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Chapter 6: Errand (2)

Ye Zhenzhen pursed her lips.

Although he said that, it actually translated to “Behave.”.

Fu Yanzhis eyes then landed on the orbs diagonally opposite his.

Ji Qingying usually ate slowly, but it seemed like she had slowed her pace down even more right now.

She looked as if her mind was miles away as she absentmindedly chewed on her food without tasting it.

The smile originally in her eyes had vanished too.

He then withdrew his gaze.

After dinner, Ji Qingying offered to help clean up.

“Ill help.”

Fu Yanzhi looked her in the eye and said, “No.”


Even so, Ji Qingying helped with clearing the table.

After putting the dishes in the kitchen, she looked at Fu Yanzhi and said, “Ill wash them.” To prevent him from refusing, she hurriedly continued.

“I cant just eat without helping, itll make me feel guilty.”

Fu Yanzhis remained expressionless as he looked at her rather intriguingly.


As he put the dishes into the dishwasher, he whispered.

“What guilt”

Ji Qingying: “…”

She remained silent, and stared at the dishwasher in front of her for a few seconds, then turned and walked away just as quietly.

She shouldnt have followed in!!

As soon as Ji Qingying walked out into the living room, Ye Zhenzhen followed her with a phone in her hand.

“Senior Sister Ji, can you see my design draft” she asked anxiously.


They sat on the sofa and discussed for a while when Ji Qingying looked around and asked, “Do you want to come over to my house I can draw what I said just now.”

Ye Zhenzhens eyes instantly lit up.

She said happily, “Okay, okay.”

Saying so she ran to the kitchen.

“Brother, Im going to Senior Sister Jis house.

Dont lock the door after me.”


By the time Fu Yanzhi raised his head wanting to reply, however, the girl was already out of the door, leaving nothing but a bang echoing through the house.

Looking at the quiet living room, he reached out and squeezed his brows.

Before Ji Qingying could say goodbye to Fu Yanzhi, she was pushed out by Ye Zhenzhen.

She laughed, shook her head and took the excited junior to her house.

Ye Zhenzhen was gifted and interested in design.

She chatted with Ji Qingying, and the topic basically revolved around clothing, from western, modern to traditional cheongsam.

Although she was enthusiastic and made a few interesting points, she wasnt thorough.

On the other hand, Ji Qingying was a senior student, she knew these things better than Ye Zhenzhen.

When asked, she didnt hold back and told everything she knew.

The two had a very comfortable conversation without a sense of distance.

They would have gone on without a care for time, had Fu Yanzhi not called.

Ye Zhenzhen then reluctantly left, but not before asking for Ji Qingyings contact number.

It was all quiet inside the car until Ye Zhenzhen broke the silence..

Turning to look at the man behind the wheels, she said, “Brother, you havent congratulated me yet, have you”

Fu Yanzhi looked at the road ahead, and asked, “Congratulations for”

“I met my idol!” Her voice was full of glee like she had achieved the greatest thing in the world.

Fu Yanzhi looked at his sister blankly.

“I know.”

“… Oh!” She pouted.

“So cold.”

Fu Yanzhi simply ignored her.

After a while, Ye Zhenzhen couldnt help but ask, “Brother, how do you know Senior Ji You didnt tell me that you know her.

Were you afraid of what I would do”

Speaking of which, a flash of gossip flashed in her eyes.

“Hey tell me, are you going after Senior Sister Ji”

Fu Yanzhi shot her a look.

“Its not impossible she is so beautiful.” Ye Zhenzhen guiltily touched her neck and whispered.


“You dont know how popular she is.

I heard from my senior that the people chasing after her in the university could queue up from your hospital to your community.” She murmured.

“So it is reasonable for you to chase our Senior Sister Ji.” She concluded.

Fu Yanzhi looked her in the eye with a warning.

“If youre gonna talk about this again, please dont come back here again.”

Ye Zhenzhen: “…”

She shut up at once.

By the time Fu Yanzhi dropped his sister home and returned, it was midnight.

He straight away made a beeline to his house when he got out of the elevator.

He was about to enter, the door opposite opened.

Ji Qingyings bare face looked at him and asked in a shallow voice, “Have you sent her back”

Fu Yanzhi paused and looked at her.

“Hmm,” he said in a low voice, “Just now.”

“Sorry to trouble you.” He whispered.

Ye Zhenzhen had told him while they were going home that Ji Qingying had helped her change some of her designs and even given her some books related to them.

“Thats nothing.”

Ji Qingying curved her lips and smiled.

“I like her.”

Fu Yanzhi paused.

“Shell return the books when shes done reading.”

“Dont worry.” She looked at the man and asked with burning eyes, “Are you busy tomorrow”

Fu Yanzhi didnt answer.

He was standing at the door under the warm lights in the corridor, his delicate eyes shone.

He seemed profound, especially attractive.

Ji Qingying licked her lower lip.

“If you arent going to work, can you do me a favor”

“What” Fu Yanzhi asked lightly.

Well, Ji Qingying wanted to win an inch after getting a foot.

She blinked and said, “I havent bought everything yet.

I plan on going to the market tomorrow, but my friend is going to be busy.

Can Dr.

Fu help out by being my driver for half a day”

Soon after she had spoken, Ji Qingying felt distressed.

She was not 100% sure Fu Yanzhi would agree.

The corridor was especially silent, just the dim lights and two figures standing at a distance from each other.

As such, it was hard to see his expression adding to her disquiet.

The wind flew in out of nowhere, blowing away the silence.

A scent of jasmine reached Fu Yanzhi.

He lowered his gaze and looked at her.

Her trembling eyelashes reflected clearly in his eyes.

She had no idea how much time had passed when Ji Qingying heard the mans voice…

“What time”




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