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When Fu Yanzhi just finished his busy schedule and planned to send a message to Ji Qingying, her message came first.

He stared at those words for a while, then dialed out her number without thinking.

“Hey.” Ji Qingying, who was talking to him for the first time in a while, shouted in a low mood.

Fu Yanzhi answered, taking off his white coat and asked, “Have you had dinner”


Ji Qingying raised her head and looked out at the starry sky.

In the suburbs, there were stars in the night sky that vaguely penetrated the clouds.

She stared at it for a while, and muttered, “I have stars here, do you have them there too”

Fu Yanzhi paused for a moment, pulled open the blinds and looked.



“There is a moon.”

Ji Qingying was stunned and said with a smile, “I also have one here.”

Fu Yanzhi replied with a “En.” He asked lightly, “What did the moon tell you”

“What” She laughed and asked, “The moon talks”


He leaned close to the phone and whispered, “I miss you.”

Ji Qingying was stunned.

Fu Yanzhi’s voice came with a rustle of electric current, and it sounded a little deep.

But not surprisingly, her ears were scorched in this way.

She touched her hot ears and looked at the crescent moon hanging high in the night sky.

She responded, “Me too, did the moon tell you that”

Fu Yanzhi laughed  and answered, “Yes.

For some reason, Ji Qingying’s mood was lifted.

Fu Yanzhi had such a magical power for her.

Every time she was in a bad mood, as long as she heard his voice, she would feel comfortable.

After a quiet moment, Fu Yanzhi asked in a low voice, “Have you encountered a problem”

Ji Qingying found a bench and sat down, then answered, “It’s not really a problem.”

She said, “It’s just that I heard a name that I don’t want to hear but I’m also eager to hear.”

Fu Yanzhi paused for a moment.

Ji Qingying smiled and said softly, “I was interrupted by Dr.

Xu when I told you last time.” She pursed her lips and said, “I don’t like participating in the competition.

One is because something happened during my college.

The other is because of my mother.”

She skipped the college affairs and said softly, “My dad died when I was less than five years old.”

Fu Yanzhi didn’t say a word.

Ji Qingying said: “My mother is a designer, a super talented kind.”

At the very beginning, Ji Qing Ying’s mother was just working in Jiangcheng.

She joined a well-known design company, but she was not satisfied with the status quo.

But because of her family constraints, she could not quit.

After Ji Qingying’s father died, she started to make her move.

She left Ji Qingying behind and went abroad.

In the first year she left, she would send gifts back to Ji Qingying from time to time and call her.


But every time Ji Qingying asked her when she was coming home, she said she was busy and didn’t have time.

After that, she didn’t even make phone calls.

When Ji Qingying grew up, she learned that she got married again,  to a foreigner.

At that time she had reached the stage of understanding, so she felt sad about Zhou Zhilan’s remarriage, but she also understood.

In the years that followed, Ji Qingying secretly went to Internet cafes from time to time to search for news about her.

She read a lot.

She saw media reports praising her awesome designs and talent.

She also saw that she had lost her love life and divorced her second husband.

Soon after the divorce, she had a new boyfriend.

Her work rocketed upward, her audience grew wider and wider, and she won more and more awards.

She even joined the famous high luxury group as a director.

It was the first Chinese-American director of the head office of Di Jia.

The media recorded her work and private life in all directions.

But no one had ever mentioned her first marriage, and no one knew that she had a daughter.


Ji Qingying rarely reminised her past, but today she couldn’t help it.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

She raised her head and blinked her eyes hard to hold back her tears and looked at the sky,, “I told you this, not to make you feel bad for me.”

“I just couldn’t hold it in,” she said.

“My grandmother texted me the other day to say she was back.”

Fu Yanzhi closed his eyes, his throat felt like it was blocked by something, and he couldn’t make a sound.

He had guessed before that Ji Qingying’s fragile and sensitive mind was related to her family, but he didn’t know the details exactly.

At this moment, her words were all in his ears.

She said it in the most relaxed tone, but he knew how lonely she felt  growing up

She was alone when the students at the parent-teacher conference were accompanied by parents.

Even when someone asked about her parents, she couldn’t tell the truth.

Her father passed away, and her mother left her behind.

All of this told quite a lot about  her.

She was an unpopular child, and no one loved her.

If they loved, they wouldn’t leave.

After a long time, Fu Yanzhi answered dumbly, “I know.

He said, “I know.”

After hearing it, Ji Qingying was a lot more relaxed.

In recent years, she had been very careful to avoid news related to Zhou Zhilan.

Nothing else, just did not want to embarrass herself.

But in the end, there was no way to avoid it.

Fu Yanzhi was silent for a moment, and then spoke again.

His voice was soothing, and it seemed to be mingled with warmth, intermittently reaching her.

“Don’t be afraid, there will be me in the future.” He continued, “I won’t go.”

Ji Qingying made a  “hmm” sound, rubbed her sore nose and said, “I know.”

She continued, “You can’t bear to be without me.”#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Fu Yanzhi admitted frankly, “Yes.”

How could he be willing to leave her alone


Ji Qingying did not want to be immersed in a sad environment, and did not want Fu Yanzhi to follow her hard.

After being silent for a while, she took the initiative to change the subject, “Have you eaten”




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