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Sun Yijia stiffened.

“What are you talking about”

Ji Qingying looked straight at her and carefully enunciated her words, “Didn’t you wrong me in college Doesn’t that warrant an apology”


She was stunned.

She didn’t expect that Ji Qingying to bring up their past at all.

“You’re joking right You want me to apologize now”


Ji Qingying raised her head high, and very seriously said, “I’ve decided that anyone who has wronged me or even poured dirty water on me can be forgiven, if they apologize.”

Sun Yijia felt that this woman might not be totally sane at all.

She didn’t know what came onto her, but she didn’t retort at all.

After being quiet for a bit, she looked at Ji Qingying and said, “Me telling you all this doesn’t mean I don’t hate you.”

“I just think that an enemy of my enemy is a friend, so I wanted to work with you even for a little bit.”

“No need.

Ji Qingying refused immediately.

“I don’t need friends like you.”

Sun Yijia was stunned once again.

She glared at her and said, “You still don’t know what’s good for you, eh Aren’t you afraid of repeating the same mistake twice”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

At that last question, Ji Qingying raised her and coincidentally saw Fu Yanzhi walking towards her not too far away.

She smiled faintly and said, “No.”

“This time, I won’t be admitting defeat so easily.”

She already had the strongest backer supporting her, so even if those happened again, so what

Even if everyone was against her, she wasn’t afraid.

She knew she had someone who would believe in her no matter what.

Having made up her mind, she got up to walk towards Fu Yanzhi.

After taking two steps forward, she turned to look back at Sun Yijia, “Although I still hate you, I must thank you for sharing this news with me.”

She curled her lips and said, “I will try my best in the national competition.

I expect to see you in the international competition.”

Before Sun Yijia could reply, Ji Qingying had ran into Fu Yanzhi’s arms.

“Anything wrong” Fu Yanzhi reached out and held her tightly.


Ji Qingying looked at him and asked, “Is it bad if I hug you here”

Fu Yanzhi didn’t say anything, but proceeded to embrace her even more.

Ji Qingying smiled and was comforted.

“Go shopping with me after work~”


Looking at the two as they walked away, Sun Yijia sat there dumbfounded for a long time.

She saw how the man had looked at Ji Qingying just now, and found herself laughable.

It seemed she had woefully underestimated Ji Qingying.

Even if she was fooled once and fell into a pit of despair, she was still capable of climbing back up.

She had regained her confidence to stand up proudly.

Sun Yijia had to admit that Ji Qingying’s vision might be better than hers, seeing as how enamored the man looked at her.

She will always retain the pride embedded deep in her bones.

After leaving the hospital, Fu Yanzhi glanced at the person beside him.”


“What do you want to eat”

“I want to eat hot pot!” Ji Qingying quickly replied.

Fu Yanzhi didn’t really mind, so he drove to a nearby hot pot restaurant.

The road was always packed with cars during rush hour.

Their rows and rows of taillights, linked up like the stars in the night sky.

She stared at the pedestrians on the sidewalks for a while, then said, “Ask me.”

Fu Yanzhi replied, “About what”

Ji Qingying was speechless.

“Just ask me who that person was just now.”

Fu Yanzhi just said, “Umm.” then “Nope.”

He deliberately changed the subject and said, “Aren’t you basically asking me if I want to sleep in the study tonight”

“……” Ji Qingying was speechless once again.

She looked at him and said, “That won’t be necessary.”

She smiled lightly and said, “Can’t I just move out again That way, you’ll never have to sleep in the study.”


Fu Yanzhi reached out to squeeze her hand tight.

“No, no.

I really don’t mind sleeping in the study.”

Ji Qingying chuckled.

She couldn’t hold back anymore, and finally smiled.


That person just now was my college rival.

We’ve always fought against each other.”

“She’s out to get you.”

Most definitely.

Ji Qingying turned to look at him in surprise, “How did you know I wasn’t the instigator”

The car in front moved, so Fu Yanzhi lightly stepped on the gas.

He replied nonchalantly, “You aren’t the type.”

He knew what kind of person Ji Qingying was, from the first day he met her.

Eyes don’t lie.

Whether it is your own eyes or your opponent’s.

Even if someone could lie with their eyes, there will always be a feeling.

Ji Qingying smiled, propped her head up and said, “Dr.


“Hmm ”

Fu Yanzhi kept his eyes on the road as he replied.

Ji Qingying leaned against the car window and said, “Nothing.

I just wanted to say your name.”

Fu Yanzhi stole a quick glance at her and grinned.

The hot pot restaurant was lively.

Even in the summer, the place was still packed with people wanting to eat hot pot.

Customers were drawn to the pot’s stews and fragrant smells.

After ordering, Ji Qingying asked Fu Yanzhi beside her, “Are you tired”

Fu Yanzhi pinched the palm of her hand and whispered, “I should be the one asking.

What were you playing in the lobby with Xiao Meng#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying had to think a bit, replying seriously, “I didn’t choose to play that.

She was the one who wanted to play clap.”

As she said this, she smiled.

“I never expected that the games we used to play as children were now completely different than the ones they play today.”

Fu Yanzhi was intrigued by her answer and couldn’t help but ask, “What did you like to play when you were a kid”



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