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“I’m not angry.”

Fu Yanzhi bent down and looked at her with burning eyes: “You’re not angry”


Fu Yanzhi reached out, tickled the tip of her nose, and said, ” Then it’s okay, but still the explanation should be explained.”

He smiled and whispered, “Ask me anything, and I will answer.”

Ji Qingying said “um”.

She raised her head and looked at the man’s brows and eyes.

Because of the close distance, his facial features were enlarged, frame by frame, covered with a layer of soft light in the setting sun, looking a little more gentle.

His deep, ink-like eyes had room for only her.

Ji Qingying suddenly thought of the words that Zhao Yidong had just said.


Fu has changed.

In everyone’s perception, he had a sudden change in his temperament.

 But in fact, he hasn’t changed anything else.

The character is still very cold, and it is still the unshakable snow in the mountains.

He just had a change in the maintenance of Ji Qingying.

Ji Qingying doesn’t know if Fu Yanzhi wouldn’t have talked to her about it if she hadn’t come to the hospital today and been told by Zhao Yidong.

She never thought that Fu Yanzhi would pull himself down to turn the situation around for her and to protect her.

She thought about Zhao Yidong’s words.

Everyone had heard about Fu Yanzhi who took the initiative to chase someone and still chased for a long time without success.

Many people do not quite believe it, and there are even colleagues directly asking him if that rumor is true.

Fu Yanzhi was not uncomfortable and covered up, and seriously told them, “It’s true.”

He is not a patient person, except for his patients and Ji Qingying, Fu Yanzhi’s temperament is not very good, he has a cool nature, does not like to negotiate with people more than words.

But in this case, he was willing to be impatient to give everyone confirmation.

When thinking about this, Ji Qingying couldn’t help but think what virtue and what ability could she have to make this man treat her so tenderly.

Noticing Ji Qingying’s silence, Fu Yanzhi converged his eyes: “Unhappy”

Ji Qingying shook her head.

She took a step back, leaned against a gazebo pillar built on the rooftop, licked her lips, and asked, “Do you remember that you still owe me a reward”

Fu Yanzhi was slightly stunned, “I remember.”

Ji Qingying took two awards, Fu Yanzhi promised her two rewards, the last twenty-four hours is one, and the other she has not mentioned.

Fu Yanzhi looked at her, “Have you thought about what you want”


Ji Qingying looked at his face close at hand and asked softly, “You will agree to whatever I want, won’t you”

Catching the flicker in her eyes, Fu Yanzhi deliberately asked, “what do you want”

“You promise me first.”

Fu Yanzhi couldn’t laugh or cry, but he just thought she was unreasonable.

But he allowed it to be unreasonable.

He nodded and stood up straight: “Hmm.”

Ji Qingying tilted her head to look at him and said with a serious expression, “Then I’ll tell you.”

Fu Yanzhi raised his eyebrows.

Ji Qingying looked at him and said word for word: “I want a boyfriend now, will you give it”

Fu Yanzhi froze.

He looked at Ji Qingying’s blushing appearance, but couldn’t react immediately.

Approximately he was quiet for too long, Ji Qingying could not wait.

She reached out and clutched Fu Yanzhi’s necktie, forcing him to bend downward.

Subconsciously, Fu Yanzhi lifted his right hand to lean on the pillar behind her shoulder and lowered his head to look at her.


Before he could say anything else, Ji Qingying stood on tiptoe and kissed the corner of his lips.

In less than a second, she backed away.

If it wasn’t for the fact that her ears and cheeks were instantly red, Fu Yanzhi almost thought it was an illusion that he was tired and dazed.

He lowered his eyes and looked at her with a deep gaze, the knot in his throat rolling lightly.

Before speaking, Ji Qingying lowered her eyes and continued to slap her back: “You just took advantage of me, and you have to be an improper boyfriend.”


Fu Yanzhi’s eyelids jumped, the knot in his throat rolled, and his voice lowered a few points: “Is this the reward you want”

Ji Qingying raised her eyes and stared at him: “you don’t want to give it”

Fu Yanzhi gave a slight pause, and the hand that was propped up behind her shoulder suddenly changed position.

He placed it at the back of Ji Qing Ying’s head and whispered back, “Are you sure this is not a reward for me”

Ji Qingying was stunned.

Fu Yanzhi’s hand went down from behind, kneading the back of her long, thin neck and forcing Ji Qingying to look up at him.

She bumped into his burning eyes and pursed her lips in disbelief, “I didn’t say I was going to give you a reward, of course it’s on me.”

Fu Yanzhi smirked.


Here you go.”

He tilted his head, leaning against her face, his voice was low and bewitching: “Would you like to give me a bonus”

Ji Qingying was forced by his strong aura, her heartbeat became violent, and her breathing was stagnant: “What is it ……”

The words did not fall, Fu Yanzhi lowered his head and could not control himself to kiss her lips.

The author has something to say: —- send a boyfriend and then send a kiss.

Doctor Fu: Unexpectedly, the reward gave me a big advantage.

Beauty Ji: : …… suddenly regrets it.


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