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Chapter 38: Its Okay To Be As Pretentious As You Want (1)

Ji Qingying was caught off guard by his words.

With just this, thoughts uncontrollably came rushing in her mind.

She blushed.

Ji Qingying stared wide-eyed, her lips moved, but for a long time, she could not say a word.

Sensing her silence, Fu Yanzhi solemnly asked, “What”

He asked, “What are you doing tomorrow”

Ji Qingying: “……”

She tilted her head, overcome with remorse, and caught a glimpse of a smile on his face.

“Fu Yanzhi!”

She called his name angrily.

Smiling, Fu Yanzhi asked, “Why are you so angry”


Ji Qingying didnt bother caring about him anymore.

Fu Yanzhi chuckled and stopped teasing her.

He explained with a whisper “Youll be home before twelve.”


Ji Qingying didnt ask any more questions.

Fu Yanzhi looked sideways then stared straight at her and said, “If I dont go back, Ill tell you ahead of time.”

He wouldnt take her without getting her consent first.

Even if its for a night out.

Unless there were special circumstances.

“Hmm, I know,” she replied.

She knows what kind of man this person was.

Fu Yanzhi glanced at the map and whispered, “Its still early so if youre sleepy, go ahead.”

“What about you Are you sleepy”

Ji Qingying asked, “Would you like to chat with me”

Fu Yanzhi pondered for a moment, “No, you can sleep.”

Upon hearing this, Ji Qingying nodded, “Okay.”

She was indeed tired.

The atmosphere inside the car became quiet.

A faint fragrance lingered in the enclosed space while the person next to him started breathing slower and heavier, indicating she was about to fall asleep.

Fu Yanzhi raised his hand and adjusted the air conditioner to a temperature suitable for sleeping.

As the car got off the highway, he glanced at the sleeping beauty beside him and decided not to disturb her.

Outside the window, the smell of flowers and plants could be smelled.

Ji Qingying was awakened by the fragrance coming in.

She subconsciously rubbed her eyes and awoke, only to find that the car had stopped.

She got up, causing her coat to slip off.

Ji Qingying was startled, looking down at the coat in front of her.

It belonged to Fu Yanzhi; she recognized it because he had had it on him before.

It still had the smell of sunlight that seeped through it.

She looked around.

No one was in the drivers seat.

Ji Qingying dug her phone out of her bag and looked out the window as she called him.

She became fixated on the sight in front of her.

The first thing that came into sight was the lush mountain forest, surrounded by several high and low hills.

A little closer was a large sea of flowers surrounded by jagged foliage and the vibrant flowers swaying with the wind.

The flowers had bloomed magnificently and dazzled the eyes of whoever saw them.

Ji Qingying was impressed.

Before she could come to her senses, a familiar voice came from the other end of the phone, “Awake”

“Where are you” She asked in answer.

And as she spoke, Ji Qingying pushed the car door open.

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes, looked at the person whos back was facing him and whispered, “Turn around.”

Ji Qingying did.

Fu Yanzhi was standing not far away, phone in hand, looking at her from a distance.

She froze.

Her gaze went past Fu Yanzhi.

Behind him, there was a large meadow, and a few small houses, artfully arranged.

On both sides of the meadow lay beds of flowers that were spread about.

The flowers here were milky white, fragrant, and elegant jasmines.

Ji Qingyings eyes brightened with surprise.

She looked at Fu Yanzhi in amazement, her lips slightly parted.

Fu Yanzhi approached, staring at her for a moment then asked softly, “Like it”


Ji Qingying nodded fiercely, “Its so beautiful.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled and pointed.

“Then go check it out.”


The two of them walked towards the sea of jasmine.

Jasmine flowers should not be in full bloom during this time of year, as many of them would appear to be withering and fading.

However, there were still many in full bloom here.

It seemed as if someone tended to them carefully.

Before coming closer, a strong gust of wind full of the smell of jasmines drifted into their noses.

Ji Qingying couldnt help it.

She bent down and sniffed; a glorious breath of jasmine filled her lungs.

She loved this scent.

The two walked for a short time.

Ji Qingying noticed that in addition to the sea of flowers, there were also a few small animals, as well as camping bases, swing slides, and so on.

All sorts of entertainment were present.

Before she could finish expressing her surprise, Fu Yanzhi, who had turned back to get her water, had a kite in his hand in addition to the water container.

Ji Qingying froze completely, “You also brought a kite”

Fu Yanzhi responded, reminding her, “Didnt you say you wanted to play last time”

Ji Qingying did remember.

They bought a kite last time at the entrance of the hospital.

She raised her eyes and looked at the man in front of her looking at him incredulously.

At that moment, Ji Qingying suddenly realized that she did not just like Fu Yanzhi.

She had fallen completely into the trap he arranged.

And she had done it willingly.

Ji Qingying could not explain why in words.

She only knew that she would never like anyone in her life except Fu Yanzhi.

Even if there were many uncertainties in the future, she knew in her heart how she felt.

Someone like Fu Yanzhi can take her away.

Aware that she had started daydreaming, Fu Yanzhi stretched out his hand and shook it in front of her eyes, and said slowly, “Get back to your senses.”

She blinked suddenly.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her and said, “You dont want to try it”


Ji Qingying swiftly said, “I want to.”

Fu Yanzhi stared at her and suddenly smiled.

“Go ahead.”

He handed her the kite.

Ji Qingying took it.

She had not flown a kite in years and could not master the technique for a while.

Fu Yanzhi followed.

She scampered up ahead and he strode behind.

This was a leisure resort.

They didnt know if it was a workday or holiday, but they didnt meet anyone else other than the two of them.

Ji Qingying fidgeted for a while, but later her kite soared high into the sky.

She was holding the traction line in her hand and guiding it forward.

The line grew longer and longer, as the kite went higher and higher.

She looked around and stopped in her tracks.

“Fu Yanzhi.”


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