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Chen Xinyu did not expect that she would meet Chi Lu on this business trip.

They hadn’t seen each other for more than two years, but the feelings remained the same, and there was almost no sense of unfamiliarity..

Chi Lu happened to have taken a job and needed to return home.

The two of them set and planned to go back together.

When Ji Qingying arrived at the airport, it was almost nine o’clock.

With heavy traffic jams in the evening and adding together the cause behind her lateness, she felt guilty.

After parking the car, she called Chen Xinyu.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

“I’m here, I’m here now, do you have a lot of stuff”

Chen Xinyu said “Um”: “Much, we are here at Exit 5, you can see us as soon as you come.”

After hanging up the phone, Ji Qingying speeded up and walked over there.

From a distance, she saw two people standing at gate 5, with several suitcases beside them.

One was Chen Xinyu, whom she was familiar with, and the other…looked tall and thin, with an extraordinary temperament.

Ji Qingying narrowed her eyes, felt she was a little familiar, but it seemed not so familiar.

She frowned and slowly approached.

Just about to get to the two of them, the tall and thin person suddenly turned around, caught off guard, and the two looked at each other.

After seeing the person’s appearance clearly, Ji Qingying was stunned.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

She didn’t move.

Chi Lu stared at her, smiled suddenly, opened her hand and said, “Qingying, I’m back.”

Ji Qingying’s mind went blank.

She stared at the person who appeared suddenly, and then turned her gaze to Chen Xinyu.

Chen Xinyu called her: “Oh my, don’t you plan to welcome our supermodel back to China”

Ji Qingying still didn’t move.

Chi Lu didn’t urge, just looked at her.

The three people silently looked at each other.

After a while, Ji Qingying took two steps forward and hugged Chi Lu.

She stretched out her hand, pretended to angrily punch her back, and said angrily: “You still know how to come back.”

Chi Lu smiled brightly, reached out and patted her shoulder and said, “Did you miss me particularly”

Ji Qingying snorted: “No.”

Chi Lu smiled: “Then I miss you guys.”

Chen Xingyu had been watching from the side, noticed that more and more people were looking at them, she called them: “Go to the car first, and say it in the car.”

Chi Lu alone was enough to attract attention, it was even more so with adding Ji Qingying who dressed in cheongsam

Chen Xinyu was worried that if they continued to hug in this gate, later they would find themselves on Weibo.

They got in the car.

Ji Qingying turned her head and looked at the two of them: “How did you meet”

Chen Xinyu explained: “Didn’t I participate in the event on behalf of the company Chi Lu happened to be at the event.”

Chi Lu was now a well-known model, many people domestically might not recognize and did not know her, but she was popular abroad.

She was the favorite supermodel in big show and the darling of fashion magazines.

A unique beauty with an oriental face.

Ji Qingying nodded.

Chi Lu looked at her with a smile, and couldn’t help but touch her face: “I haven’t seen you in two years, our great beauty is still a great beauty.”


She swatted Chi Lu’s hand and snorted coldly, ”Don’t try to curry favor with me, I haven’t settled the score with you yet.”

Chi Lu raised her eyebrows and propped her head to look at her: “Are you willing to settle accounts with me”


To be honest, Ji Qingying was reluctant.

Chi Lu and her actually had similar personalities.

When she encountered something she didn’t want to face, her first choice was to escape.

She knew exactly why Chi Lu went abroad.

She was speechless, glanced at the time, and said: “Go back first, and then talk at home.”

Chen Xinyu nodded: “Yes, I’m going to starve to death.”

Glancing at Ji Qingying, she began to settle accounts with her: “Why did you go to the hospital to borrow a car for more than an hour”


When she mentioned it, Ji Qingying thought of the scene when she was about to leave in a hurry.

Suddenly remembering her task, she turned around and wanted to leave, but Fu Yanzhi stopped her.

Ji Qingying looked at him blankly.

Fu Yanzhi laughed lowly, raised his hand under her gaze, and wiped the smudged lipstick with his thumb.

It was obviously a very proper action, but Fu Yanzhi made it so indecent that her heart raced and her cheeks reddened.

Thinking of this, Ji Qingying cleared her throat, “I was delayed by something, Fu Yanzhi was busy.”

Chen Xinyu looked at her red ears and said suspiciously: “Oh, why are you blushing”

Ji Qingying was instantly angry, glaring at her with round eyes: ” Where did I blush”

Chi Lu who sat behind them giggled.


The three of them joked and laughed all the way back to Ji Qingying’s house.

Chi Lu did not book a hotel, intended to directly stay with Ji Qingying, as for Chen Xingyue …… natural would also stay over here.

They hadn’t seen each other for a long time and planned to have a good chat.

Just as she arrived home, Ji Qingying saw the message sent by Fu Yanzhi half an hour ago.

Fu Yanzhi: [Tell me when you’re home.


She curled her lips and smiled.

She held her mobile phone and replied: [Just arrived.


Fu Yanzhi was probably not busy, her message was replied quickly: [Okay, call me if you need anything.]

Ji Qingying: [Mm-hmm, we will eat first]

Chen Xinyu came out after going to the bathroom and encountered her smiling face.

Her eyebrows and eyes were tinged with joy that was hard to ignore.

She was puzzled: “Just sending a message to Dr.

Fu can make you so happy”


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