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"Hua," shouted a man in red while kicking another mans chest

Both of them moved within the small space marked around them

They move so fast that most people won understand them

While several people in the same uniform gathered around them, sitting on the ground and watching the fight

"Its amazing. They have incredibly polished fighting skills. I can barely see how focused they are on the match as even the smallest line can lead to a painful loss."

I was standing at the door watching their fight, and then for some reason I felt a strange feeling, like caution, or something that made my senses warn me. Usually a person would feel confused or afraid, but I felt very excited. You might think that this is strange, so why do I feel excited?

Well, theres a reason for calling me a weirdo

I have a passion for fencing and fighting. When I fight, I feel every atom of my body explode with enthusiasm

"Enough," said the old man, and the two men stopped fighting, then bowed to each other and then parted ways

The old man stood up and gestured to me

"Son, you can come in." The old man said and let me in.

"Okay," I said, and then I took off my shoes, and then went to stand before the old man, who, despite his seeming old age, could suddenly see the lines of his polished body from standing in his uniform.

The old man looked at me silently and I felt the same way again but this time I kept a straight face because I didn want to make the old man feel offended.

Suddenly the feeling left me and the old man smiled and said

"Not bad for a young man your age, you seem to have good senses and a brave heart, tell me son, are you interested in the thought of learning martial arts from me?" the old man asked with a smile.

"I would be honored, but may I see what you can teach me without offence," I said politely.

"Sure, do you want me to show you my skills with a simple example, or do you want me to duel someone else in front of you to show you my skills?" the old man asked with a smile.

Then a humming voice spread among the rest of the students

"Who is this guy, why does the teacher seem so interested in him?" One of the students asked a fellow older than him in a low voice

"I don know, Ive never seen him talk to anyone like that before so this guy must be special in some way." His colleague replied in a low voice.

There were several similar discussions among the rest of the students

"Silence." The old man roared angrily, and the hall fell silent immediately

"Excuse the misbehavior of my students, son, and now answer me in any way you want me to answer you?" asked the old man

"You can set an example that can shock me to the core." I replied seriously

"Good." The old man replied, and then he whispered to someone next to him, and that person went somewhere

Then he came back walking with difficulty, carrying a slightly curved metal plate

He was followed by a person carrying a basket of eggs

"Come here, take this egg and try to break the metal plate with one blow without causing any damage to the egg," said the old man.

"It looks hard, but I will try." I said and then took the eggs and hit the metal plate

The sound of cracking appeared at the moment of impact and the plate was shattered, but the egg in my hand was also shattered

"Not bad, though you didn save the egg, but you broke the plate with one hit, and thats not easy, and now let me show you," said the old man, then beckoned the man to put all the plates.

The man put about thirty steel plates stacked on top of each other and then walked away

And then the old man took an egg

He stood in front of the metal plate, took a kind of posture, took a deep breath, and gave him a strange feeling of danger

"Impossible, does he want to break all of these at once without damaging the egg?" I thought in astonishment

Suddenly, as if time had stopped and I saw a blue flame-like aura surrounding the old man, and at once, with incredible speed, he struck the steel plates, and a trace of illusion appeared in a straight line on the plates vertically. Suddenly the old mans hand was in the ground and the plates were already broken.

Suddenly he stood up and threw something at me and I instinctively grabbed it

I looked dazedly at the old man and suddenly the old man looked at me and smiled and said

Look at the egg in your hand and make sure it is intact.

I got out of my mind and looked at the thing he threw at me earlier and saw that it was the same egg that was in the old mans hand

The egg is completely intact without any scratches

I looked at the old man in amazement

"Who are you, old man? That was amazing." I asked in amazement

The old man smiled and said,

"Let me introduce myself, my son. I am Kuan Lin, the Muay Thai world champion for twenty consecutive years, the master of this dojo and the creator of the killer bee martial arts." Kwan Lin replied arrogantly.

"Wow, that looks great." She smiled in surprise

"It is." The old man replied arrogantly

"Can I ask you a question?" asked Lake

"Of course, ask whatever you want." Old man Kuan Lin replied

"What was that blue aura surrounding you at that time?" I said and suddenly the place around us froze in deathly silence.

"Did you see the aura?" the old man asked in horror

"Yeah why?" I asked in amazement

The old man did not reply and kept looking at me with a serious look

"What kind of monster is this young man? He caught my attention with his martial instincts and lurking talents when he sensed my abnormal instinct, but he exceeded my expectations as he not only sensed the aura that a person needs for several years of intense training to feel a part of, but also saw my aura and even recognized its color, which by the end of the day. It is a much more difficult feat than the first. This young man has to get on the good side of it because I am sure someone with such talent will make changes I can even imagine." The old man thought, with cold sweat running down his back.

"Are you interested in this thing? If you become my disciple, I will tell you all about it. Are you OK?" Old Quan Li asked with a smile.

‏"Okay, so when can I practice?" I asked excitedly

‏ The old man looked at me pensively

‏ "Come to me at three in the morning tomorrow at this place where your training will begin. Don be late then." The old man replied.

‏ "What about the training costs?" I asked in astonishment

‏ "Oh like you said you accepted to be my direct disciple so you don need to pay money for that." The old man replied and made everyone in the hall explode in amazement.

‏ "I really didn expect that, I thought you meant to learn in your DJ" I replied in amazement.

‏ "What are you going to back off now?" the old man asked worriedly

‏ "No, I will not back down. This will give me more motivation." I said and then asked for permission and got out of the place

‏ "This is really shocking, I didn expect to find someone like this in this place." I muttered in astonishment

‏ And then I left and decided to run home

‏ Before I started running, I bumped into another person and he fell to the ground

‏ "Oh, Im sorry, were you hurt?" I asked worriedly

‏ "What do you think, ant, can an ant hurt me?" asked a hoarse voice as if he hadn been screaming for days

‏ Then the young man looked at me with dark eyes without any speck of light in them making me feel a kind of repulsion

‏ {Warning: a possessed human has been discovered}

‏ {Got a mandatory task: - (Purify the Possessed Man) / Time limit: - 10 minutes

‏ "Really a deadly mission on the second day?" I asked helplessly

‏ "Well, after thinking for the second time, I got excited about the previous situation, so its good to empty this enthusiasm on this entity," I said excitedly, rushing towards the man.

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