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Chief Zhao laughed, “Yes, this designer is very talented, but I have investigated her, she seems only to be fond of making cheongsam.”

Zhou Zhilan said “Um” and looked at him sideways, “What did you say”

Chief Zhao smiled and explained, “As you know, a single style alone is no way to go far in this road of design.”

He raised his chin and pointed to Ji Qingying’s work and said, “Cheongsam will only be a hobby of niche people, not a trend.

For the market, there is not much advantage.”

Businessmen only looked at benefits.

However, cheongsam was really too niche  for many people.

Many people have the impression that it was fettered, was constrained, the slit and style was unchanging, in addition to this, few people felt that cheongsam could be versatile.

Zhou Zhilan had been in this industry for so many years, and would not fail to understand this.

She was silent for a moment and said lightly, “We will look at her work later.”

After all the works were displayed, Ji Qingying’s green cheongsam was unexpectedly loved by everyone.

This time the elimination round directly eliminated a large part of the students, leaving only sixteen people behind.

When the results were announced, some left with sadness and regret, others with excitement.

That’s the way it was going to be whenever it was a competition.

Xu Bingying stood at Ji Qingying’s side and asked with a suppressed voice, “Qingying, you don’t even seem to be excited.”

Ji Qingying looked at her sideways and said softly, “No , my heart is excited.”

Xu Bingying: “…”

She grinned, and couldn’t help but say, “The cheongsam you designed is so beautiful, and I love it too.”

“Thank you.”

The two were chatting when the judge in front of them suddenly shouted and said a few polite words.

“Congratulations to everyone who has entered the third round of competition.

The competition will become more and more fierce in each of the next competitions, I hope you will cheer more.”

At the end, he smiled and said, “But all the same, those who can stay will get better and better in the future.”

Everyone applauded.

He smiled, “Today, we also prepared a surprise for the remaining contestants.”

Everyone stared and asked curiously, “What surprise ”

The judge laughed and said bluntly, “I will introduce you to a senior who everybody knows.”

As soon as his voice fell, Xu Bingying suddenly grabbed Ji Qingying’s clothes and was very excited.

“Ahhhh, Qingying, do you think it is my idol who’s here”#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Before Ji Qingying could speak, the person next to her exclaimed.

She followed everyone’s gaze, and a person walked out on the other side.

She was wearing a well-cut black suit, very gallant, and above all, she had a beautiful face that everyone was familiar with.

She had three-dimensional features and was a beauty with age and charm.

There were a few wrinkles between her eyebrows and eyes, but this did not spoil her appeal to everyone.

On the contrary, she  looked calm and everyone could feel her beauty and charm.

Through the years of time, one can see her stunning appearance when she was young.

Ji Qingying had been psychologically prepared early on, but at the moment when she saw her with her own eyes, her heart still wavered inevitably.

Her eyelids quivered and dropped slowly.

Because of Zhou Zhilan’s appearance, all the contestants could not restrain their excitement and exclaim.

It was noisy for a while before everyone quieted down again.

Zhou Zhilan stood opposite them and smiled warmly, “Hello everyone, I am Zhou Zhilan.”

“Hello Teacher Zhou!”

“Teacher Zhou, you are my idol.”

Zhou Zhilan smiled slightly, “Thank you, thank you for your love.”

She looked around, stopped for a while, and then moved her eyes away.

“It’s nice to meet you, congratulations everyone…”

What was said later, Ji Qingying basically  didn’t even know.

She looked down at her toes, feeling an indescribable sourness.

On what grounds, she could reappear so calmly and disturb her life.

After it was over, the group packed up and left.

The next round was in a week’s time, with the third round and the final being an open competition.

Just as Ji Qingying packed her things, her cell phone rang.

She looked at it.

It was a strange number.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Ji Qingying paused, turned her cell phone to mute, and pulled her luggage downstairs.

Xu Bingying left with her.

“Qingying, did you call a car”

Ji Qingying shook her head and whispered, “My friend is here to pick me up, how about you”

Xu Bingying smiled, “My family is here.”

The two talked and laughed and went downstairs.

When they went to the lobby on the first floor, they unexpectedly saw Zhou Zhilan.

Xu Bingying’s eyes lit up, and she muttered to Ji Qingying, “Do you think if I go over to Teacher Zhou now and ask for an autograph, will she give it”

Ji Qingying raised her eyes and glanced, and said lightly, “Maybe.”

In an instant, Xu Bingying had confidence, “Then I will go.”


Ji Qingying didn’t hesitate.

“My friend is waiting for me, I’m leaving first.”


After speaking, Ji Qingying wanted to walk from the other side.

Before she could walk out, someone called out her name.


Ji Qingying paused and left without looking back.

Xu Bingying looked at Ji Qingying who was walking away in surprise, and said in surprise: “… Teacher Zhou, do you know Qingying”

Zhou Zhilan frowned and didn’t say anything.

She turned her attention to Xu Bingying and asked with a smile, “What can I help you with”

Xu Bingying said “Ah” and asked in a small voice, “Teacher Zhou, I like you very much, can you give me an autograph”

Zhou Zhilan nodded.

“Of course.”

After signing, Zhou Zhilan was not surprised to learn from the assistant that the person had left.

She said “hmm”, reached out and rubbed her brow.

“Forget it, go back.”



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