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Fu Yanzhi raised his eyes, but did not say anything.

After all, it doesn’t sound like a complement to him.

Xu Chengli didn’t force him to respond, he smiled and asked, “How is the preparation for the speech”

Fu Yanzhi responded: “All good.”

Xu Chengli patted him on the shoulder.

“Good luck! I heard that Liu Man is trying hard to get first place.

 Don’t let him take it this year.”

Every year, hospitals hold a variety of competitions.

Despite the fact that everyone has the same job and does the same thing, competition within is relatively high.

Not everyone could climb high.

Liu Man mentioned by Fu Yanzhi and Xu Chengli was a former hospital intern.

Then stay behind.

From then on, the two inexplicably had a competitive relationship.

Fu Yanzhi did not regard Liu Man as his opponent, but Liu Man regarded him as his opponent.

Every time there was a project and other events, if Fu Yanzhi participated, Liu Man would certainly.

The only pity was that although Fu Yanzhi was not competitive, he gave all his best and shared what he had learned.

So over the past few years, the competition between the two has always been Fu Yanzhi first and Liu Man second.

Xu Chengli doesn’t mind this type of competition; even if the outcome was unsatisfactory, he would remain unconcerned and open-minded.

However, because he had an excellent relationship with Fu Yanzhi, Liu Man included him as a competitor.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Fu Yanzhi looked at him and said, “Aren’t you going to participate”

Xu Chengli suddenly smiled and said, “I’m just going to make up the numbers.”

Fu Yanzhi pulled his lips and was about to speak when his cell phone shook in his pocket.

He looked down.

It was a picture from Ji Qingying.

It’s the breakfast he made for her.

Ji Qingying: [I got up for breakfast.


Fu Yanzhi bent his lower lip: [Just arrived at the hospital.


Ji Qingying: [Good.


Xu Chengli inadvertently glanced around and said with envy: “Alas! our Gaoling is warmer.”

Fu Yanzhi: “…”

He put away his phone and pushed open the door of the department: “Go to work.”

Xu Chengli stopped making fun of gossip and immediately went  to work.

Ji Qingying was actually very sleepy, But, for some reason, she awoke after the warm temperature on her opposite side disappeared.

After looking at the sticky notes left by Fu Yanzhi, she got up to wash and eat breakfast without any hesitation.

Fu Yanzhi has always been busy, yet he was able to take care of Ji Qingying’s three meals a day.

In time, he would  make it or when he was busy he would find someone to send it to her.

Making Ji Qingying, who doesn’t like breakfast, to gradually have a normal habit of three meals a day.

She looked at the millet porridge, eggs, and steamed dumplings  in front of her, and bent her lips silently.

She took a photo of it.

Ji Qingying sent a copy not just to Fu Yanzhi, but also to Chen Xinyu.

Chen Xinyu: [ ]

Ji Qingying: [Breakfast made by Dr.



Chen Xinyu: [You’re really showing off your affection in front of me now, right]

Ji Qingying: [Yes, did you have breakfast ]

Chen Xinyu: [I have eaten dog food!  ]

Ji Qingying: [Ah, are you off today Let’s go shopping.


Chen Xinyu: […If you don’t give me dog food, I’ll go with you.


After making an appointment with Chen Xinyu in the afternoon, Ji Qingying enjoyed the loving breakfast made by Fu Yanzhi and went back to her house.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

It’s still early, she has to do something first.

Ji Qingying took a break to watch the works of recent national and global design contests, as well as other major events.

Although she only focuses on cheongsam and adores, she does not hate other designs and even likes it.

There were good works and videos, and she directly sent them to Ye Zhenzhen and Rong Xue, so that they could see more and learn.

As soon as Ji Qingying sorted it out and sent it to several people, Ye Zhenzhen sent a message.

Ye Zhenzhen: [Sister Ji! Are you finished Can I hang out with you today Do you want to have dinner together !]

Ji Qingying chuckled and immediately realized that she had not informed her about her being together with her big cousin.

After thinking for a while, she directly asked: [I have an appointment with Xinyu to go shopping, do you want to join us ]


Ye Zhenzhen: [Will it be inconvenient ]

Ji Qingying asked Chen Xinyu first, and then replied: [It’s okay.]

Ye Zhenzhen: [Then I will go.


Before going out, Ji Qingying did not forget to send a message to Fu Yanzhi.

The shopping place is not very far from where they live, so Ji Qingying directly took a taxi.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter, and the ground temperature seemed to be scorched.

When Ji Qingying arrived, the other two hadn’t come.

She looked at the time, swept aside the first-floor coffee shop, and walked in.

She asked for a cup of coffee and sat down, Ji Qingying turned her head and looked out of the window.

This mall was located in the city center.

It has a good reputation.

The people outside are bustling with people.

After the waiter brought the coffee, Ji Qingying looked down at the phone and asked the two of them where they were.

As soon as the news was sent, a figure appeared in front of her, blocking the light.

Ji Qingying subconsciously gazed up at a familiar and unexpected face.

She held the coffee hand for a while and said nothing.

Zhou Zhilan looked down at her and sat down opposite.

Ji Qingying glanced at her and withdrew her gaze.

“Are you alone”


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