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Chapter 40: Would You Like To Give Me A Bonus (1)

Taking the ribs handed over by the shop owner, Fu Yanzhi looked at her sideways.

Ji Qingying looked at him and muttered: “I’m telling the truth.”

Fu Yanzhi curled his lips: “What else do you want to eat”

Ji Qingying stretched her neck to look and was somewhat confused: “Not sure, I’m all good.”

“Nothing you’re craving”

Ji Qingying pointed to the meat in his hand: “Braised spare ribs.”

The two continued to move along.

The supermarket was not too crowded, but several people occasionally set their eyes on them.

Ji Qingying was not strange in appearance, but she could not help but mutter to Fu Yanzhi.




“A little girl over there was looking at you.”

Fu Yanzhi looked up, and answered, “I know.”


Ji Qingying turned her head and looked at him in amazement.

Fu Yanzhi did not seem like someone who would be so self-absorbed from what she knew about him.

Ji Qingying raised her eyebrows: “You know”

Fu Yanzhi gazed down at her, and said lightly: ” There is one right next to me, isn’t there”

Ji Qingying: “……”

She was momentarily speechless.

All her feigned jealousy and anger she felt were lightly brushed away by him, making her unable to respond.

Her eyes wavered, and she said “oh” uncomfortably, without saying back.

After being easily teased back by Fu Yanzhi, Ji Qingying fell quiet.

When they finished buying things, the two of them went downstairs.

Putting things in the car, Fu Yanzhi suddenly turned his head to look at her: “First, do not go back.”

Ji Qingying batted her eyes and asked curiously, “What else do you want to do”

“Go to the first floor.”


They returned to the first floor.

Most stores were on the first floor, although the supermarket was located in a good location; it was also very large, and was considered one of the main attractions.

In comparison, the first-floor stores also look very sophisticated.

There were a lot of people coming and going.

Ji Qingying followed Fu Yanzhi and walked forward, she looked around and asked curiously, ” What do you want to buy”

With that said, Fu Yanzhi stopped in his tracks.

Ji Qingying looked up and saw that there was a cool skate shop beside them.

The interior design is black and the walls were filled with skateboards of almost the same style, but the colors on each skateboard were different.

She was stunned, gazing in awe at the familiar and unfamiliar things in front of her.

She pursed her lips and stood still, until Fu Yanzhi’s voice sounded beside her ear, “Go and have a look”

Ji Qingying returned to her senses, tilted her head to look at his handsome face, and asked softly: “You’ll buy it for me”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her, ” You don’t like it”


Ji Qingying said, “Even though I still play around, it’s not quite appropriate.”

She was all grown up.

Concerning Ji Qingying’s current character, she is not a person who would play such a thrilling sport.

When she was a child, she wanted to because everyone had one and she didn’t want to feel left out.

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes: ” Why is it inappropriate.”

Ji Qingying looked at him, implying very clearly.

Fu Yanzhi stared at her for a moment and said: “This is not only for little kids.”

Ji Qingying was frozen, and her ears began to get hot.

She raised her eyes to look at Fu Yanzhi, so handsome, and yet he didn’t feel like he said anything wrong.

As if his words were a fact.

Ji Qingying pursed her lips and walked inside, ” Then would it be a waste to buy without playing”

“Will not.”

Fu Yanzhi led her inside to wander and said faintly: “Putting it away also has value.”

Ji Qingying smiled and no longer turned him down.

In the end, Ji Qingying chose one that wasn’t too fancy.

Although she may not play with it later, she agrees with Fu Yanzhi’s words.

Even if it is put away, she now and then will look at it and is quite happy with that.

It was a fond childhood memory.

Getting home.

Ji Qingting went straight to Fu Yanzhi’s place, when he entered the kitchen, she followed him in: “I’ll help you wash the vegetables.”

The kitchen glass door was slid to close, leaving the two people isolated.

Fu Yanzhi’s kitchen wasn’t large, but it wasn’t small either.

With two individuals being inside, the room is still very large to move around.

She helped wash the vegetables and fruits and was not in a hurry to go out.


Fu Yanzhi asked in a low voice.

Ji Qingying nodded: “A little bit, we won’t be able to eat until nine o’clock then.”

By now it’s already 7:30.

Fu Yanzhi glanced at her: ” No confidence in me”

Ji Qingying: “Isn’t it normal for one hour to prepare a meal”


He looked at her and handed her the fruit on his side, “Eat some fruit first to settle your belly, I’ll be done soon.”

Ji Qingying picked it up, and ate a grape, and said in a shallow voice: “I’ll stand here for a while.”

Fu Yanzhi did not stop her.

She looked at the man’s skilled movements, and the calmness between his eyebrows as he fried the vegetables, his nose began to burn hot.

Ji Qingying was not considered a heavy fan of someone who attaches great importance to good looks, but when it comes to Fu Yanzhi, she never fails to find her wanderlust by his handsomeness

It seems like whatever he does, it’s good-looking and catches her eye.

With someone’s eyes so intense, Fu Yanzhi could not ignore it.

He was helpless, tilted his head, and said, “Go out and wait for me”

Ji Qingying’s eyes were clear and bright as she looked at him and simply said: “No.”


Fu Yanzhi’s movements were indeed fast.

After Ji Qingying stared at him for a moment, the first dish came out.

Immediately afterward, the second and the third dishes came.

He made three dishes and one soup, all of which Ji Qingying likes to eat.

In the spacious living room, the two sat down facing each other.

The light overhead shrouded and lit up the night with a warm atmosphere.

“Try it.”


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