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Chapter 38: Its Okay To Be As Pretentious As You Want (3)

Fu Yanzhi was uncertain, so he took a moment to look at her.

“What do you mean”

Ji Qingying stared at him from the side for a long time with hesitation.

She pondered for a moment then shook her head gently.

“Its nothing.”

Fu Yanzhi paused and suddenly asked, “What is it that I cant know”

Ji Qingying: “… Nothing.”

“Its no big deal,” she whispered.

Hearing this, Fu Yanzhi responded and didnt ask any more questions.

Ji Qingying stared at him for a moment, then silently withdrew her gaze.

She felt that Fu Yanzhi probably didnt know of her conversation with that doctor.

And yet he seemed to know.

Otherwise, why else would he go through so much trouble to switch their role of cat and mouse

Early the next morning, Ji Qingying received breakfast from Fu Yanzhi.

The corners of her lips curled, and she smiled as she took pictures for him.

Ji Qingying: [Thank you Dr.

Fu for feeding me.]

Fu Yanzhi: [Come to the hospital at noon]

Ji Qingying was startled: [Arent you busy]

Fu Yanzhi: [Not sure.

if you cant come, Ill make an order for you.]

Ji Qingying, unable to laugh or cry, held her cell phone and asked: [Are you going to take care of my three meals a day]

Fu Yanzhi replied quickly: [Am I not allowed to]

Ji Qingying smiled and slowly typed out a single word: [Allowed]

Fu Yanzhi didnt talk to her much later.

Once he arrived in his department, he set his phone down.

This morning was still busy with hardly any breaks in between.

Even several times there were instances where he had to be in nerve-tensing situations .

By noon, Fu Yanzhi had returned to his department after his busy schedule.

Xu Chengli had also happened to come back with him, and behind him Xu Chengli there was a person.

It was Su Wanying.

Fu Yanzhi did not bat a single eye their way.

He took off his white coat and hung it on his side as he opened his drawer.



Su Wanying held the lunchbox in her hand and yelled softly.

Fu Yanzhi raised his head, “Doctor Su, its time to rest, whats the matter”

Su Wanying pursed her lips, glanced at Xu Chengli who was still in the office and said nothing.

Xu Chengli who understood, smiled, and said, “Im going to the cafeteria, you guys talk.”

“Hold on.”

Fu Yanzhi said coldly, “Lets go together.”

Xu Chengli: “…”

He glanced at what Su Wanying was holding and motioned with his eyes.

As if he hadnt seen it, Fu Yanzhi said in a calm tone, “Doctor Su,  is there a work matter”

Su Wanyings face was pale and she shook her head, “No.”

She never thought that Fu Yanzhi would be so ruthless.

In her impression of him, although Fu Yanzhi was cold and silent on the outside, he was not truly a cold person on the inside.

He did things in a calculated way and regardless of the situation he would leave the other party three points of leeway.

Even if he had rejected others before, he would not have done so in such a manner.

Xu Chengli had listened, but he couldnt bear that he had to because it was in front of him.

He coughed, trying to ease the atmosphere.

However, before he could speak, Fu Yanzhis cell phone rang.

The expression on his face instantly softened, and his voice became warmer, “You got it”


Ji Qingying didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Are you planning on giving me a jasmine flower every day”

Fu Yanzhi replied and asked in a low voice, “You dont like jasmines”

“Yes, I do like them.”

Ji Qingying stared at the flower in her hand, and said, “Wouldnt it bother you too much”


Fu Yanzhi picked up a meal card in the other drawer, and whispered, “So you can just accept it.”

Ji Qingying smiled, and  listening to movement on his side asked softly, “Did you just finish”

“En, Im going to eat.”

“In the cafeteria”


Fu Yanzhi seemed to be implying something and said, “If you cant come, I can only eat in the cafeteria.”


Su Wanying looked away, hands clutching the lunchbox tightly that turned her fingertips white.

Her expression twitched visibly to the naked eye.

She bit her lip, only to realize that everything Fu Yanzhi refused previously wasnt so shocking.

She had never imagined that Fu Yanzhi would talk to a woman like this one day.

His voice was gentle, and he even …… reported his whereabouts to her one by one.

If she had heard correctly, Fu Yanzhi also sent flowers to that person.

How was this possible

How could Fu Yanzhi do such things

He hung up the phone.

Xu Chengli looked at Fu Yanzhi and gestured silently with a thumbs up.

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes.

Xu Chengli looked back and asked in a low voice, “Did you have to go that far”

“What do you mean”

Xu Chengli, ”…Didnt you see that Dr.

Su was here looking for you to have a meal She also had a lunch box in her hand, which might have been made by the person herself.”

Fu Yanzhi put his hands in his pockets and said indifferently, “And then what Whats it got to do with me”

Xu Chengli: “……”

He had no wish to speak to someone who was deliberately being stupid.

After a moment of silence, he raised his chin and asked, “Did Dr.

Su ever offend you at some point”

As far as Fu Yanzhis usual behavior was concerned, he had never been like this before.

After thinking about it over and over, Xu Chengli could only think of the possibility that Su Wanying had offended Fu Yanzhi.

Fu Yanzhi didnt respond.

He thought of what Zhao Yidong had said the day before.

—–In fact, Zhao Yidong wasnt too sure of what Su Wanying and Ji Qingying had talked about when they were in the corridor.

It was only seen by other nurses while the two of them were talking and then it spread on a small scale.

Most people in the hospital knew that Su Wanying liked Fu Yanzhi.

But she couldnt afford to put aside her stature to pursue a man and was even too ashamed of such things as women chasing men; she could only invite and hint at Fu Yanzhi on occasion.

As for Ji Qingying, she was also a popular and beautiful suitor who was recently seen by everyone.

She didnt know the details of the conversation, but Zhao Yidong heard other distasteful remarks from her colleagues of the conversation between Su Wanying and her friend.

She told her that she asked Ji Qingying about her relationship with Fu Yanzhi, and that she found out there was no relationship.

She was just some woman who was a little prettier than Fu Yanzhis other suitors.

Even so, she still went ahead and said Ji Qingying was shameless and cheeky, chasing men and giving a shameful name to women, etc…

As she reported a lot of ugly words that had been said, Zhao Yidong became silent when she watched Fu Yanzhis face getting more and more ugly.

In the gap between Zhao Yidongs words and the utter silence, Fu Yanzhi walked away.

He recalled Ji Qingyings abnormal behavior in those few days.

While a little angry, he was more distressed.

Ji Qingying was not someone who would gossip behind peoples backs.

Despite being aggrieved, she did not say a word to Fu Yanzhi.

If it werent for Zhao Yidong, Fu Yanzhi might still just think that she was tired of visiting the hospital and didnt want to come.

Those who were familiar with him knew that Fu Yanzhi was very caring.

He may seem cold and indifferent, but he was more eccentric than anyone else when it came to someone or something he cared about.

Having not heard any reply for a while, Xu Chengli asked dissatisfied, “What are you thinking about”

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