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Chapter 38: Its Okay To Be As Pretentious As You Want (4)

Fu Yanzhi glanced at him and said in a cold voice, “Nothing.”

Xu Chengli, “Then you should be gentler with Dr.

Su next time, I think she was about to cry just now.”

Fu Yanzhi didnt even raise his eyes and said indifferently, “If you are distressed, why dont you go and please her”

Xu Chengli: “……”

He was speechless for a long time and digressed, “Enough about Dr.

Su, just now was it that suitor who called you”

Fu Yanzhi paused, suddenly stopping in his tracks.

Xu Chengli looked puzzled, “What are you doing”

Fu Yanzhi looked at him and said, word for word, “She is not my suitor.”

” No” Xu Chengli raised an eyebrow, “Isnt that what everyone says”

Fu Yanzhi continued his walk, clamoring, “They misunderstood, I am the one who is chasing that person.”

Later that afternoon, the Diyi Hospital had a new topic for gossip.

The doctors and nurses talked about it by word of mouth in between breaks.


Fu, who seemed like high mountain snow, has blossomed and broken off his iron tree exterior.

He admitted that the cheongsam beauty who used to come to the hospital was not here to chase him.

That beauty was his object of pursuit.

It was Dr.

Fu who had begged her to come to the hospital to deliver meals.

Recently, Dr.

Fu had not been behaving well and had made Miss Cheongsam beauty angry, so she stopped coming to the hospital.

When he got off work, Lin Haoran began to doubt life when he heard the decisive remarks made by the nurses in the department.

How is this different from the script he knows

Without thinking, he called Fu Yanzhi directly.

“Whats up”

“I heard a bit of a rumor going around in the department, do you know of it”

Fu Yanzhi was packing his things and planning to get off work.

When he heard this, he raised his eyes, “What rumors”

Lin Haoran cleared his throat, repeating what he had heard, and finally asked, “There were many people who came and said you were chasing someone.

This is simply…”

However, before he could get to the words “a big joke” Fu Yanzhi interrupted him.

“Not a rumor.”

Lin Haorans eyes twitched, “What”

Fu Yanzhi said lightly, “Im chasing Ji Qingying.”

Lin Haoran: “……”

He choked and blurted out, “Why”

“Why what”

His tone was calm, like he was talking about a very normal fact, “I like her, so Im chasing her.

Is there a problem”

After speaking, Fu Yanzhi didnt wait for him to answer and said indifferently, “Bye.”

At the door, Su Wanying had come over with one last thought, not expecting to hear such words.

Fu Yanzhi came out of his office and saw her as soon as he raised his head.

His eyes didnt linger on her for a moment, and he walked straight away.

When Fu Yanzhi had arrived, Ji Qingying was making a cheongsam.

The room was a total mess.

There was a large table along with the tools she was going to use on the floor and the sofa.

The door opened and their eyes met.

Ji Qingying was a little embarrassed and said, “I made it very messy here.”

Fu Yanzhi raised an eyebrow.

He glanced at it and said casually, “It does seem quite messy.”

Ji Qingying was embarrassed, a little choked up by his words.

Her unclean appearance at home had been discovered by the person she liked, so she glared at him, “Then dont look.”

Fu Yanzhi curled his lower lip and promised, “Okay.”

Ji Qingying: “……”

She pursed her lower lip, trying to excuse herself, but couldnt find the right words, so she could only give up in the end.

She looked up at the handsome man in front of her and averted her eyes, “You left work on time today”


Fu Yanzhi looked at her, “What do you want to eat tonight”

Ji Qingyings eyes lit up, “Crawfish.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at the sparkle of expectation in her eyes and smiled, “Okay.”


The breeze in the air was cool, the sky was not quite dark yet, and there was still a bit of grey and dull light reflecting off it.

The district was not quiet now, just at the time when people were coming home from work, and there were many people coming in and out.

Occasionally, there was a fragrant scent wafting in between her nose from some unknown household.

Ji Qingying followed Fu Yanzhi quietly.

Without using a car, the two turned left out of the block and went to the bustling market on the other side.

Ji Qingying has been craving crayfish for a long time but never found the opportunity to come for a while.

Fu Yanzhi took her into a familiar restaurant, which was simply perfect, as the two of them didnt have to wait in line for a seat when they arrived.

They ordered a full meal.

Ji Qingying looked around at her surroundings and spoke to Fu Yanzhi in a low voice, “Theres so many people.”

In just a few minutes, people began to line up with numbers outside.

Fu Yanzhi said “Yes” and explained, “Maybe it tastes good.”

Ji Qingying looked at him in surprise, “Maybe”

She pursed her lips, “Have you never been here before”

Fu Yanzhi nodded his head.

He was not a fan of seafood or cold dishes.

He usually ate roadside barbecue when he met up with Lin Haoran and the others.

Something like crayfish, which can be a slight nuisance, was seldom eaten by them.

In no time at all, the colorful and flavorful crayfish were served.

Just by smelling the aroma, Ji Qingying got hungry.

Under the light overhead, the pairs facial contours were outlined.

Ji Qingying began by eating something else first to cushion her stomach.

When she raised her eyes inadvertently, the man opposite her was peeling shrimps.

With long, jade-like fingers, he slowly and methodically pulled the shells off the prawns before placing the intact meat on a white porcelain bowl to one side.

Ji Qingying stared straight ahead.

Suddenly, the bowl full of prawn meat was pushed in front of her.

She froze, looking at him in amazement.

Fu Yanzhi took a paper towel to wipe his hands, and with his voice low said, “Eat first, and tell me if you need more.”

Noticing that Ji Qingying had not moved, Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes slightly, “Dont like it”


Ji Qingying looked at him.

”You eat it yourself; I have hands I can peel it myself.”

Hearing this, Fu Yanzhi stared at her for a few seconds, then smiled suddenly.

“Ji Qingying.”


He looked at her.

“Remember what I told you yesterday”

Ji Qingying nodded.

Fu Yanzhi got it and reminded her, “Im chasing you.”

Ji Qingying blinked, “You can chase people without peeling shrimp too.”

Fu Yanzhi, “…”

Helpless, he whispered, “Look right beside you.”


Ji Qing Ying subconsciously looked beside her.

The young couple sitting across from each other, the girl was fussing with the boy, telling him to peel the prawns and saying that he didnt love her by not peeling them.

Ji Qingying eavesdropped on their conversation for a few seconds and took two sips of the lemon tea to one side to suppress her nerves.

Is peeling prawns the way to prove affection now-a-days

“Wouldnt that be too pretentious”

She asked in a small voice.

Fu Yanzhi bent his lower lip and leaned forward following her actions, staring at her with burning eyes.

Their gazes intertwined, and the ambiguity festered and lingering around them.

In the bustling little restaurant, Fu Yanzhis words fell on her ears, “In front of me, its okay to be as pretentious as you want.”

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