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Chapter 60: Head of Righteousness

“The manic outlaw!”

Piao Jiansheng and Ning Yuhen could not help but be shocked.

“A maniac!”

Ning Yuhen could not help but mutter.

Manic outlaw, that meant that even the law could not restrain him.

Then how strong was he

Divine sect

Was he the prodigy of the divine sect

One had to know that at the peak of the great grandmaster rank, an existence at the Xiantian sixth grade could already be called a national treasure.

However, even a national treasure still could not escape the shackles of the law.

There was only one divine grandmaster in the Han state, Liu Chengxun, and a few other national treasures at the peak of the great grandmaster rank.

They were as rare as giant pandas, so they might be slightly more lenient.

However, it was absolutely impossible in the state of nine provinces!

That ancient country that had five thousand years of resplendent cultivation civilization! Martial artists were as numerous as the clouds!

Although national treasures were precious, it was not to the extent that they needed to be flattered.

Since the other party dared to call himself a manic outlaw, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Ye Xiaos Big Dippers Grand Mystery inadvertently checked their thoughts.

When he read them, his entire person became completely silent.

He did not expect that a random person that he made up would actually be able to cause the two of them to daydream so much.

Such a good imagination.

How good would it be if they were to use it to cultivate

“Where is he”

“He has already left.

I dont know where he went either.

I reckon that he has gone to travel around the world.”

“Is that so Thats really a pity.”

Piao Jiansheng sighed faintly.

Ning Yuhen could not help but ask curiously:

“It shouldnt be to that extent, right These two cultivation techniques are only transcendent level cultivation techniques.

They cant even be considered grandmaster level! Could the creator of these two cultivation techniques be such a powerful existence”

Piao Jiansheng shook his head.

“Your ranks are slightly lower, so you cant see the profoundness behind them.

“Even if its just the most ordinary moves created by a martial artist, it contains an unexpected realm of martial arts.

“Theres a saying that no matter how strong a sword is in the hands of a weakling, it cant be compared to the pebbles in the hands of an expert.

“Although these two books are at the transcendent level in terms of grades, in reality, their value is no longer measured simply by grades!”

Pausing for a moment, he spoke again,

“I want to buy these two cultivation techniques.

I wonder if Mr.

Manager is willing.”

Ye Xiao looked at Ning Yuhen.

“Ive already sold the cultivation techniques to him.

So if you want to buy it, youll have to get his approval.”

Piao Jiansheng looked at Ning Yuhen while Ning Yuhen sneaked a glance at Ye Xiao.

“You gave this to me, sir.

If I sell it, wouldnt it be a little too much”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Since Ive given it to you, then its yours.

You do whatever you want with it.

Theres no need to be polite.”

Ning Yuhen nodded.

“To be honest, I really dont understand these two cultivation techniques.

If his price is suitable, Ill sell it.

When the time comes, Ill treat you to a meal.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

The value of a transcendent-level cultivation technique was indeed not small, but because of the severity of plagiarism, there were many cultivation techniques of the same level printed.

Normally, there would be around 10,000 for one cultivation technique, and two would be less than 30,000.

Only cultivation techniques of the grandmaster level and above could be considered valuable, starting from a million.

He was not a greedy person, to begin with.

Furthermore, he had already given it to Ning Yuhen in exchange for the Silver Fox clans healing cultivation technique.

For tens of thousands of dollars, he could always ask for it back.

That would make him too despicable, too stingy.

He was not afraid that the cultivation techniques would end up in the Han state.

It was originally a cultivation technique that he had written casually.

It did not display his actual rank at all.

Even if the Hans obtained it, it would not be of much use, he could evolve even more powerful cultivation methods to the nine provinces in minutes.


Piao Jiansheng was silent for a moment, and then he said,

“Then… One cultivation method, Ill give you 100,000 yuan.

For two… 200,000 yuan!”

The air instantly fell into a dead silence.

Park Jiansheng raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Do you feel that its not enough Then… Ill add another 20,000 for one book, and Ill give you 240,000 for two books altogether.”

Ning Yuhen waved his hands repeatedly.

“Er… Enough, enough.

However, do you really want to spend 240,000 on these two cultivation techniques This price has already exceeded the market price by too much, right”

Piao Jiansheng said with a faint smile,

“For martial artists, if they encounter a cultivation technique that they like, no matter how expensive it is, they have to buy it.

This is the work of a master, and its worth a thousand gold! Moreover, Im the disciple of the Han state sword saint, and I get a subsidy every month.”

“Thats true.

Then lets go with this price.”

Ning Yuhen said enviously, while Piao Jiansheng nodded his head.

“Send your card number to me, and Ill transfer it to you.

I recently got a bank account in the nine provinces, from the industrial and commercial Bank.”


The two of them completed the transaction.

After Piao Jiansheng obtained the cultivation technique, he bade farewell to the two of them and left.

The air once again fell into silence.

Ning Yuhen said leisurely,

“Sir, why dont… We split the money equally”

Ye Xiao was very gratified.

As expected of his loyal subordinate, it was not in vain for him to keep taking care of him.

However, as Ning Yuhens superior and a dignified supervisor, if he were to accept it directly, it would appear that he was a little desperate and ungentlemanly.

He should show some courtesy.

“Theres no need.

You can keep it.

After all, Im the one who…”

“Alright! The supervisor is extremely righteous.

Lets do as the supervisor says! Ill go to the hotel tonight and treat the supervisor to a big meal tomorrow.

I definitely wont let the supervisor down.”

Ye Xiao was shocked speechless.

That kid does not play by the rules at all.

He should be more courteous and make it difficult for him to accept it, right

Forget it.

He was the one who had exchanged it with him.

The other party had also asked him if he wanted to split the money.

Who asked him to pretend to be aloof

However, after experiencing the matter, Ye Xiao had a deeper understanding of his own strength.

Looks like in the future, he still had to keep a lower profile.

Just casually writing a cultivation technique was worth so much money.

It was too high profile and very dangerous.

Of course, he would not write a cultivation technique to earn money.

It was not very meaningful.

After all, money was a worldly possession.

It was far less important than increasing his own strength.

Moreover, there were not many people like Piao Jiansheng who recognized goods.

Ning Yuhen looked at it for a long time, but he did not know the value of that cultivation technique.

Similarly, there were not many people like Piao Jiansheng who were willing to spend money like it was nothing.

Time passed by in the blink of an eye.

It was already nighttime.

Ning Yuhen went to find a hotel.

Ye Xiaos cultivation technique had already been cultivated from the Golden Book to perfection.

Ten pieces of paper with the cultivation technique imprinted on them began to emit a pure golden color.

He exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and walked in the direction of his home.

It was time to go back and complete the new synthesis.


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