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Jing Hongs expression was somewhat strange.

He would not believe it just because the other party said a single sentence.

If that were the case, he would not need to cultivate to that realm.

Otherwise, he would also have been schemed to death by others.

Ye Xiao naturally knew what he was thinking.

At that moment, he was definitely filled with doubts.

It was impossible for him to believe everything he said just because of a single sentence from him.

Hence, he was not angry because of that when he did not receive an answer from the other party.

He merely raised his hand and pointed out a golden light that entered the center of Jing Hongs brows.

In an instant, Jing Hong obtained a lot of memories related to the World Destruction Cavalry.

Of course, some of that had already been slightly modified by Ye Xiao.

He was not a fool.

It was impossible for him to directly give all the information to Jing Hong.

What he wanted to do was to make the other party believe everything he said and work for him.

Ye Xiao did not leave any trace of that information.

Furthermore, with the help of the Golden Book divine soul, it was very difficult for Jing Hong to discover the profoundness within.

He would only feel that the memory was real.

Not to mention him, even if the God of Creation came, it would be impossible for him to easily detect the manipulation done by the Golden Book divine soul.

As expected, after Jing Hong obtained that portion of the memories, he could not help but turn pale with shock and disbelief on his face!

“There are actually so many terrifying existences in this world How is this possible”

Ye Xiao said with a faint smile,

“Previously, I had the same thoughts as you.

I thought that all of this was fake, but unfortunately, all of this is real.

“You can doubt me, but I can use my martial heart to promise you that as long as you leave the place I prepared for you, even if its only for a second, you will immediately be discovered by them, and they will immediately send people to capture you and kill you.

“Moreover, they will implicate me because of this.”

Jing Hong slightly clenched her fists.

It was not easy for him to have that level of cultivation.

He definitely was not willing to die.

However, he also knew that apart from Ye Xiao, he really did not have anyone else he could rely on.

He had already checked repeatedly.

There was no problem with his memory earlier.

That meant that there was really the existence of the God of Creation in the world.

There was even a World Destruction Cavalry that specialized in serving the God of Creation!

Each of those fellows was stronger than the last.

Even the weakest one would probably die if he met them.

The other party could easily take care of him, just like taking care of a puppy.

After taking a deep breath, Jing Hong once again spoke,

“I have something to confirm with you.

From your memories, I have already obtained the reason to form an alliance with you.

However, after forming an alliance, do you have any ideas or a more suitable plan

“You have to know that we are not facing a bunch of small fries, but a bunch of super high-level existences!

“With just the two of us wanting to go against them, I think the difficulty is not as simple as one plus one.

“If everything is destined to die, then I might as well think of a way to arrange a way out for myself.

I dont want to casually hand over my fate to others.”

Ye Xiao smiled.

“Since I chose to save you, there must be a plan.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have gone through so much trouble to save you.

In any case, Im one of them now.

They wouldnt choose to attack me at all.”

“What plan is that”

“My plan is to first gather a group of Sacred Sovereigns at your level at first.

Then, when the scale is formed to a certain extent, we will directly launch a sneak attack on them.

Of course, we will launch a sneak attack one by one, striving to destroy all of them in the shortest time possible.

“Of course, saying this is definitely not realistic.

However, as long as we can eliminate a portion of them, it will be a great thing for us.

“As long as they have fewer people, our chances of winning in the future will be greater.”

“That sounds like a good idea.

However, speaking of which, do you have a way to obtain that kind of power called heaven-defying laws”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“I dont have a way for the time being.

You should have seen from the memories I gave you just now that they would not let outsiders point at their share so easily.

“Even if I had already joined them, they would not let me off so easily.

“These people were extremely wary of me.

I even suspected that they were wary of each other.

“However, if we have more people, this will be easy.

“We can use our numbers to suppress them, ambush one of them, and every time we kill one of them, we will have a way to extract a certain amount of heaven-defying laws from their bodies.

“When that time comes, we will be able to obtain heaven-defying laws.”

When he heard that sentence, Jing Hongs eyes lit up.

That was a good method.

When he looked at the portion of memories that Ye Xiao had transmitted to him earlier, the thing he cared about the most was that heaven-defying law.

That was because he knew from it that that thing could increase his cultivation.

One had to know that after ones cultivation level reached his current level, there was no way to continue to increase ones cultivation.

It was as if one had reached a bottleneck.

Under such circumstances, it was extremely important for his strength to increase even a little.

Not to mention that the heaven-defying laws did not just increase his strength by a little.

Therefore, when he heard that, he completely put down all the thoughts in his heart and agreed to the alliance with Ye Xiao.

“Alright! Just based on your words, from now on, Ill listen to you.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Its best if you can think like that.

Then from today onwards, you can temporarily hide in this place for now.

When theres an opportunity in the future, Ill release you.”

Jing Hong nodded.


Only after convincing Jing Hong did Ye Xiao withdraw from his own small world.

It was impossible for him to stay in his own small world for too long.

Otherwise, he would probably be noticed by others.

Currently, his strength was not strong enough.

He still needed to continue waiting and develop in a wretched manner.

Very soon, he returned to the Divine Hall and saw Zhang Shen.

Zhang Shen smiled slightly when he saw him.

“As expected of you.

You took care of one of the Supreme Sovereigns so easily.

Even I admire this method.

“If it were anyone else, including me, Im afraid that not many would be able to achieve this speed.

“Looks like appointing you to be in charge of this kind of mission was the right choice.”

Ye Xiaos expression was extremely indifferent, without a trace of joy.

“Theres no need to say any more flattery.

Im going to talk to you about a serious matter now.”

“Theres no harm in saying it.”

“I suffered some injuries during the battle just now.

At the same time, it also made me understand that those Supreme Sovereigns are not so easy to deal with.”

Zhang Shen seemed to have sensed the hidden meaning in his words.

He could not help but narrow his eyes slightly and said with a smile,

“Why From what you said, it seems that you have some other thoughts.

However, you personally agreed to the conditions back then.

Now that you still want to go back on your words, Dont you feel that it is a little inappropriate

“Moreover, I feel that the others would not agree either, right

“At that time, Im afraid that even if youre strong enough, no one will be able to endure it anymore.

“If we really want to fight at all costs, I believe… I believe that you will definitely be the one to suffer the losses in the end.

Thats because we have so many people here.

At most, one or two of us will die.

And once you die, there will be nothing left.”

Zhang Shens meaning was very threatening.

It was nothing more than saying that we can make a mistake once or twice, but you cannot make a mistake even once.

It could be considered to have blocked Ye Xiaos path, preventing him from changing his mind and withdrawing from the scene.

Of course, as the person in charge of the current Divine Hall, he definitely did not want everyone to casually start a war.

If something really happened, he would also be in big trouble.

The God of Creation would not allow chaos to appear in her temple.

However, everything still depended on Ye Xiao.

As long as he did not go overboard, he could still suppress it.

If he went overboard and he could not suppress it, then he would be done for.

Therefore, right then, he could only do one thing to maintain stability.

That was a very ingenious job.

What was required was to weigh the pros and cons, balance all the disadvantages, and not let the two sides have the slightest bit of friction in order to prevent a big explosion.

Ye Xiao was not angry either.

He only said indifferently,

“If you want me to continue taking on missions, its not impossible, but I can at least offer some conditions, right”

“What are the conditions”

“I will be injured every time.

If this continues, Im afraid that after randomly carrying out a few missions, my injuries will reach a very serious stage.

“At that time, how can I be sure that my companions, who want to skin me alive, wont attack me

“Dont say that youre a guarantor.

Were not that close.

You havent reached the point where I can completely trust you.

“So, you should at least give me a method to heal my injuries, right Rather… You should give me some heaven-defying laws.

“Otherwise, rather than waiting until that time and being suppressed by you all, it would be better for me to directly fight with you all right now.

“At the very least, I can still take one or two people with me now.

Its not too much of a loss.

“If it reaches the point where I cant resist and Im killed by you all, wouldnt I die too unjustly”

Hearing that, Zhang Shen finally understood.

It seemed that Ye Xiao was still thinking of ways to use heaven-defying laws.

However, if it was simply used to treat ones injuries, the amount of heaven-defying laws consumed would not be much.

Hence, he did not need to be overly worried.

He only smiled faintly and said,


This request is not a big problem.

I can communicate with others and give you a little heaven-defying law as compensation.

“After all, if you are only using it to repair your injuries, the amount of law energy consumed is not much.

“However, the two of us will make things clear here.

The heaven-defying laws given to you is just enough.

Its enough to treat your injuries.

There wont be much.

Dont think too much and take the opportunity to plunder more benefits.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Im not that lacking in taste.”

Zhang Shens face could not help but twitch violently.

If it was someone else who said that sentence, then forget it.

However, coming from Ye Xiao, how could he still have the face to say it

‘So, the shameless person here is probably you, right Other than you, there is no other person who is more shameless than you.

However, he definitely would not say this directly in front of him.

“Right now, you should also give me some heaven-defying laws for my injury, right”

Ye Xiao slowly extended his right hand.

Although Zhang Shens heart disdained Ye Xiaos actions, he still took out traces of heaven-defying law from his body.

“Now that they arent here, Ill use the heaven-defying laws in my hands to pay for some for you first.

“In the future, as long as you complete the mission, you can come and ask for the heaven-defying laws from me.”

Ye Xiao nodded and obtained the heaven-defying laws that belonged to him.

Zhang Shen then gave a new mission.

“This is the second Supreme Sovereign that needs to be killed.

His strength has also reached the same level as the Supreme Sovereign Jing Hong and can not be underestimated.

Ill have to trouble you to make another trip.”

Ye Xiao nodded and turned around to leave.

He directly used the Golden Book divine soul to refine that trace of heaven-defying law.

Although it was only a tiny amount, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat.

If one did not take advantage of it, then one would be a fool.

When he killed a lot more supreme beings, even if it was only a tiny amount, it would still accumulate to a very terrifying number.

In any case, they would definitely have to fight each other in the end.

Since they were all enemies, there was no need to play by the rules and play fair and square.

He would do whatever was beneficial to him, even if it was using underhanded methods.

In reality, Ye Xiao did not have a choice either.

After all, he had yet to reach the realm of the God of Creation.

If he had already reached that realm, he naturally did not need to use those little tricks.

He could easily kill all of those fellows.

He could even directly look for the God of Creation and battle with her for three years!

There was no other way.

People had to learn to improve themselves and hide themselves when they were weak.

One day, he would obtain the final victory and look at the corpses of those people with a smile!

After Ye Xiao left, Zhang Shen immediately began to communicate with the World Destruction Cavalry.

The truth was as he had expected.

Although the others were somewhat unwilling at the beginning, they ultimately considered the cost of consumption and chose to agree to his request.

After all, that tiny bit of heaven-defying law that was used to treat injuries did not expend much.

To them, it was just a matter of sprinkling water.

However, if they were injured or lost their lives, it would not be worth it.

Those people were all extremely calculative.

It was not easy for them to cultivate to that realm, so no one wanted to make any mistakes.

If they could not fight, they would try their best not to fight.

Although Ye Xiao doing so was indeed a little disgusting and made them lose face, how much was face worth

Therefore, in the end, everyone still handed over a little of the heaven-defying laws.

As for Ye Xiao, he had already started his plan to increase his influence.

However, after coming out of the Divine Hall, he suddenly thought of a rather thorny problem.


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