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Chapter 1: Fate (1)

The morning light in March had a mellow glow to it.

The wind blew through the meadows grass, indicating the arrival of spring.

Chen Xinyus eyes brightened upon seeing Ji Qingyings figure at the entrance and exit of the high-speed railway.

Around them, all kinds of travelers could not help but slow down when passing by the two.

The great beauty that was Ji Qingying was very good-looking, and the slight smile on her face made her look even better.

While waiting for the taxi, Chen Xinyu touched her chin and circled around Ji Qingying.

“Whats the matter” Ji Qingying raised her eyes and accepted her scrutiny.

Chen Xinyu reached out and poked her cheek, “Are you in a good mood”

“Huh” Ji Qingying looked at her confused.

Chen Xinyu pulled up the mobile phone call record: “An hour ago you sounded quite helpless, and upon hearing you one would instantly know that you were getting angry.

But now look- ”

She paused for a while, then with a straight face she posed a compulsive question, “Speak! Is it because you encountered a handsome guy”

Ji Qingying only smiled without saying anything.

Chen Xinyu was shocked, “Is this really the case Who is it”

“I met a man on the train.” Ji Qingying opened the door of the just arrived taxi.

“Lets talk about it once we get in the car.”

Chen Xinyu knew her very well.

The two were college classmates and roommates.

Although they were separated in two cities and spent little time together, they were still familiar with each other as always.

After fastening her belt, Chen Xinyu listened to the news before Ji Qingying spoke.

“An ambulance arrived because of someone having a sudden illness on the train you rode”

Ji Qingying nodded: “Exactly, in our compartment too.”

Chen Xinyu looked at her with consternation, “Were you scared”

Ji Qingying frowned and glanced at her.

“How old do you think I am Do you think I will be scared”

Chen Xinyus lips moved but she couldnt say out the words in the end and thus refrained from speaking.

Ji Qingying changed the subject, “Did I tell you the other day that I havent had any inspiration recently and couldnt think of a new design”

While speaking she took off her mask, revealing her face which could be used in magazines as a model, “Suddenly, I had an inspiration.”

Her pair of most eye-catching eyes were filled with joy and expectation.

“I went on a train and met a man.

Afterward, my insight seemed to have been aroused.”

Chen Xinyu looked at her in amazement: “What do you mean”

Ji Qingying remained silent for a while, staring out the window looking at the city which was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Then, she sighed, “I think I fell in love at first sight.”


Chen Xinyu did not return to her senses for a long time, “To whom”

“A doctor who saves lives.”

Chen Xinyu couldnt believe it, “Do you know that persons name”

Hearing this, Ji Qingying laughed and said slowly, “I dont know, but I have a feeling that we will see each other again.”

Even though she had no evidence, she believed that it was “fate”.

After entering their room, the two simply tidied up a bit and then collapsed on the sofa to rest.

“Lets go and have some fun tonight.”

“Where to”

“The bar.”

Chen Xinyu said, “This new one is very special.”

Ji Qingying did not refuse.

When she was not inspired to draw pictures, she liked to drink.

Alcohol could stimulate her thoughts and occasionally make her come up with new ideas.

“Then Ill take a bath and sleep first.”


Ji Qingying was not polite to her either.

She took out her pajamas and went to the bathroom to wash and rest.

The curtains in the room were tight, leaving no seams.

Ji Qingying lay on the bed wearing a blindfold, half asleep and awake.

The scene at the train appeared in her mind.

After getting on the high-speed train, she wore noise-reducing headphones and a blindfold to sleep.

At the beginning, there were no problems.

Ji Qingying didnt wake up until the voice in her ear grew louder.

She took off the headset she had on to hear the announcement better.

A broadcast looking for a doctor on the train was being played because a passenger in cubicle 1 who had a sudden illness.

There was a lot of noise in her ears.

Ji Qingying opened her eyes only to find that the passenger was in front of her on the left.

The passengers in the adjacent seats and in the front row were little girls.

They were so anxious that their eyes were red.

Ji Qingying immediately got up and was about to go to help when there was a clear and cold voice behind her.

It was even colder than spring mountain spring water.

He said, “Hello, I am a doctor.”

As soon as he appeared, the anxiety of the people around him was dispelled by his mellow voice.

She looked up at the man who suddenly appeared.

The train was in chaos, but when he arrived everything around him became orderly.

His face was very handsome.

He was wearing a white shirt and black trousers.

He didnt look anxious about the situation at all.

The eyes of the people nearby were all red.

The passengers condition suddenly became worse and their breathing stopped.

The man checked the patients condition and gave the most urgent treatment.


He lowered his eyes and rolled up his shirt sleeve to reveal his forearm.

His brow and eyes were focused and calm.

When he continued to press outside his chest, the lines of his arm muscles appeared as if they were hidden, especially strong.

When they saw the doctor giving CPR, the hearts of the people around him calmed down.

He had sweat falling from his forehead, drop by drop.

His speed was average but powerful, which made people shocked.

Two minutes is very short, but everyone felt as though it a long time had passed.

After a while, the patients breathing eased a lot and he woke up.

He opened his eyes and looked at the man in front of him.

The ill mans eyes were pale and he said, “Im fine, Im fine”

There was applause all around the compartment.

The mans expression remained indifferent, restless, but reassuring.

After giving the passenger a few words of advice, he turned and left.

Ji Qingying looked at him straight away, and suddenly he turned around.

His forehead was still a little damp, his eyes were dark and deep, and his appearance was cold.

At that moment, Ji Qingying felt her heart jump.

-When the high-speed train arrived, he left with the passenger and accompanied them to a hospital.

Ji Qingying heard the little girl beside her exclaim after the people left, “Oh, so its him.”


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