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Chapter 85: To Be a Ghost, One Must Have Foresight

“This is…”

Ye Xiao could tell at a glance that the current Fa Zheng was not human!

Rather, he was not alone.

In his body, there were two spiritual powers fighting over his body.

One of them was himself, and the other was an evil spirit.

‘No wonder Fa Zhengs state of mind was affected previously.

It turns out that his body was invaded by an evil spirit.

That evil spirit was definitely not weak.

At the very least, it had to be close to Fa Zhengs own soul in order to affect him.

It should not have invaded Fa Zhengs body in the past few days.

Instead, it had been inside Fa Zhengs body for a long time.

However, its strength should have been very weak in the past and was unable to affect Fa Zheng.

Now, it had become stronger.

The night belonged to Yin, just like Fa Zheng.

He cultivated the spiritual cultivation technique of Buddhism and belonged to the type that was extremely masculine which was Yang.

He would be suppressed during the night.

On the other hand, the other party was the most sinister type.

The effect he displayed at night was even stronger than usual.

The Yin and Yang added together naturally shortened the distance between him and Fa Zheng.

At that moment, Fa Zheng was struggling to resist the other party.

If the other party defeated Fa Zheng, he would seize control of his body.

At that time, Fa Zheng would no longer be Fa Zheng, but an evil demon!

An evil demon with the strength of a great grandmaster!

If he was not around, before the martial arts experts from other cities arrived, he alone could destroy hundreds of thousands or even millions of lives in Jianghai city.

At that point, Ye Xiao suddenly began to believe in fate.

Perhaps, the heavens arranged for him to accompany Fa Zheng to carry out the mission in order to save him, save the entire city, and escape from that calamity.

Slowly closing the book, Ye Xiao began to cast the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan Fa Zhengs memories.

If it were any other time, Fa Zheng would definitely notice Ye Xiaos movements.

After all, he was also a Xiantian fifth-grade great grandmaster.

Just because he could not resist Ye Xiao did not mean that he could not detect him.

Although at that time, he was busy dealing with the evil spirit in his body and could not pay attention to Ye Xiao at all.

Very soon, Ye Xiao felt like he was watching a movie.

He quickly browsed through Fa Zhengs memories and found the reason.

It was when Fa Zheng had yet to become a great grandmaster and had just stepped into the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

The young him was as kind as the old him.

One year in the middle of winter, he followed his fellow disciples and returned to the dormitory after he finished practicing strike techniques.

He passed by a patch of snow and saved a Shadow Snake in the snow.

Among the dragon, tiger, and wolf-grade bloodlines, the Shadow Snake had a tiger-grade bloodline, and it was one of the best among the tiger-grade bloodlines.

The one that Fa Zheng saved was a Shadow Snake that had already cultivated to the extraordinary level.

It was only one step away from reaching the grandmaster level.

It was injured by someone and escaped to the field.

Then, it was frozen by the ice and snow.

The kind-hearted Fa Zheng saved it and placed it in his arms, using his body temperature to drive out the cold.

In the end, the Shadow Snake repaid the kindness with resentment and bit Fa Zheng.

A real-life version of a farmer and snake.

The Shadow Snakes bloodline had a special ability that could use fresh blood as a medium to transfer its soul to another persons body.

Furthermore, it could be perfectly hidden.

As a result, it had been hiding in Fa Zhengs body for so many years.

Along with Fa Zheng subduing demons and killing star beasts, beastmen, and malicious ghosts, it quietly absorbed the other partys inner conflict.

It also continued to increase its spiritual energy.

Until now, its spiritual energy was already strong enough to be comparable to a Xiantian fifth grade great grandmaster, and it could influence Fa Zheng.

Fa Zheng could no longer eliminate it!

When Ye Xiao finished watching all of that, Fa Zheng, or rather, the Shadow Snake, let out a strange laugh of satisfaction.

“Hehehe… Sixty years! Its been sixty years! Ive finally succeeded!”

That sinister voice that revealed an evil aura made people shudder.

It was very obvious that under the circumstances where the Yin attribute was too high at night, Fa Zheng was still unable to defeat the Shadow Snake in the end.

Now, his soul body had already been suppressed by the snake.

The Shadow Snake had snatched away the control of his body.

Crack, Crack!

The Shadow Snake twisted its neck stiffly and stared straight at Ye Xiao from an extremely terrifying angle.

“Human Youre really lucky to actually witness my resurrection with your own eyes.

In order to reward you, Im going to eat you up one bite at a time.”

After saying that, he stuck out his tongue and moved it on his lips.

He could not stop drooling.

“I havent tasted the flavor of a human for a whole sixty years.”

Ye Xiaos expression was calm as he looked at him indifferently.

That indifferent expression caused the Shadow Snake to raise his eyebrows.

“Human, arent you afraid of me”

Ye Xiao still did not speak, but Huan Liulis impatient voice came from beside him.

“Are you done talking Why are you still sleeping here You still have to go to work tomorrow.

Dont you have any sense of discipline”

Shadow Snake was stunned and immediately shifted his gaze to the Phantom Cat.

The moment it saw Huan Liuli, its expression suddenly froze for a moment, as if it had yet to react.

The next moment, it started screaming.

“Dragon-grade star beast, Phantom Cat Youre a dragon-grade Phantom cat How can there be a Phantom Cat here This is impossible!”

After two heart-wrenching screams, it seemed to have thought of something and started yelling again.

“Wait a minute, why cant I sense your aura Youve blocked your own aura And youre a Phantom Cat that has already cultivated to the grandmaster realm”

Holy sh*t!

It was normal for Fa Zhengs main body not to be able to recognize the Phantom Cat because he was not a specialized beastmaster, and his spiritual energy could not supersede Ye Xiaos either.

However, the Shadow Snake definitely could not be mistaken.

It was not just because the feeling between two star beasts far surpassed that of a human.

At the same time, there was also an extremely important reason.

The Shadow Snake was the Phantom Cats favorite food!

The Phantom Cat could be said to be the natural enemy of the Shadow Snake.

Moreover, it was a natural order that was stemmed from bloodline rather than cultivation!

After countless years of oppression, their fear of the Phantom Cat had been deeply imprinted in their genes.

Unfortunately, there was a Phantom Cat before their eyes!


No, no, no, no, no!

The crux of the problem did not seem to be on the Phantom Cat.

It turned its head again and looked at Ye Xiao, then looked at the Phantom Cat, then looked at Ye Xiao…

The human and the Phantom Cat were getting along peacefully… Looking again, the Phantom Cat was sleeping at the foot of Ye Xiaos bed.

That was clearly the sign of a complete slave!

In his eyes, that young man who looked young and inexperienced was just like a baby in swaddling clothes.

Was he the owner of a grandmaster-grade Phantom Cat

Then how f*cking strong was he


‘Did I not check the almanac when I went out today

At that moment, the Shadow Snake was in a terrible state.

It was a huge mess!



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