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Chapter 40: Would You Like To Give Me A Bonus (3)

Since the last time Su Wanying approached Ji Qingying and spoke to her, she had not come back to the hospital.

After a while, there is still an indescribable sense of strangeness.

Ji Qingying took a taxi and arrived at the entrance of the hospital at the usual shift end time for doctors and nurses.

She even went to a nearby restaurant to get the dinner she ordered before she left her house.

When she walked through the door, she ran into Lin Haoran, whom she hadn’t seen in a long time.

Lin Haoran raised his eyebrows, and was slightly surprised that she appeared: “Beauty Ji”

Ji Qingying nodded and smiled, “Dr.

Lin, it’s been a long time.”

Lin Haoran looked at the packing bag in her hand and asked in a low voice: “Are you here to find Fu Yanzhi”


As soon as the words left his mouth, the colleague next to Lin Haoran said, “The person Dr.

Fu is chasing is her, right”

Ji Qingying was stunned and looked at the two people blankly: “Huh”

That doctor smiled and said, “Dr.

Fu is chasing you, right News is all over the hospital.”


He said meaningfully, “Sure enough she is beautiful in person.

Knowing a person by word of mouth is not as good as meeting them face to face.”

Ji Qingying: “……”

She glanced at Lin Haoran dumbfounded, trying to find the answer.

Fu Yanzhi chasing her

Yes, he is pursuing her but why would they know

As far as Ji Qingying knows, he is not a person who will make a big deal out of his feelings.

Lin Haoran looked at her suspiciously for a moment, then smiled and asked, “You don’t know, do you”

Ji Qingying: “….

What do you mean ”

Lin Haoran smiled and suddenly asked, “How are you and Fu Yanzhi doing lately”

“……pretty good.”

Ji Qingying pursed her lower lip: “What’s the matter”

Lin Haoran seemed to understand something, he shook his head and said, ” Still really mindful.”


A colleague on one side was curious: “Who’s mindful You mean, Dr.


Lin Haoran returned to his senses, realizing that there was someone else next to him, and said with a smile, “It’s nothing.”

He looked at Ji Qingying and smiled lightly: “He should still be upstairs, you go ahead, we’ll be off work first.”

“All right, take care.”

Ji Qingying walked forward with a head full of confusion.

As she walked along, she vaguely noticed more people looking back at her, to the point that they had astonishment in their eyes when they saw her.

She was a little puzzled and subconsciously touched her face.

Is her makeup messed up

Or is her cheongsam too eye-catching today

What Ji Qingying wore today was made out of the lone material she got some time ago.

Dark red color, there are special patterns on the material, with already blooming flowers and budding ones, the outline of these patterns was not too large, and the embellishment is just right.

Compared to her other plain cheongsam, this one is slightly more sophisticated.

In the past, Ji Qingying would not wear such a dress in a sophisticated manner to the hospital, mainly because of Chen Xinyu.

When she was about to change, Chen Xingyu suddenly sent her a message to wear a conspicuous cheongsam, so that she could easily see it at a glance.

After this cheongsam was made, she didn’t wear it and naturally chose it at this moment.

Thinking about it, she looked down, and there was nothing wrong with her except for being conspicuous.

Ji Qingying entered the elevator in a daze and went to the floor where Fu Yanzhi was.

After work, she didn’t worry about delaying Fu Yanzhi, not to mention that she just came to get a car key.

Fu Yanzhi had just finished his work and when he walked to the door of the department, someone was waiting for him at the door.

It was the chief of the department and Su Wanying.


The chief called out, “Finished with your work”

Fu Yanzhi nodded: “Is there something the chief wants from me”

The chief nodded and said, “I wanted to talk to you about the presentation, I heard that you are planning to take a previous case and present it, right”

Su Wanying nodded: “Alright.”Fu Yanzhi has a presentation on his expertise sometime later.

Consider it a competition in their profession.

Each year, there were several times, which is considered to be an accumulation of academic and experience aspects.

To do this, he has done a lot of preparation work.

He nodded his head, “Yes, chief take a seat inside.”

“No need.”

The chief smiled and refused: “I just came over to talk to you.

In this presentation Wanying will also be on stage, and the situation of that case of yours happens to be somewhat related to her presentation.

She is now encountering some problems, and I want you to guide and instruct her, do you have time”

Su Wanying’s father was also a hospital doctor and had a very good relationship with Fu Yanzhi, the director of their department.

Su Wanying stood next to him, pursed her lips, and said, “It’s okay if you don’t have time now.”

Fu Yanzhi pondered for a few seconds, his words were indifferent: “What information does Dr.

Su need I can provide it here.

In terms of professionalism, even if Fu Yanzhi does not like a person anymore, he will be 100% serious in attitude to deal with.

Su Wanying briefly informed him.

Fu Yanzhi nodded and responded, “I’ll sort it out later and send it to you, and we’ll talk about what you don’t understand.”

The chief looked at the two and smiled, “That’s fine, I’ll leave Wan Ying to you, I’ll go first.”

Fu Yanzhi nodded, “Chief, take care.”

When the chief left, Fu Yanzhi turned his gaze to the person standing diagonally opposite, he looked indifferent, there is no like and dislike, simply official work.

“Is there anything else Dr.



Su Wanying looked at him and said in a daze: “It’s not convenient to find it now”

Fu Yanzhi frowned: “Very anxious”


Su Wanying hurriedly said, “If it’s convenient, I can assist you to look for it together.”

“No need.”

Fu Yanzhi did not even want to think and simply refused, “I won’t bother Dr.

Su.” He said coldly.

Su Wanying’s lips moved, wanting to say something but she was hesitant, then suddenly a familiar voice came from behind.

It’s Zhao Yidong’s.


She raised her voice and said with a parting surprise, “Have you come to see Dr.



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