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Ji Qingying was speechless while her hands were hooked around his neck.

“Who doesn’t want to be responsible”

She smiled.

“I’m just afraid that you’ll get rid of me after you meet my Grandma.”

She looked at him straight and warned, “My grandmother is fierce.”

If anyone dared bully her, Grandma was always there to settle the debt.

Fu Yanzhi replied, “Yes.” He then pinched the soft flesh of her earlobe as he gazed down at her.

“That’s exactly right.”

Ji Qingying pulled a face.

He kissed her and said, “This makes me want to bully you.”

Ji Qingying tried to look stern, but couldn’t help but laugh at his shenanigans.

She then completely surrendered to his warm embrace with indescribably satisfaction.

‘How can this man make me feel this secure’

After a long afternoon at home, the two went out on a dinner date.

After eating dinner at a restaurant Ji Qingying was hyped about, Fu Yanzhi took her to see a movie.

She loved this plain yet warm life.

Ji Qingying was not the type to long for an epic love story.

She cherishes both the special events and the everyday goings on just the same.

For her, the important thing is who she is with.

As long as she was with Fu Yanzhi, nothing was ever boring.

The following day, Fu Yanzhi went off to work as normal.

Ji Qingying was also very busy.

By the third round of the competition, she was supposed to bring in assistants.

She could pick Rong Xue, Xiao Shuang, or the others.

After much thought, she first dialed Rong Xue to invite her.

Rong Xue and Xiao Shuang could already be considered her assistants, but each had something distinct about them.

Although Xiao Shuang did not go to university, nor was she properly trained in fashion design, she was very skilled with her hands.

She knew various types of embroidery techniques, and can even do Shu, Xiang, and Su embroideries.

This was her talent.

She only needs to see something a few times, practice a bit, and she’ll very quickly master it.

On the other hand, although Rong Xue had only graduated college a little over a year ago, she’s very knowledgeable on the current fashion trends, not to mention her ideas and vision are also quite unique.

The interaction between her and Ji Qingying always ends up fruitful.

Having her is always helpful.#


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