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Chapter 37: Tears (3)

They had toured the place in one round.

Ji Qingying had taken many photos with her phone.

She was like a child who had come to visit the zoo for the first time.

Full of zest and indefatigably.

And they were out until noon.

The temperature was getting hotter and hotter.

Fu Yanzhi brought her to take some rest.

“Were not having a picnic”

She followed him into a shop, out of curiosity.

Fu Yanzhi shook his head, “The picnic will be at another place”

Ji Qingying was taken aback, her eyes lighting up, “Are we going to another place later”

Fu Yanzhi turned his head and asked, “You dont want to”


Ji Qingying looked at him and used her eyes to show proof of her words.

“I really want to.”

There were many stores in the zoo.

There was a whole row full of them, besides places for eating and drinking, there were also claw machines and more to entertain children.

Ji Qingying wanted to have some milk tea.

Fu Yanzhi frowned, but didnt refuse.

After buying milk tea and having a simple meal, Ji Qingying was interested in the store next door.

The two entered that store.

Inside was a whole row with different kinds of animal dolls.

The dolls were of all the animals in the zoo.

“Fu Yanzhi.”

Ji Qingying pointed at the claw machine, “I want to play this one.”

And so Fu Yanzhi got the coins.

Ji Qingying tried her hand at it a few times, but didnt manage to get one even after several turns.

Thus she turned and looked towards Fu Yanzhi.

“Want to give it a try”

Fu Yanzhi wasnt interested in this kind of childish stuff, plus even he didnt know how to play the game.

But Ji Qingyings eyes were full of expectations, so he couldnt refuse.

Five minutes later, Fu Yanzhi fully regretted his decision.

Ji Qingying couldnt catch it herself and neither could he.

So they just let it be.

The main point was that she would get the chance to tease the person next to her, “Doctor Fu, I didnt expect that you would have something you didnt know how to do at all.”

Fu Yanzhi looked into her eyes.

She seemed to be overwhelmed with joy, “Lets just spend whatevers left, I am mentally prepared.”

Fu Yanzhi squeezed her face, “Why are you so happy that I cant catch anything”

Ji Qingying nodded: “I am very happy.

This proves that I am not the only one who has some no good sides.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Not good”

Ji Qingying: “…”

Fu Yanzhi pressed a button, and in the next second the claw machine caught a little fox and sent it out.

The moment when Fu Yanzhi handed over the little fox to Ji Qingying, he asked coldy, “Who is not good”


Ji Qingying rubbed her ear and felt that those words had a certain kind of double meaning.

She held the little fox and quickly agreed, “I..



I am.

Its me who is not good.”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her and a hint of a smile flashed in his eyes.

“What else do you want to try”

Ji Qingying looked around, but didnt find anything else interesting.

“Im done.”

The two came out from the store and planned to go to another area.

It was a bit far, so they took a sightseeing car.

Once they arrived, they noticed that there were more people around and even on the road, there were walking animals.

Ji Qingying was stunned.

After walking a few steps, she was surrounded by the animals and could barely walk.

Fu Yanzhi was two steps ahead when he turned his head.

He looked at Ji Qingyings scared face, smiled and walked back to her side.

“What is it”

Ji Qingying pointed at the animals beside her, “They wont let me go.”

Fu Yanzhi tilted his head, “Then how about you talk with them”

Ji Qingying was stunned.

She blinked and looked at Fu Yanzhi, “What are you talking about”

Fu Yanzhi narrowed his eyes, and looked down at the little animal that was rubbing its head on her leg.

Her skin was fair and so were her exposed beautiful legs.

Fu Yanzhi paused and suddenly raised his hand.

Ji Qingying looked at the hand in front of her, her reaction was slow for a few seconds, but when that short instant passed she held his hand.

The moment she did that, Fu Yanzhi pulled her over.

He grasped Ji Qingyings wrist and brought her out from the animal world.

After getting out of the embarrassing dilemma, the two of them didnt let go of each others hands.

Ji Qingying followed him, smiling without making any sound.

Fu Yanzhis palm was sweaty.

His body heat calmed her down.

They walked forward a little.

When Ji Qingying suddenly said, “Fu Yanzhi.”

Fu Yanzhi turned to look at her.

Ji Qingying pursed her lower lip and pointed at their hands.

Fu Yanzhi lowered his eyes, saw their hands together and let go.

After letting go, he glanced at Ji Qingying, “Didnt you want for me to let go”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She choked, “I just wanted to–”

She hadnt even said she wanted to change the way they were holding hands when Fu Yanzhis hands squeezed hers again.

His fingers were still strong and his palm was warm.

He slowly moved his hand towards the space between her thumb and forefinger, and then held her whole hand tightly.

Which made the hollow of their palms fit seamlessly close together.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her and asked, “Is this what you wanted”

Ji Qingying nodded, “En.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled.

After they were done strolling through the zoo, Fu Yanzhi brought her to another destination.

Today belonged to Ji Qingying after all.

Ji Qingying looked at the scenery on both sides.

They were  on the highway again, and the cars on the road whizzed over.

She stared for a while, a little bit curious, “Are we going to have a picnic on the roadside”

Fu Yanzhi smiled, “What do you think”

Ji Qingying shook her head, “I dont know, I am not familiar with this area.”

“I see.

Are you scared”

Ji Qingying was stunned, “Whats there to be afraid of”

“Should I be afraid that you are going to sell me off” she added, jokingly.

Fu Yanzhi didnt say a word.

Ji Qingying laughed at the absurdity of her own thoughts.

She smiled and said, “If you are going to sell me, sell me to Fu Yanzhis family.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

She glanced at Fu Yanzhis speechless expression, and smiled, “What about Doctor Fu”

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her, “No.”


He replied, “Im not selling you.”

Smiling, she turned her head and looked at the scenery outside the window, feeling something vague.

“If we keep going this way, wont we reach home late”

Fu Yanzhi looked sideways and whispered, “Who said that we are going back tonight”



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