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Chapter 39: Confession (2)

“Does it hurt”

Ji Qingying was stunned.

Itd been a long time since people have asked her this question.

Grandma felt sorry for her and hugged her to comfort her.

But Ji Qingying was very strong.

She never shed tears in front of her grandmother, she hugged her knees and said it was okay, she didnt feel hurt.

Later, when the students accidentally learned that she could skate, they just inquired a few words and were a bit surprised.

Saying that they didnt expect her to skate, it didnt feel like a game she would like.

But no one asked if she fell down when she was learning, and if it hurt.

Ji Qingying found out that she was really hypocritical.

She always thought that she was very strong, but now, she didnt think so.

She was actually very fragile.

Facing Fu Yanzhis eyes, she removed her guard and disguise, and said softly, “That time, it quite painful.”

“Did you cry”

Ji Qingying, “…No.”

She squinted and said with a smile, “I was so strong back then.”

After speaking, she looked at the silent man, “Why arent you speaking”

Fu Yanzhi answered, “I dont know what to say.”

Ji Qingying, “……”

She was speechless, and when she was just about to askdo you have nothing to say to me, Fu Yanzhi suddenly tilted his body down.

“Can I apply for welfare tonight”


Ji Qingying looked at him dumbfoundedly.

Fu Yanzhi bent down and asked “Can I”

His breath approached, and Ji Qingyings face turned red uncontrollably.

She blinked, when she was just about to ask what welfare it was, Fu Yanzhi suddenly reached out and took her into his arms.

His hand patted her back gently.

Like comforting the child who was crying so many years ago.

Ji Qingyings body was slightly stiff.

Fu Yanzhi didnt do anything out of the ordinary.

He just held her for a while.

When he let go of Ji Qingying, she also heard a sentence.

“In the future, you dont need to be so strong.”

That night.

Ji Qingying had a dream after a long time, dreaming of someone she rarely dreamed of.

She had changed a lot, but it seemed that nothing had changed.

She appeared from the corner, approached her gracefully, squatted in front of her, reached out to wipe the tears from her face, and gently asked her, “Why are you crying”

Ji Qingying did not speak, and her tears fell uncontrollably.

She said, “Do you miss mother”

With that, she touched Ji Qingyings head again and told her, “Okay, mother wont leave in the future, our Xiaoying should stop crying”

Ji Qingying looked at her with surprise and asked, “Really”


She coaxed Ji Qingying.

The dream changed, and it was the day she left.

She didnt have many things with her, just a suitcase.

She told Ji Qingying that she had too many things to do, and she had to do them first.

Xiaoying had to go to school obediently, and shell come back to meet her when she finished everything.

The sunset in the small town is particularly beautiful.

Every day after school, Ji Qingying sat at the door with a small bench.

Greeted the neighbors who passed by, and never tired of looking at the corner of the alley.

She kept on waiting, spring went and winter came.

The winter wind was so cold, the faces of grandma and neighbors appeared in front of her, and they told her to go back to the house.

But she was reluctant.

When she got a high fever and went to the hospital, she had to give up her daily routine.

After that, the traction thread suddenly broke, like a kite.

The kite flying in the sky will never come back once it is released.

Even if it came back, it was no longer the one she wanted at first.


When Ji Qingying woke up, she felt the tears on her face.

She stretched out her hand, turned on the lamp, and sat up slowly.

She rubbed her eyes, then turned to look out the window.

She forgot to draw the curtains when she slept, the moonlight came in and filled the room.

Ji Qingying hadnt thought of it for a long time, nor had she dreamed of that person.

But lately, she always ran into things related to her past from time to time.

She sighed helplessly, lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

After washing her face in the bathroom, Ji Qingying glanced at the time, it was three oclock in the morning.

She went back to her room, but was no longer sleepy.

Ji Qingying suddenly wanted to be lazy and didnt want to move at all.

She took out her phone and subconsciously searched for news related to the national design competition.

She opened the official blog, there was a registration link on top and the requirements which was posted some time ago.

There were a lot of comments, Ji Qingying opened and read it.

What she didnt expect was that the number one top comment was actually two days ago.

She had asked Guan Bo about the design competition this time, that whether if the Dijia and the other luxury brands sponsored, and whether they were going to select talents in this national design competition.

Guan Bo only answered by making a face which meant he dont understand.

There were also many others that left comments, and most of them were revealations.

Ji Qingyings fingers stayed on the screen for a long time, but at the end she still exited it.

Just as she exit, her phone suddenly vibrating.

Chen Xinyu: []

Ji Qingying: []

Chen Xinyu: [Why are you not sleeping yet]

Ji Qingying: […How do you know it]

Chen Xinyu looked at the Weibo interface and reminded her: [You just accidentally gave a like to a Weibo.

Do you know I happened to saw it when i was scrolling.”

Ji Qingying: [……]

Chen Xinyu didnt bother to text her anymore, and immediately make a call to her.

“You have insomnia again”

Ji Qingying rubbed her pillow and answered, “It doesnt count.

I woke up from my dream.”

Chen Xinyu was stunned, pursed her lower lip and said in an affirming tone, “Did you dream of your mother”


Listening to her voice, Chen Xinyu suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

“What did you dream about her”

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