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The floor-to-ceiling windows were left open, and the breeze from the lake was blowing in, making the whole house smell of cool breeze and flowers.

Behind their community,  for greenery considerations, the back of the lake was planted around with colorful flowers, which were colorful and dazzling.

Smelling the fragrance of the flowers, Ji Qingying tilted her head to look at the person in the kitchen.

When he stood there, he appeared so tall .

Fu Yanzhi was looking ingat at the things in front of him intently, and occasionally stirred with his hands to add something to the pot.

Obviously it was a very usual move, but it just made Ji Qingying not be able to move her eyes.

After staring for a while, she reached out and rubbed her eyes.

Then she walked to the kitchen.

After hearing the sound of her footsteps, Fu yanzhi looked back at her, “Why are you here”

Ji Qingying said “Um” and hugged him from behind.

“It’s so boring to be alone.”

She lowered her head and rubbed his back, feeling the temperature of his body.

Fu Yanzhi gave a beat and said in a low voice, “It will be ready soon.”

After a while, the sober tea was ready.

Fu Yanzhi blew it cold and handed it to her when it was the right temperature.

Ji Qingying was lost in thought, and did not respond to pick it up.

Fu Yanzhi suddenly raised his eyes and asked, “Do you want me to feed you”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She was about to reach the bowl but she retracted her hands back.

Ji Qingying grabbed Fu Yanzhi’s clothes and tilted her head to look at him, “Yes.”

Fu Yanzhi chuckled in a low voice.

He fed the soup in the cup into her mouth bit by bit.

It was not a surprise that a lot of sober tea was leaked.

Just like the wine Ji Qingying fed him.

After drinking, Ji Qingying threw a small tantrum.

She tugged uncomfortably at her dress and grunted, “There’s water on my neck.”

She looked at Fu Yanzhi and said softly, “Wipe it.”

Fu Yanzhi took the cup away and lowered his eyes to where she was pointing.

Tonight’s cheongsam only had a crumbling pearl button.

With a slightest tug, the button would fall.

Then, the hidden scenery inside would be revealed.

Fu Yanzhi’s eyes darkened a bit, his Adam’s apple rolled, “Okay, I’ll wipe it for you.”

As he said, he bent over and took a tissue from one side and wiped it for her.

After a simple wipe, Ji Qingying was still not satisfied.

She frowned and pulled her clothes subconsciously.

Before Fu Yanzhi could react, the button in the middle of her neck was unbuttoned, and her white and delicate collar bone was exposed.

Under the bright white light, the skin looked like fine white jade, very eye-catching.

Fu Yanzhi’s eyelids jerked.

Looking at the scenery that greeted his eyes, he couldn’t move his eyes away.

Ji Qingying had white skin, he had always known.

He also saw her clavicle exposed when she wore home clothes, but the  feeling  now was still a little different.

Her lips were painted red and she was wearing beautiful makeup.

She stood in front of him with a slim and graceful waist.

 The cheongsam was too fitted, but it  made her even more seductive.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Fu Yanzhi looked down from top to bottom, then up, and finally stopped at her cheek.

He watched it for a while.

Noting Fu Yanzhi’s gaze, Ji Qingying was a little uncomfortable.

She turned her face away and said in a small voice, “I want to go take a shower.”



He replied in a deep voice, “I’ll walk you there”


After Ji Qingying finished taking a bath, Fu Yanzhi was  responsible for putting her to sleep before he got up and left.

That night, one person slept well, and the other one was tortured by dreams.

The evening breeze was blowing, and the moonlight was like water.

The wind lifted the corner of the curtain, making people’s vision become vague.

A person came into Fu Yanzhi’s dream.

Going forward from the dark place, the slim and graceful figure approached him in a modest manner.

She stood  under the window.

After seeing him, she smiled at him .

Under his gaze, she bent down and unbuttoned the side buttons of her dress.

One by one, like a pearl falling off, from bottom to top…From the lower leg, the skin was white as snow, making him unable to move his eyes.

After that was the buckle on her collarbone.

After it was all untied, she slowly approached him and climbed up.


Suddenly, Fu Yanzhi opened his eyes.

After seeing where he was, he reached out and rubbed his eyes, lifted the quilt, got up, and went into the bathroom to take a cold shower.

The next morning.

When Ji Qingying woke up naturally, the house was quiet.

She reached for her mobile phone.

The clock was already pointing to eight.

There were many unread messages in WeChat, so she clicked on them.

The first one was sent to her by Fu Yanzhi, saying that he kept a hot breakfast for her.

He told her to eat something after waking up.

In addition, he told her he went to work.

When she scrolled down, it was from Chi Lu, saying that she would not come back at night.

In addition, there was Yan Qiuzhi.

Ji Qingying was a little surprised.

Yan Qiuzhi: [Oh my God!! Qingying, do you know what I saw when Chen Lunan and I went home I saw my idol Boyu!! He was on the roadside with a woman!]

Yan Qiuzhi: [Of course this is not the point.

The point is that he wanted to grab the woman’s hand, and the woman kicked him hard.]

Yan Qiuzhi: [I really did not expect that there would be someone who would dare to do this to our great scriptwriter in my lifetime!]

Ji Qingying and Yan Qiuzhi had talked about Bo Yu privately.

Coupled with having spent some time on the set, Yan Quizhi would share with her most of the time some  news related to Bo Yu .#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Ji Qingying looked at the messages she sent, vaguely having a bad feeling.

She turned up, stared at the message Chi Lu sent in the middle of the night for a long time, and replied: [Where are you now Will you come back for breakfast or lunch ]

After waiting for a long time, Chi Lu did not reply.

Ji Qingying was a little worried.

Although Chi Lu was an adult, she was also afraid something bad might happen to her.

After thinking about it, Ji Qingying directly dialed her phone number.

After ringing for a while, her call was connected.

“Chi Lu, you now…” Before the words were finished, a man’s low voice came from over there, “She’s still sleeping.”

Ji Qingying was dumbfounded, “…Who are you”

A name popped out in her mind, but she couldn’t believe it.

There was a moment of silence, and the other person said, “Bo Yu.”

Just as Ji Qingying was about to speak, Chi Lu’s voice rang in her ears.

“Bo Yan, you’re sick!! Why are you answering my phone!”


After hanging up the phone, Ji Qingying patted her chest slowly, feeling a little overwhelmed.

Didn’t she just come back a while ago How come she slept with him so fast

Ji Qingying washed her face to wake up, and went across the house to eat breakfast.

At noon, Chi Lu came back.

The two looked at each other, Chi Lu’s eyes dodged.

“Don’t ask me.

I’ll take a bath first.”


Ji Qingying was silent for a while: and said,”I’m ordering takeaway.What do you want to eat”


When Chi Lu came out of the shower, Ji Qingying had stewed her chicken soup.

The two did not mention Bo Yu tacitly.

They kept themselves busy with their own things quietly.

When the takeaway came, Chi Lu got up to get it.

Ji Qingying went into the kitchen to serve chicken soup.

As she sat down at the dining table, she inadvertently saw the red marks on Chi Lu’s neck.

It was kind of…serious.

“What else do you plan to do today”

Chi Lu looked at her and said seriously, “Sleep up.”

Ji Qingying: “…”

Chi Lu said, “I’ll talk to you when I wake up.

I didn’t even sleep much last night.”

Ji Qingying nodded and said, “Okay, tell me what’s going on afterwards then.”

She thought for a while and said, “I’ll stand by your side unconditionally.”

Chi Lu grinned, “Okay.”

She said, “Someday when I want to kill someone, remember to cover for me.”


After lunch, Chi Lu went back to the room to sleep.

Ji Qingying was busy with her work orders in the living room.

From time to time, she sent a few harassing messages to Fu Yanzhi.

Fu Yanzhi was not busy, but he was not free either.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

But once he was free, he would immediately return a message to Ji Qingying.

In the next few days, Ji Qingying was relatively busy.


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