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In the ordinary world, in the Limitless Great World, many demonic sect members gathered together.

“The Skeleton demonic sects Grand Elder Zhao Qingtian has arrived!”

“The Charm Bone demonic sects Grand Elder Ruan Hongshui has arrived!”

“Devil demonic sects Grand Elder Xi Wuxin has arrived!”

Demonic sect members came one after another.

Every demonic sect members body was exuding an extremely terrifying aura as well as a dense killing intent.

That was because their hands were stained with too much blood.

It was to the extent that even if they did not target anyone, their bodies were still emitting too many killing intent fluctuations.

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Those were demons!

They lived by killing!

They fed on fresh blood!

“Everyone has already been in the ordinary world for more than a month.

This period of time is not considered short.

Everyone should have made great progress.

It is also not that we have let down the Imperial Demons.

They went to great lengths to send us down.”

“Now, everyone has basically advanced to the Great Immortals cultivation base.

However, the Imperial Demons do not only want us to advance to the Great Immortal realm.

“The goal this time is to cultivate more Imperial Demons and greatly increase the strength between us and the righteous path in the immortal world!

“Only by increasing the strength between us and them can we be on equal footing with them.

This will allow the demonic sect to flourish in the immortal world and not be suppressed by the righteous path every day!

“Therefore, everyones cultivation is still not enough.

We have to be even stronger

“That being said, the righteous sects in the immortal world have also let down many immortals before.

In fact, they are also existences in the Great Immortal realm.

They are not so easy to deal with.

“These few days, we have also suffered many casualties.

“However, compared to the righteous path, we are still considered better.”

“Next, we should concentrate our strength and break down the many god clans in the ordinary world one by one.

“One had to know that the space-time barrier could not remain in chaos forever.

It would be repaired sooner or later.

“At that time, when the immortals from the immortal world descend, we wont have the great advantage we have now.”

“Why hasnt the Sky Demon from the Luo Sheng demonic sect come back”

“Recently, after he advanced to the Great Immortal realm, he has been clamoring to go to the Yanhuang Great World to find his old rival, the third Grand Elder of the Great Qin immortal sect, Murong Fengyun, to compete with him.

Who knows what he is doing”

“Is that so Looks like Ill have to go to the Yanhuang Great World to take a look.

Everyone, gather your strength and clear out the god clan bloodlines in the various great worlds of the ordinary world one by one.

Kill all the god clans, refine the divine blood, and raise your cultivation.

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“Ill make a trip to the Yanhuang Great World to see what the Sky Demon is up to first.”

On the other side, Ye Xiao also came to the immortal world.

At that time, he had come for the sake of advancing to the Great Immortal realm.

He did not lack martial arts insights because he cultivated the most top-notch immortal techniques and sacred arts.

The Golden Book divine soul would not be possessed by the devil, and cultivating those high-grade cultivation techniques, while obtaining sufficient cultivation, would also allow him to obtain a massive amount of martial arts insights.

That was because they themselves contained a large number of profound truths.

After arriving at the immortal world, Ye Xiao found a quiet place.

He scanned it with his divine sense and nodded in satisfaction.

“Theres no one in the surrounding 1,000 miles.

Its just right for me to transcend the Lighting Tribulation.”

Thus, he quickly set up the array and charged into the Great Immortal realm.

After setting up the array, Ye Xiao no longer suppressed his aura and released all of his strength.

His cultivation at the peak of the Heavenly Immortal realm quickly caused the sky to produce a heaven and earth phenomenon, and a burst of lightning was formed.


In the next moment, thunderclouds covered the sky.

The terrifying power was suppressed to the point that people could not breathe.

The living beings on the ground fled in all directions because they felt fear.

Following that was the same process as the previous tribulations.

The terrifying lightning gradually grew stronger from the weak and gradually spread down, continuously striking Ye Xiaos body.

One bolt of lightning after another was fierce and terrifying.

Ye Xiao just allowed the immortal lightning to strike his body while at the same time continuously absorbing the law energy contained within the Immortal Lightning Tribulation.

That energy could complement his martial arts true intent and the cultivation within his body, allowing him to completely advance to the Great Immortal realm.

Tens of thousands of miles away, many immortals felt that energy and were extremely shocked.

“What terrifying immortal lightning! Im afraid someone is undergoing the Great Immortal Tribulation!”

“Is there any immortal sects member nearby who will advance to the Great Immortal realm Why havent I heard of it”

“Who knows The immortal world was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons, genius immortals are as numerous as the clouds.

Many unknown immortal cultivators were also very powerful.

However, he was not a Great Immortal yet.

He had to pass this Immortal Tribulation before he could be considered a Great Immortal.

If he could not pass it, he could only turn into ashes and dream in vain.”

As Ye Xiao accumulated more and more law energy, his strength also became stronger and stronger because of it.

Seeing that he was about to advance to the Great Immortal realm, Ye Xiao suddenly paused.

He had not been stuck with immortal lightning for a long time.

At that time, he had passed the Great Immortal Tribulation, and it was not easy for him to obtain so much immortal lightning.

To directly advance like that, was it not a little too much of a pity

Perhaps, it was better to get stuck first.

Thinking up to that point, Ye Xiao immediately used the Golden Book divine soul to shield his aura.

The immortal lightning instantly came to an abrupt stop.

The immortals from the immortal world who were observing that scene from afar became spirited once again when they saw that scene.

“Hey, hey, look quickly.

The immortal lightning has stopped! Did he succeed in transcending the tribulation”

“He should have failed, right If he had succeeded in transcending the tribulation, the sky would have been filled with seven-colored auspicious clouds and flowers! But look at this immortal lightning一it just disappeared.”.

“This means that he didnt succeed in transcending the tribulation at all.”

“Hey! What a pity.

I dont know how many years it took to reach this level.

It wasnt easy for him to transcend the tribulation, but in the end, he failed again.

“What a pity, what a pity!”

Many people were touched by the scene.

Although they might not be able to successfully advance to the Great Immortal realm in the future, every immortal cultivators dream included the Great Immortal or even the Imperial Immortal.

Immortal cultivators who did not want to become Imperial Immortals were not qualified immortal cultivators.

Therefore, in the future, they might also face the Great Immortal Tribulation.

However, how difficult was the Great Immortal Tribulation

The slightest carelessness could cause them to fall into ashes, just like that unknown senior in front of them.

They really did not know if they would face that kind of situation when they were transcending the tribulation in the future.

Of course, there were also some people who were gloating.


That was because they felt that it was impossible for them to cultivate to the Great Immortal realm in their lifetime, so when they saw that others could not successfully transcend the tribulation, they were also very happy in their hearts.

Perhaps it was because they were gloating over someone elses misfortune.

If they were unable to succeed in their cultivation, then neither were they.

Sigh, that was how fun it was!

However, just as everyone was preparing to leave and busy themselves with their own cultivation, an incident occurred once again.

In the blink of an eye, a large patch of dark clouds began to gather at the place where the Lightning Tribulation had just occurred.

At that moment, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Whats going on Didnt they fail to transcend the tribulation Why are they transcending the tribulation again”

“Ive really seen a ghost.

Ive never encountered such a situation in my entire life.”

However, that was not the only thing that shocked them.

After the Lightning Tribulation continued for a period of time, it disappeared again, then disappeared completely before reappearing again.

The Lightning Tribulation continued like that.

The people in the immortal world were numb.

They had never seen such a thing in their lives, let alone heard of such a thing.

What kind of Immortal Tribulation was that

It was too weird, right

Was the Immortal Tribulation joking with them

Perhaps… Was the Immortal Tribulation out of control and wrong

No matter what, they did not dare to enter.

If the immortal lightning from the Immortal Tribulation struck them, it might turn them into ashes in an instant.

Just like that, people gradually got used to it.

Then, that minefield became a very famous natural landscape.

At the same time, the battle in the ordinary world continued.

The demonic sect gathered together and attacked in an orderly manner.

They destroyed almost every single one they saw.

That cycle continued.

Very quickly, many cultivators from the god clan and the immortal sect were killed by them.

The situation was becoming more and more dangerous.

On that day, the Xuan Yuan divine territory was also attacked by a powerhouse demonic cultivator.

The moment his aura appeared, everyone in the Xuan Yuan divine territory fell into shock and fear.

“What a terrifying aura.

This aura isnt any weaker than the third Grand Elder.

This is a Great Immortal!”

“This aura is emitting such a dense and evil aura.

Hes probably another cultivator from the demonic sect, right”

“It seems like they have yet to learn their lesson from the previous time the Sky Demon was killed.

Do they want to do it again”

As they spoke, a massive energy sphere had already formed in the sky.

That energy sphere was filled with a massive amount of energy and fluctuations of killing intent.

Everyone could imagine that the other party had attacked.

He had directly attacked the Xuan Yuan divine territory!

“What powerful strength!”

Countless people felt as if their bodies were being suppressed by that aura.

However, at that moment, a supreme sword light suddenly shot out from the Xuan Yuan Mountain of the Xuan Yuan god clan, slashing straight at the energy ball.


Following an intense explosion, it was as if a gigantic sun had appeared in the sky.

It was incomparably dazzling, so dazzling that countless people were unable to open their eyes.

“Ah! What a strong light! My eyes are going blind!”

“I have sunglasses, I can wear sunglasses!”

“Shabby, sunglasses are useless.

The black absorbing light will heat up your eyes and burn them.

Close your eyes and lower your heads, use the spiritual energy barrier to protect yourself.”

Not only was the light blinding, but there was also an extremely terrifying shock wave that shook the entire Xuan Yuan divine territory.

Fortunately, the Xuan Yuan divine territory had the array that Ye Xiao had set up.

As a result, the entire divine territory only shook a few times, but no one died because of it.


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