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Chapter 59: His Name Was Zhang San, and He Was Known As… The Manic Outlaw

Ye Xiao began to read the healing cultivation technique and quickly learned it.

He recorded it into the Golden Book and began to cultivate it.

When it was cultivated to perfection, the ten pieces of paper that were branded with the basic healing cultivation technique emitted a pure golden light.

At that time, it could be synthesized.

Ye Xiao, who had already cultivated the healing cultivation technique, could be considered to have heaved a sigh of relief at that stage.

However, he did not rest.

Instead, he continued to read other types of books.

That time, Ye Xiao was prepared to look at the movement cultivation technique.

Previously, he had calculated that among the life-saving cultivation techniques, the armament type and the alchemy type had higher requirements for money.

Hence, he temporarily placed it on the backburner and cultivated the healing cultivation technique first.

Now, he was prepared to cultivate the movement technique.

There was a good saying that it was better to run than to fight.

In the 36 stratagems, running was the best one!

He did not necessarily have to be able to beat others.

If he ran fast and others could not catch up, it was still a good way to save his life.

Ye Xiao himself had learned two basic movement cultivation techniques.

However, the basic cultivation technique was definitely far from meeting his requirements.

Only the top-grade cultivation technique obtained after synthesis would be able to catch his eye.

After he finished reading, Ning Yuhen quickly started reading as well.

However, he quickly frowned.

The reason why martial arts were graded was not only because there were too many differences in the strength of the martial arts, but also to take care of the martial artists who had just started.

If one did not start learning from the low-tier martial arts, it would be very difficult.

High-tier martial arts contained the philosophy of martial arts, which was something that the low-tier martial artists could not understand at all.

Ye Xiao would encounter many martial arts that he could not understand when he read books on a daily basis.

However, he only needed to read it once and the divine souls Golden Book would automatically enter it.

He did not need to understand it.

As long as his soul understood it, he would understand it.

After he understood it, it would be very easy for him to create more.

The two cultivation techniques that he created for Ning Yuhen were both sword arts.

Although they were at the transcendent level, they were already infinitely close to the grandmaster level, which was also the lesser grandmaster level.

Even in the library, cultivation techniques of that level had to be placed on the fourth floor and guarded by guards.

Ordinary people were not allowed to look at them casually.

Only special geniuses who had made great contributions or had been evaluated and rewarded by the Jianghai city governor were qualified to come into contact with such cultivation techniques.

The incomplete saber technique that Du Changfeng had donated to the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy was also at the lesser grandmaster level.

Therefore, a lesser grandmaster-level cultivation technique was extremely precious and hard to come by.

Furthermore, it was not something that could be easily learned.

In reality, Ye Xiao did not think too much about it.

The main reason was that the grade of his own cultivation technique was too high.

It was already many grades higher than a grandmaster-level cultivation technique.

After learning the cultivation technique, his comprehension of the way of the sword naturally far exceeded that of an ordinary human.

He felt that he had already tried his best to write a very trashy cultivation technique.

However, to ordinary people, that so-called trash that he had casually written was also a precious cultivation technique that ordinary people could only dream of.

Just as Ning Yuhen was having a headache from reading, a calm male voice suddenly entered his ears.

“Hello, may I ask, if Im not from Jianghai city, how can I borrow books”

Ning Yuhen raised his head and glanced at the other party.

He could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

“Eh, why do I feel like Ive seen you somewhere before”

The other party said indifferently,

“Its possible that its on the Internet, right There seemed to be some posts and news about me before.”

Ning Yuhen suddenly stood up.

“Oh, oh, I remember now.

Youre Piao Jiansheng! The Han state sword Ggenius who defeated the Jing province sword geniuses!”

Piao Jiansheng nodded.

“I am indeed Piao Jiansheng, but its quite an exaggeration to say that I defeated the sword geniuses of Jing province.

“There are many sword art geniuses in Jing province who are stronger than me.

Its just that everyone is suppressed in the same realm, and my understanding of the sword is slightly stronger.

“If everyone were to fight with their full strength, there are many whose real fighting strength is above mine.

Their sword art attainments were slightly inferior, but their spiritual energy cultivation was much stronger than mine.

It was the rule that suppressed cultivation, allowing me to take advantage of some circumstances.”

“Its so rare.

Everyone says that the Hans are all arrogant and have top-notch bragging skills, but youre actually so humble.

Moreover, youre so fluent in our language.”

“I actually only have one-eighth of the Han bloodline, and seven-eighth of it is actually the Zhong bloodline of nine provinces.

But… Your words are a little rude.

Most of the people in the Han state are indeed shameless, but… You dont have to say it in front of me.

After all, I grew up in the Han state.

“Moreover, from another point of view, the people of Han state are originally from nine provinces.

Its just that a small portion of the people of the nine provinces moved to Han state.

“The Hans are also descendants of the nine provinces.

“The Han culture is basically a copy of the nine provinces culture.

At this point, you should understand.”

Ning Yuhens face suddenly felt a little feverish.

“I was rude.

Im sorry.”

“I accept your apology.”

Ning Yuhen heaved a sigh of relief and then said,

“I wanted to be your fan before, but because youre from the Han state and I am pretty patriotic, I didnt follow you.

Now that you actually have seven-eighths of the Zhong bloodline, I feel like I can be your fan.

Can I ask you for an autograph”

Piao Jiansheng was silent for a moment, then nodded.

“Great, Ill go get the camera.

Wait for me.”

Ning Yuhen quickly ran to his cabinet.

He usually liked photography, so he would bring his camera with him.

It was very convenient to take photos and print them out directly.

Piao Jiansheng stood where he was and waited.

His eyes glanced at the cultivation technique that Ning Yuhen left out, and suddenly, his pupils constricted.

“Oh This is…”

He took a step forward and took a closer look.

Immediately, he took a deep breath.

“Good sword technique! As expected of the nine provinces.

Although its only a transcendent level cultivation technique, the level of subtlety in it is close to that of a grandmaster level sword technique.

It can be said to be a lesser grandmaster-level sword technique.

“This is just an ordinary floor of a small library in Jianghai city.

What kind of earth-shattering cultivation technique would there be upstairs How many cultivation techniques should there be in the entire nine provinces”

“Hold on a moment, Mr.


Ning Yuhen quickly took the camera and walked over, but Piao Jiansheng beat him to it and asked,

“This sword technique, is it from the library”

Ning Yuhen was startled and immediately pointed at Ye Xiao who was not far away.

“No, this is a cultivation technique that my supervisor gave me.

We exchanged some cultivation techniques with each other.”

Piao Jiansheng took a glance at Ye Xiao and could not help but feel a little stunned.

Using a cultivation technique of that level to exchange

Was his brain damaged

He immediately picked up the cultivation technique and walked toward Ye Xiao.

“Sir, these two cultivation techniques, are they yours”

Ye Xiao raised his head and glanced at him.

He knew that he was Piao Jiansheng, but he only nodded.

“Whats the problem”

“I want to know, did these two cultivation techniques come from your own hands or… ”

Ye Xiaos heart paused.

Why did Piao Jiansheng care so much about those two cultivation techniques

They were just two transcendent level cultivation techniques.

He had already tried his best to write them poorly.

Could it be that… He had leaked something

He shook his head.


I havent activated my divine soul yet.

Im only at Houtian second grade.

How could I possibly write such a cultivation technique I bought this from someone else.”

“I see.”

Piao Jiansheng was wondering why Ye Xiao would use such a precious sword technique in exchange.

It turned out that his cultivation was too low and he could not understand the preciousness of the cultivation technique.

Otherwise, he would definitely not exchange it.

“Then… Who did you buy this cultivation technique from”


Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

It seemed like he had used too much strength.

Forget it, lets use the escape technique!

Thinking of that, he immediately said with a serious expression,

“His name is Zhang San!”

“Zhang San”

Piao Jianshengs brows were tightly knitted.

“That shouldnt be.

How can a person who can write this cultivation technique be called by such an ordinary name He should be a senior whose name shook the entire nine provinces!”

Ye Xiao once again pondered for a moment, and then immediately said,

“He has a nickname, called the manic outlaw!”


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