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Chapter 5: We Are Very Destined (2)

The mans voice was cold but familiar.

Ji Qingying was stunned, and subconsciously looked up.

After seeing the person standing in front of her, she blinked fearing that she was hallucinating.

After feeling a burning gaze, Fu Yanzhi turned his head and looked for the source.

They met each others eyes.

They were a bit surprised.

But averted their eyes in a flash.

The middle-aged woman was still talking, unaware of what just occurred, “If you didnt advise us to go for the operation as soon as possible, god knows what situation my mother would be in, thank you.”

Fu Yanzhi lowered his eyes and looked at what Ji Qingying was holding.

It must be heavy.

She was pressing the box against the elevator wall, while standing upright.

The cheongsam she was wearing was light yellow with medium sleeves, showing a small half of her flawless arms.

Further down, Qingyings slender waist…

The cheongsam drew out her curvy figure, making people cant help but wish to see more.

He paused and turned back, “Aunt Liu, you are welcome.”

“Its our job,” he continued.

The elevator reached its destination.

Aunt Liu thanked and exited first.

Fu Yanzhi followed behind with two large bags in his hand, “Ill carry these for you.”

Aunt Liu nodded with a smile, “Thank you, Dr.


Fu Yan nodded.

After taking two steps forward, he looked back at Ji Qingying, “Is it heavy”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Yeah.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her for a few seconds and replied, “if you are not in a hurry, wait here for a while.

She smiled hearing this and said, “Sure, Im not in a hurry.”


The middle-aged woman looked at the two and was stunned, “Dr.

Fu, who is this”

She was surprised and looked at Ji Qingying.


Fu Yanzhi probably didnt know what to say, so he casually used the wordfriend.

The middle-aged woman gave an “Oh” and was about to say something, but was interrupted by Fu Yanzhi.

Looking at the two people walking away, Ji Qingying took two steps out of the elevator and put the box directly on the bench nearby.

She didnt want to be polite to Fu Yanzhi.

It only took two or three minutes to walk from the security room at the entrance of the villa building to where she lived.

If it was a stranger, she would certainly refuse, but it was Fu Yanzhi.

She had exhausted her mind trying to meet him by chance.

She wouldnt be able to get such an opportunity again.

Ji Qingying waited a few minutes and soon, Fu Yanzhi came back empty-handed.

The two looked at each other, and Fu Yanzhi asked in a low voice, “Which building are you living in”

Ji Qingying replied, “The fifth building.”

She looked at the man who had bent down and whispered, “It will be a little heavy.”


Fu Yanzhi gave a deep reply.

The two went to the fifth building in tandem, with a cool breeze blowing gently.

The residences werent particularly quiet though.

Walking in the yard, you could occasionally hear the voices of strange residents scolding their children, as well as advertisements broadcasted on TV.

Various sounds were mixed together, it didnt make people feel frustrated, but instead made one feel interested in life.

After a while, the two reached the fifth villa.

Ji Qingying went to press the floor.

She lived on the 25th floor.

She didnt notice Fu Yanzhis eyes flashing with surprise when she pressed the button.

It was just the two of them in the elevator, it was so quiet that they could hear each other breathing.

Ji Qingying looked at him sideways, “You just got off work”


Ji Qingying nodded and smiled clearly, “Are you busy today”

“Not really.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her, “When did you move here”


Ji Qingying gave him a sideways glance, “Which one do you live in”

Fu Yanzhi didnt say anything.

Ji Qingying was not frustrated.

She stared at the elevator floor and said, “Fu Yanzhi, we are really fated.”


The elevator door opened and they went out together.

Ji Qingying entered the password to open the door and looked back at Fu Yanzhi, “Just leave it at the door.”

She remained silent for a few seconds and waited for Fu Yanzhi to put down the box before asking, “Are you in a hurry”

Before Fu Yanzhi had time to speak, Ji Qingying said, “I still have another much heavier box in the security hall.”


Ji Qingying blinked, “Can you help me move it”

Fu Yanzhi reluctantly nodded.

Ji Qingyings eyes lit up and said happily, “Ill come down with you.”

“No.” Fu Yanzhi coldly refused.

Hearing that, Ji Qingyings eyes rolled up, but she was not reluctant.

“Well, Ill trouble Dr.

Fu then.”

Fu Yanzhi looked at the cunning in her eyes and answered blankly.

After Fu Yanzhi brought her package up, he said, “The courier can be sent to the downstairs hall.”

Ji Qingying nodded, “My assistant forgot to write the building number while sending it.”

But Ji Qingying didnt plan to lecture Rongxue.

If it wasnt for her mistake, she wouldnt have the chance she wanted now.

Hearing this, Fu Yanzhi did not say anything.

Ji Qingying looked up at him, “Dr.

Fu has worked hard.”

Before Fu Yanzhi could say anything she licked her lower lip and said, “Have you eaten yet”

Fu Yanzhi wanted to say yes, but Ji Qingying picked up the phone and said, “I just moved in, I dont know which nearby takeaways are good here.”

She looked at him and her eyes lit up, “Why dont you introduce me to some, Dr.


Fu Yanzhi was silent for a while, his eyes falling upon her.

Ji Qingying didnt mind, just looking at him like this.

She had beautiful eyes which felt bigger and clearer when he looked at it roughly.

If he observed carefully, he would see that they were fox-like eyes, able to bewitch people.

After a few seconds, Fu Yanzhi took her phone.

He looked at the takeaway menu and said lightly, “Takeaway is unhealthy.”

Ji Qingying, “Yes.”

Nevertheless, the main point was to return the favor.


Just as Fu Yanzhi was about to speak, the phone in his pocket rang.

He looked at it and frowned before answering.


“Brother, didnt you say youll be home soon Ive been pressing the doorbell for a while now, why arent you opening the door”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He turned and walked across the open door to the opposite side, where someone with a mobile phone was kicking the door while talking.

Fu Yanzhis eyes twitched and before he could speak, Ji Qingying looked down.

A few seconds later, her brisk voice was heard, “Fu Yanzhi, I guess I was wrong, I dont think we are destined.”

She slowly said, “We are very destined.”

She spoke, deliberately emphasizing the wordvery.


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