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Chapter 62: Heroes Should Not Be Forgotten

Early the next morning, Ye Xiao finished his breakfast and brought Huan Liuli to work.

Along the way, Huan Liuli kept asking questions.

“Master, why do I feel like something isnt right”

“Whats wrong”

“I feel like Ive been massaged by someone.

My entire body feels refreshed!”

“I dont know.

Maybe you slept well yesterday”

In fact, the Mending the Heavens technique could not only heal new injuries, but if it lasted for a long time, it could also heal some old injuries.

Some of the hidden injuries that Huan Liuli had suffered in her early years were all healed.

If one had to explain it in detail, it would be like a eunuch who had become a real man after many years!

His many years of disability had instantly returned to normal.

The old man, who had already withered, was once again in the spring!

Although there were healing cultivation techniques in the world, there were certain restrictions.

That was because there was a limit to the level of cultivation techniques in the world.

They could not catch up to the level of the Mending the Heavens technique that Ye Xiao had synthesized.

Many people had lost limbs or were seriously injured.

Even if they used super high-level healing cultivation techniques in a timely manner, they could still be repaired.

However, if that went on for a long time and there were no high-level healers or above, they would be done for.

In reality, there were very few high-level and above healers, to begin with.

Middle-level and low-level healers could treat minor injuries, but how could serious injuries be healed

The medical standards in that world were only slightly more advanced than Ye Xiaos in his previous life, but they were not perfect.

They were far from reaching Ye Xiaos standards.

At that moment, a wave of exclamations suddenly came from the front.

“Theres a collision ahead.”

Ye Xiaos spiritual energy swept over it.

It was a dirt cart that had collided with a bus, causing an explosion and fire, trapping quite a number of people.

However, very soon, quite a number of people who had practiced martial arts went forward to rescue.

Everyone swarmed the area and quickly rescued the dirt cart driver and the bus driver as well as the passengers.

One of the elders took the lead and smashed the tempered glass with his fist.

He did not care about the blood dripping from his hand and saved a few children.

That was because many people were martial artists.

They were braver after practicing martial arts, but it could not be denied that the humans of that world were more united!

Perhaps it was because they had been attacked by star beasts all year round, and they were threatened by other races, so the humans knew how to rely on each other.

Compared to his previous life, that world was not as safe, but it was a little warmer, which made Ye Xiao feel very comfortable.

By the time Ye Xiao arrived at the scene, the passengers had already been rescued, but there were quite a number of people who were injured.

“Is there a healer Who is a healer”


“Me too!”

“Im a student in school, but Im learning healing cultivation techniques.”

In the crowd, a few people who knew healing cultivation techniques quickly went forward to treat the injured.

Ye Xiao also walked up to a woman who was carrying a little boy.

The boys arms and knees were grazed which caused him to shed tears.

However, he gritted his teeth and refused to cry, as if he was afraid that his mother would be worried.

He squatted down and gently stroked the little boys head.

With a smile, he activated the healing cultivation technique, and very soon, the little boys injuries were healed.

“Mommy, Im not in pain anymore.”

The woman rubbed his little head.

“Then why arent you thanking Uncle”

“Thank you, Uncle.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Youre welcome.

Youre also a brave little man.”

Then, he went to treat the others.

He was very fast.

After the treatment was done, he quickly left.

He did not say much, so it was not so eye-catching.

The old man with a broken fist was sitting not far from the side of the road.

His hand was still bleeding.

Ye Xiao walked in front of him.

“Let me take a look at it for you.”

The old man waved his hand.

“Attend to the children first.

Make sure theyre okay.

My bones are already old.

It wont be too late to take a look later.”

“Its alright.

The injured have almost all been treated.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao squatted down and raised the old mans hand.

The old mans hand was trembling.

Not only was his skin and flesh broken, but two of his knuckles were also broken.

“His injuries are a little heavy.”

“What is this Back then, when I was on the battlefield, my intestines were pulled out by the star beasts.”

Ye Xiao was slightly startled.

“Youre a veteran”

“Im from the Seventh Corps.

Ive been a soldier for more than 30 years.

If not for this pair of bones being old and injured, I would still be on the battlefield killing star beasts.”

Ye Xiao was filled with respect.

As he healed, he said,

“So youre from the Seventh Corps.

Ive heard a lot about them.”

The old man said with interest,

“You know of the Seventh Corps”

“The Seventh Corps is known as the God of Wars Army, and the sergeants of the Seventh Corps are also well known.

Their battle is the fiercest! Every year, in order to protect the nine provinces, their casualties are the largest among all the corps in the nine provinces.

Its said that every soldier in the Seventh Corps is showered with medals.”

“Its not easy.

There arent many young people like you who know about this kind of thing.”

Once everyone had already been healed.

Those who surrounded the healers applauded enthusiastically.

Ye Xiao did not join in the fun.

He just stood up, smiled indifferently, and turned around to leave.

“Youre all done.

I still have to go to work, so Ill be leaving first.”

The old man was a little surprised.

‘This young mans temperament is not ordinary.

After saving someone, he did not covet a false reputation at all.

He just left.

He clenched his fists and felt that his arm had already recovered to its original state.

He could not help but smile faintly and say,

“His healing level is not bad either.

He cured me in such a short time.

Hes much stronger than an intermediate healer.”

However, he soon stopped laughing.

He could feel the rich spiritual energy flowing in his arm!

“How… How is this possible”

Back then, he had suffered a severe injury on the battlefield.

Without a high-level healer to heal him in time, his meridians had dried up and he was unable to continue cultivating.

That was why he had withdrawn from the battlefield.

It had been decades.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for his meridians to recover.

How could that be

He punched a specially made brick in front of him that was comparable to bulletproof glass.


Following an explosion, the brick was directly shattered by him, but his fist was unharmed.

The old man was completely shocked.

He had just shattered the car window and his hand bones had been shattered, but now they were intact.

It was precisely because he had the spiritual energy in his body to shield himself.

He had really recovered!

The internal injuries that he had suffered for decades had healed at that moment

It was that young man!

It was him!

It must be him!

He was a high-level healer

Heavens, there was actually a high-level healer in Jianghai city.

‘Wait a minute… What did he look like Why cant I remember

Ye Xiao, who had already walked into the distance, smiled faintly.

The injuries he treated and his appearance had already been deleted by the Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

He saved the other party because the other was a hero.

A hero should not be forgotten.

Every hero was the glory of the nine provinces and should be treated well.

However… He also had to prevent his identity from being exposed.

After all, one could not go against the principle of preserving ones life, right


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