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Ji Qingying approached him and said, “You really look handsome in a white coat.”

Fu Yanzhi chuckled softly.



Ji Qingying interjected, “I just realized that I am a bit of a clothing freak after all.”

Fu Yanzhi paused, his eyes flashing as he looked at her clothes.

She was wearing a custom cheongsam today.

It wasn’t too tight, but it’s still hard to hide the figure within.

Fu Yanzhi froze, the memory of her bloomed under him that night flashed across his mind.

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed heavily, and replied in a low voice, “I haven’t thought you were.”

Ji Qinying was confused at his reply before realization dawned on her.

“Oh ‘Haven’t thought’, eh”

The she followed Fu Yanzhi’s gaze that looked at the clothes on her body and flirtily said, “…Do you like my clothes”

Fu Yanzhi shook his head first, but started nodding in the end.

Facing Ji Qingying’s coquettishness, Fu Yanzhi bent over her, his warm breath brushing the tips of her ears, and said is a husky voice, “It isn’t the clothes I like…”#


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