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Ji Qingying pursed her lips without saying a word.

Zhou Zhilan paused for a while and asked in a low voice, “Have you eaten”

Ji Qingying bowed her head, sent a message to Chen Xinyu and Ye Zhenzhen, and just ignored her.

For a moment, the air around them became cold.

Ji Qingying didn’t like this kind of atmosphere very much, and she didn’t enjoy sitting quietly either.

Zhou Zhilan was indifferent about her thoughts.

She took a sip of the coffee brought by the waiter, and then said, “Yesterday’s design, your work needs to be improved.”

She then added, “Although it is very novel, you know, just relying on cheongsam, you can’t…”

“So what”

Ji Qingying suddenly raised her head.

Looking straight at her she asked, “If I don’t go far, that’s my business, it has nothing to do with you.”

“Why, Teacher Zhou still plans to open a small stove for me after class” Ji Qingying sneered.

Zhou Zhilan twisted her eyebrow and looked at her with disapproving eyes, “When did you become so sharp”

Ji Qingying sneered and said straightforwardly, “When I was told that I had no parents and was a bearer of ill luck.

These words directly hit the sore spot of Zhou Zhilan.

She looked at Ji Qingying in disbelief and wanted to reprimand her severely, but she thought of the environment they were in.

She suppressed her anger and gritted her teeth, “How can you speak like that”

Ji Qingying smiled and looked at her, “That’s how I talk.

If Teacher Zhou can’t accept it, then just leave now.”

As she spoke, Ji Qingying’s cell phone shook.

She looked down.

It was a message from Chen Xinyu: [Look out.]

Ji Qingying looked sideways and saw Chen Xinyu outside the French windows.

She paused and looked back, “Is there anything else for Mr.


Zhou Zhilan looked at her and asked, “Must we be like this everytime we talk”

Ji Qingying asked, “Like how I always talk to strangers like this.

She picked up the bag and said lightly, “If Teacher Zhou has nothing to say, I will leave first.”

With that, she didn’t wait for Zhou Zhilan to react, got up and left.

Zhou Zhilan looked at the back of her silhouette and once again had a sense of frustration.

After hesitating for a moment, she followed out.

The cheongsam that Ji Qingying wore today was not very easy to walk in.

As soon as she walked in front of Chen Xinyu, Zhou Zhilan followed her.

The smile on Chen Xinyu’s face froze, and she shouted, “Auntie.”

Zhou Zhilan nodded and turned to Ji Qingying, “If you two have time, let’s talk.


Ji Qingying said without hesitation, “I don’t have time.”

Zhou Zhilan’s  face was a little unbearable.

She took a deep breath, and asked in a low voice, “Just ten minutes, you still don’t want to”


Ji Qingying looked at her with clear eyes, “I don’t want to talk to Teacher Zhou for a minute except for design.”

In fact, Ji Qingying was also a cruel person.

She couldn’t ignore or forget the past.

Many people say that let bygones be bygones, but not for her.

What happened was what happened, and she didn’t want to forget it.

How could she treat it as if nothing happened

Even if she had amnesia, she knew her body would react naturally.

Zhou Zhilan’s lips moved and she wanted to say something.

Ji Qingying  saw Ye Zhenzhen standing not far away.

She took Chen Xinyu’s hand, and said in a calm tone, “Our friend is here, we will go first  Teacher Zhou.

It was the weekend, and there were a lot of people at the mall.

When the three entered the hall, Ye Zhenzhen looked back curiously and said, “Sister Ji, the person who just spoke to you looked so familiar.

Who is it”

Chen Xinyu paused and said, “A designer.”

Ye Zhenzhen nodded, and didn’t think too much, “Oh, did you encounter them by chance”

Ji Qingying said “um” and changed the subject, “Let’s go and  eat a meal first.”#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

After ordering a good meal, Chen Xinyu looked at her while Ye Zhenzhen was in the bathroom and asked, “Are you okay”

Ji Qingying responded with an expressionless face, “I’m all right.”

Chen Xinyu didn’t know how to comfort her.

She reached out and patted her on the shoulder.

“If you don’t want to see her, just ignore her if she visits again.”

Ji Qingying smiled, closed her eyes and said, “I know.”

She was silent for a while, and whispered, “But it will happen anyway.”

Chen Xinyu was silent for a moment and said, “If you’re like this, I’m not sure if encouraging you to participate in the competition is a good or negative thing.”

Ji Qingying looked at her eyes, smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

She thought for a moment and said, “In fact, I just saw her.

Except for being a little caught off guard, I didn’t feel as sad as I thought.”

Chen Xinyu nodded and said, “Just don’t listen to what she says anyway.”


Ji Qingying did not want to struggle with this matter, “Let’s not talk about this topic.”

Chen Xinyu nodded, “Oka.y”

After dinner, the three of them began to go shopping.

Ji Qingying liked to go to clothing stores.

Sometimes when she was in a bad mood or without inspiration, she would go to the store and look at the colourful and different styles of clothing, which could stimulate the brain and give her inspiration.

All three learnt to design, and their hobbies were pretty much the same.

After strolling around, Ji Qingying bought a lot of clothes for herself.

When passing by a men’s clothing store, Ji Qingying subconsciously slowed down her pace.

Ye Zhenzheng and Chen Xinyu were talking excitedly, boasting that the dress she just tried was beautiful.

After the two of them walked a few steps forward, they realised that Ji Qingying had been left behind.

The two looked back and followed her gaze.#pleasereadthischapterat foxaholic.com

Chen Xinyu raised her eyebrows and said, “Go in and take a look.”

Ji Qingying smiled, without hesitation, “Okay.”

Ye Zhenzhen blinked and looked suspiciously at her, ” …Should I change my mouth now”

Ji Qingying: “……”

Chen Xinyu couldn’t help it and giggled, “Really.”


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