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The results of the preliminary round of the National Design Contest came out, and surprisingly she passed the preliminary round .

She was going to focus on preparing for the upcoming round.

After the primary election, all designers had to gather together for a face-to-face competition.

Ji Qingying got the invitation.

Before the competition, there was a training camp for half a month, which was taught by the top masters in the industry.

A master would join but they were not just limited to domestic ones.

There might also be directors from well-known foreign luxury brands and so on, which could be regarded as special treatment for these contestants who had passed the preliminaries.

Although it was still in North City, closed offs closed.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Ji Qingying glanced at the time, and realised that all the staff would be there in three days.

She stared at the name of the foreign luxury brand director for a long time, as her eyes turned a little sour.

Turning off the computer, she propped her chin and looked out the window.

Staring at the sunlight that seeped through the window blinds, Ji Qingying took the phone and sent a message to Fu Yanzhi.

Ji QIngying: [Dr.

Fu, can I see you for a meal at noon today ]

After sending it, she didn’t wait for Fu Yanzhi to reply.

She changed her clothes and went out on her own.

It was close to the noon break.

Just after Fu Yanzhi returned to the department, he read Ji Qingying’s message.

He knew Ji Qingying.

After the last incident, she would pay attention not to come to the hospital.

After pondering for a few seconds, Fu Yanzhi dialed the phone directly.


“Where are you”

Ji Qingying was stunned and couldn’t help herself from blurting out, “How did you know I was out”

Fu Yanzhi said “En” and whispered, “I’ll pick you up at the lobby.”

“No.”Ji Qingying raised her head and glanced, “I’m almost there.

Have you ordered a meal for lunch”


Fu Yanzhi said, “Would you like to eat at the cafeteria or somewhere else”



After hanging up the phone, Fu Yanzhi took off his white coat and left with his mobile phone.

Xu Chengli was walking from the other side, and before he had time to say hello, Fu Yanzhi walked past him quickly.

He muttered wordlessly, “What is Dr.

Fu doing walking so fast”

Zhao Yidong passed by and said solemnly, “Maybe he had to pick up a big beauty.”

Xu Chengli raised his eyebrows.

He was not quite convinced and so asked, “Is that the woman he is courting”

Zhao Yidong snickered and replied, “Yes.”

Xu Chengli raised his eyebrows and  said curiously “Then let’s go.

Let’s go and see how charming that person really is, that can make our flower at the top of a tall mountain to chase.”

Zhao Yidong wanted to refuse, but suddenly thought of the ‘cousin’.


She pressed the corners of her upturned lips and said without hesitation, “Okay.”

They took off their coats and followed Fu Yanzhi who was  going to the cafeteria downstairs.

When Fu Yanzhi arrived at the entrance of the hospital, Ji Qingying’s car just happened to arrive.

The two looked at each other silently, Ji Qingying asked in a low voice, “Will I delay you”#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com


Fu Yanzhi stretched out his hand.

He took the sun umbrella in her hand and leaned toward her, and led her into it with the other hand.

“Are you hungry”

“Not much.”

“Are you busy today”

“It’s okay.”

Ji Qingying suddenly said, “I have received the invitation letter for the national competition, and I will go to the training camp in three days.”

Fu Yanzhi was slightly stunned, and looked at her with narrowed eyes, “Don’t you want to go”

“No.” Ji Qingying was more serious about her work and dreams, perhaps she had other reasons.

After being silent for a while, she whispered, “I’m afraid of meeting people who I don’t want to see.”

After speaking, she looked at Fu Yanzhi and smiled, “Did I not tell you”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her inquisitively.

Ji Qingying continued, “Why I  didn’t participate in the competition before”

Fu Yanzhi shook his head.

Ji Qingying took a deep breath, struggled for a few seconds and said, “Actually, it’s because of…”

Before speaking, a familiar voice came from the other side, “Doctor Fu! Doctor Fu’s cousin!”

The two turned their heads.

Xu Chengli approached from the other side with a smile on his face, very enthusiastic.

“Cousin is here again today…”

The latter words got stuck after seeing the interlocking hands of the two.

Xu Chengli stared wide, his face full of disbelief.

He opened his mouth for a long time before he managed to say,  “You…what is…what’s going on”

Zhao Yidong was not polite and laughed at the back.

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He looked up and gave him a cold look, not wanting to talk.

Ji Qingying was embarrassed and said, “Doctor Xu, don’t you know”

Xu Chengli looked dazed, “Know what”

She pursed her lower lip, a little embarrassed, “I am not Dr.

Fu’s cousin.”

Xu Chengli: “…”

He turned his head and looked at Zhao Yidong who was laughing so hard she couldn’t stand up, “You knew”

Zhao Yidong nodded and said, “Qingying told us, but you went to the academic conference last time.”

Xu Chengli: “……”

Xu Chengli choked and said angrily, “Then why didn’t you tell me when I was back”

Zhao Yidong blinked and said innocently, “But, Qingying didn’t come to the hospital after you came back.”

Xu Chengli choked.

He stared at Zhao Yidong, then stopped his gaze on the hands held by the two of them, and then went up to say,”So you are now…”

Before Fu Yanzhi could answer, the people on the other side also came over.

It was the director of the department, Su Wanying’s father, and Su Wanying herself.

The three people looked at them.

The director glanced at Su Wanying’s expression, stared at Ji Qingying, and asked curiously, “Well, who is this”

Fu Yanzhi greeted them and introduced, “Family member.”

After speaking, Su Wanying’s face became very ugly to the naked eye.

The director paused and smiled, “Hello.”

Ji Qingying nodded, “Hello, I’m sorry to interrupt you in the hospital.”

The director smiled and looked at the two of them and said, “No trouble.”

He continued, “What’s wrong with taking a break at noon”

He pointed out, “Would you like to have a meal together”

Before Ji Qingying could agree, Fu Yanzhi spoke up first.

He smiled faintly, and said softly,  “Director, next time.”

He pointed, “My girlfriend is rather shy, so forget it today.”

Looking at his proud disciple, he shook his head, “Okay, then next time we will have dinner together.

Remember to bring her to any future get-togethers or something like that in the future.”


After the three people left, the four of them headed to the cafeteria.

Ji Qingying and Fu Yanzhi walked behind them.

She raised her eyes to look at Su Wanying, who was supported by her father, and pulled at Fu Yanzhi’s clothes, “You just…was it a bit too direct”

“Huh” Fu Yanzhi followed her gaze and said in a low voice, “I said something wrong”

Ji Qingying, “…nothing.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled and turned his head to look at her, “If I was not direct, I would not be able to hold my girlfriend’s hand today.”

Ji Qingying: “…”


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