor, an existence close to the lesser Supreme Eternal, right”

“As expected of a martial arts master of the Phoenix clan! Hes really powerful!”

“Quick, look! Ye Xiao can actually fight with seven ninth-level Godly Emperors.

Hes fighting so well against all of them!”

At that moment, someone shouted loudly.

Only then did everyones gazes simultaneously turn to look at the screen.

“Oh my God, its actually real!”

“He can actually fight so hard with so many ninth-level Godly Emperors.

Isnt this fellow too abnormal Can his spiritual energy last him”

“Even if he has so many powerful masterpiece techniques backing him up, he has no way to quickly replenish his spiritual energy.

It should be impossible for him to last for such a long time.

“Could it be that he has learned some kind of masterpiece technique that can quickly replenish the spiritual energy in his body”

“But what kind of masterpiece technique can support the consumption of so many powerful archaic masterpiece techniques”

“Oh my God! Could it be that this fellow also knows the Creation masterpiece technique”

“It shouldnt be possible.

The Creation masterpiece technique is ranked second…”

That person had not even finished speaking when he was interrupted by someone else.

“So what if its ranked second Dont forget that he knows the Minor Destiny technique thats ranked first! Someone who even knows the Minor Destiny technique, could it be that theres a problem with knowing the Creation masterpiece technique”

“Oh my God!

Crazy, it was too crazy!

He was really insane.

“If I remember correctly, the fellow from the Xuan Yuan god clan knows the True Lightning masterpiece technique and the Great Brahma masterpiece technique.

Ye Xiao also knows the Bloodbath masterpiece technique, as well as the four top-secret masterpiece techniques of the three great god clans.

In addition, theres the World Destruction masterpiece technique and the Minor Destiny technique… Theres also the Creation masterpiece technique now!

“Good fellow, it seems like he knows all the top ten archaic masterpiece techniques in the entire starry sky.”

“D*mn it! In the past, when the Xuan Yuan god clan had the Ancestral Dragon, it was already so heaven-defying that all the god clans envied them.

Now, theres a guy whos even more monstrous than him!”!

“What kind of good luck did the Xuan Yuan god clan have How come our god clan doesnt have a single one”

“No, after this, we must think of a way to get our god clansmen to marry into the Xuan Yuan god clan.”

At that point, there were already many people who had such thoughts.

However, there were still some people who felt very uncomfortable.

That was Su Yulong and the other martial arts masters from the four great god clans.

Seeing that scene simply caused their hearts to ache.

Ye Xiaos strength and aptitude were already self-evident.

If they could not kill him there that day, there would be no hope of killing him in the future.

Speaking up to that point, their gazes suddenly landed on Xuanyuan Long and the others who were not far away.

“Make a move and take down Xuanyuan Long and the others! That Ye Xiao cared about his clansmen the most.

If his clansmen were captured by us, he would be distracted.

At that time, with the help of the seven ninth-level Godly Emperors, there would definitely be a way to kill him

“Alright! Go!”

At that moment, several Godly Emperors from the four great god clans immediately attacked Xuanyuan Long and the other two.

Godly Emperor Wu Ying and the others expressions changed.

They immediately surrounded them, but it was already too late.

They had previously listened to Yun Cangqiong and separated from them.

After there was a certain distance, it was impossible for them to arrive in time.

Facing so many Godly Emperors, Yun Cangqiong and the others definitely would not be able to withstand it.

“D*mn b*stards! Su Yulong, you bunch of beasts, do you still have any humanity Can you still have some dignity

“You are people from the four great god clans after all.

To actually be so shameless, you all are simply despicable to the extreme!

“You even said that Ye Xiao cultivated evil techniques.

From what I see, your actions are not much different from evil.”

Su Yulong and the rests eyes already revealed a proud and ferocious expression.

They did not care what others said.

What they wanted was victory!

It was as if they had already seen the destruction of Ye Xiao and the Xuan Yuan god clan.

At that time, he would definitely kill all the members of the Xuan Yuan god clan and take revenge for his own clansmen.

“Go on your way!”

However, at that moment, an incident suddenly happened.

From the battlefield, a shocking sword ray suddenly shot over.

In an instant, it devoured Su Yulong and the few middle and low-grade Godly Emperors!



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