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Ji Qingying’s body stiffened and immediately reacted.

She actually said in front of her boyfriend’s mother that  Fu Yanzhi was just her friend.

Thinking of this, Ji Qingying was clever and tried to explain, but Fu Yanzhi refused.

He had a smile in his eyes, and his voice was deep and suggestive, “It’s not convenient here.”

Because of Fu Yanzhi’s words, Ji Qingying thought of a hundred ways to “settle the accounts” at home.

For a while, her heart couldn’t calm down at all.

Thinking of this, Ji Qingying’s face blushed again.

She shook her head at Xu Bingying, and said softly,”Nothing, I’m alright.”

Xu Bingying, “…Okay.”

Ye Qing still had a class in the afternoon.

During class, Ji Qingying could always meet her smiling gaze.

She was so embarrassed that she could only keep telling herself – it’s nothing,  a person like Chief Ye would definitely not care about her.

After soothing herself for a long time, Ji Qingying was finally able to calm down.

At the end of the afternoon training, Ji Qingying packed up her things and went downstairs to go to the guard house to pick up the things Fu Yanzhi had left for her.

She happened to run into Ye Qing and her assistant who were also leaving.

The two looked at each other, Ye Qing’s eyes fell on the thermal box in her hand.

Before Ji Qingying could speak, Ye Qing smiled at her and said, “This is the chicken soup stewed by the aunt at home.

It’s good to replenish your body.

You should  drink  all that.”

Ji Qingying’s face instantly reddened and stammered as she called out, “..Chief Ye.”

Ye Qing chuckled and said, “Class is over, just call me aunt.”

She looked at Ji Qingying tenderly and invited her, “Come and visit our home sometime.

I still have things to do on my side, so I’ll leave first.”#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com


After Ye Qing left, Ji Qingying calmed down her heartbeat and slowly returned to their dormitory.

After arriving at the dormitory, she opened the box that Fu Yanzhi had brought for her.

In addition to the chicken soup that Ye Qing just said, there were also three sticks and a sticky note.

She was stunned and took the note to read it.

It said: one stick a day, go home after eating all that.

Ji Qingying was stunned, looking at the powerful words on the note, her heart jumped heavily.

Fu Yanzhi seemed to be able to always use his unique method to give Ji Qingying an indescribable sense of security.

She stared at the three lollipops, and without thinking about it, she took one apart and put it in her mouth.


After eating all these lollipops, she would go back in two days.

The last day counted as a training session, but she didn’t care.

They had to make the first round of competition on the spot in one day.

The topic was very vague, they had to use the materials provided, and do whatever they wanted.

Moreover, it was a competition of all people in a large classroom, and there were cameras recording the whole thing.

Ji Qingying had guessed before that it was impossible for the training camp to be over after the class.

There must be a final “penalty kick” elimination.

She glanced at the fabric on one side.

The fabric of all contestants was the same, pure white.

As for what can be made, it depends on individual skills.

Ji Qingying first decided the work she wanted to design, and only then she began to take the dye to the side and make it.

No one would actually make a dress out of pure white fabric, and every contestant was trying to show off what they were capable of.

Ji Qingying had taken a course in this area and also knew the dye ratios.

Everyone was making every second count, not daring to delay for a moment.

Time passed quickly, every minute and every second became especially precious.

Ji Qingying  rationed the dye, and then cut the fabric in her hands and started to make a move.

In the blink of an eye, it was almost time for the competition deadline.

In the last ten minutes, Ji Qingying put down the needle and thread in her hand.

She finished.

Not long after, a mentor appeared.

It was the mentor, one of the judges in the second round of the competition.

He looked around the room and shouted, “Time’s up.”

Everyone put down their things.

He smiled and pointed to the model and said, “The models have arrived.

Let’s get them changed for the show.”


Everyone responded.

After seeing Ji Qingying’s work, Xu Bingying couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh my God, Qingying, your work is so beautiful.”

Ji Qingying smiled faintly and looked at her, “Yours is also great.”

Designers who were able to stay at this time must not be underestimated.

Ji Qingying made a green cheongsam.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Not a light color,but a dark green one.

There was no pattern embellishment on the material, but it was better than putting pattern embellishment on it.

When the model put it on and walked out, it caught everyone’s attention.

Zhou Zhilan arrived a few minutes before the show.

She did not show up early.

She was not a judge this time, she was just invited to come and show her face and say a few words.

Looking at the works designed by the new generation designers, her expression was light.

She was not in awe and not particularly enthusiastic.

It was not until the green cheongsam came out that she sat up straight.

Chief Zhao, who welcomed her, was seated next to her, and followed her gaze and was also amazed.

“This work…” He stroked his chin.

“It’s interesting.”

Zhou Zhilan didn’t say anything, she looked straight at the cheongsam.

Chief  Zhao looked at her sideways and asked, “Teacher Zhou, what do you think”

Zhou Zhilan lowered her head, and opened the information she had in her hand.

After seeing the familiar name, her eyes flashed, and she said in a low voice, “Not bad.”


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