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Chapter 5: We Are Very Destined (1)

Xu Chengli was shocked by Fu Yanzhis aggressive actions.

Shocked, he looked down at the QR code in front of him and said, “Are you serious”

Fu Yanzhi gave him a cold look.

“What do you think”

Xu Chenli was speechless.

“No, when did you become so stingy”

He pursed his lip and expressed contempt for Fu Yanzhis behavior, “Youve become more stingy than Nurse Zhao.”

Nurse Zhao was a nurse in their department.

She was relatively stingy and a well known money-grubber.

Fu Yanzhi didnt change his look and stayed silent.

Xu Chengli saw it and continued, “I wont give in.”

He then said cheekily, “Naturally, since you let me eat a meal, Ill regard it as your treat.


Fu Yanzhi was silent for a while, before nodding, “Yes.”

“I indeed treated you.” He said reluctantly.


When Xu Chengli saw him return to his thoughts, he was a bit confused about his behaviour.

He was just about to ask, but Fu Yanzhis cell phone rang at the same moment.

He glanced at it, it was Lin Haoran who had sent the message,there were only two words — Have arrived.

“What is it”

Xu Chenli looked at him in surprise.


Fu Yanzhi replied, then put away his mobile phone, “Go take a rest, call me after two hours ”


Xu Chengli was no longer curious.

“Go ahead.”

They had been busy the entire day and had to prepare themselves for tomorrow.

Ji Qingying did not appear in front of Fu Yanzhi during the next few days.

There wasnt a particular reason, she was just busy.

She took over the costume design of the movie and was doing the concept work.

After a short busy schedule, Ji Qingying took the time to move.

She didnt have much, just a suitcase.

As for the rest, Chen Xinyu had helped her during the busy days, and the things that were remaining would be sent directly from Jiang City.

By the way, her assistant would also be coming.

In the morning, the three people moved in.

Xia Rongxue had come here for the first time and when walking in, she was overwhelmed by the new experience and luxurious surroundings.

“Sister Qingying, this house is big and beautiful.”

She walked in quickly, “And the balcony is so big, I love it!”

Ji Qingying was teased by her and silently bit her lower lip, “Do you really like it”

Rongxue nodded and looked at her, “I like it very much, and I wish I could live in a house this big.”

Chen Xinyu looked at her and smiled, “You can live here then.”

Rongxue looked at her with a sorrowful look and said frustratingly, “Then I might have to hold onto Qingyings thigh tightly, so that I can eat and drink.”

Chen Xinyu turned to Ji Qingying while smiling, “Why is your assistant still so funny”

Ji Qingying smiled back, “You find it interesting”


Chen Xinyu said, “You need to have people like her around ,otherwise life becomes too boring.”


The house was big, beautiful and distinguishable.

The lighting was good.

The villa compound was not at a special downtown location, but it wasnt too bad.

Convenient transportation, and life requirements were fully met.

More importantly, Ji Qingying was very interested in the viewing balcony here.

From the viewing balcony, not only just a naturally formed lake, but even the rippling blue waves of the lake could be seen clearly.

Opposite the lake was the downtown area.

Under the neon light, the lake reflected the tall buildings.

No matter how the scenery was during the day, or at night, it was what she liked.

After cleaning up, the three of them were too lazy to go out and ordered some takeaway instead.

“By the way, whore the neighbours”

Rongxue had come here for the first time and was curious about everything.

Ji Qingying shook her head, “No idea.”

Chen Xinyu swallowed the food in her mouth and thought, “When I came to sign the contract, my brother said that he was an office worker, like a programmer or something, anyway, he often worked overtime.”

She said, “Ive been here four or five times, but I havent seen him once.”

The house building was designed with two stairs and two households, it would be normal to not encounter them.

But then again considering the balcony view, the doors of the two households should be facing each other.

After lunch, Chen Xinyu had something to do, so she left first.

Rong Xue and Ji Qingying didnt stay for long as well and returned to work in the villa which Director Guan prepared for them.

For most of the day, Ji Qingying was drawing several design sketches.

In the end, she didnt feel anything until she made it by hand.

It was already eight oclock in the evening, when she returned to her new rental house again.

She pondered for a few seconds while standing at the entrance of the villa building, deciding whether to go in or try her luck at the hospital.

Rongxue suddenly called, “Sister Qingying, I forgot to tell you.

The books you asked me to send and your wine have arrived.

They are on the shelf in the security room.

Please remember to take them.

JiQingying raised her eyebrows and bowed her head to smile.

Seems like fate didnt want her to go to the hospital.

The security room was quite large, on the ground floor lobby.

It could also be considered as the shop – front of the villas compound.

There were several shelves on one side, which were for the courier to use when the residents werent available.

When Ji Qingying found her package, she was stunned.

She probably forgot to tell Rongxue that sending a part of it would be okay for now.

The girl sent all of them at once, two full boxes.

She took a deep breath and looked around, trying and failing to find a trolley.

She looked at her clothes and bent down to pick up a small box.

As for the rest, shell have to change her clothes first.

Ji Qingying was by no means weak, she was very powerful, but the cheongsam dress hindered her movement.

Entering the elevator, Ji Qingying didnt notice anyone behind her.

She stood in the corner, holding the box in her arms and hanging her hair.

“…Thank you, Dr.


My mother is in a much better state..

“It should be.”


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