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She thought about it and said, “ I rarely went out to play back then.

Usually, I’d just follow my grandmother to the store, help a bit, watch as she makes cheongsams, read books, and from time to time, secretly watch TV.

Fu Yanzhi was surprised.

He whispered, “That’s all you did”

“Hmm,” she replied affirmatively.

She looked at Fu Yanzhi and asked, “What about you”

“……I also read books.”

Ji Qingying was speechless.

“Boring much”

Fu Yanzhi gave her a look and reminded her, “Didn’t you read books too”


Fu, you’re going too far! I’ll have you know that-” Halfway through her retort, Ji Qingying thought she might make Fu Yanzhi feel bad.

So she quickly changed where she was going with it and said, “I also love reading~”

Fu Yanzhi was elated and played with her hands as a response.

“I know.”

He looked down and touched her lips.

“Eat first.”


In fact, Fu Yanzhi didn’t really enjoy eating hot pot.

He especially disliked places where people who liked hot pots ate hot pots.

He lived an uneventful life that didn’t have much fun in it.

He also wasn’t fond of loud noises as well.

However, Ji Qingying has changed his mind about many things.

It’s not that he doesn’t like it.

It just depends on who was with him.

After eating, the two left the restaurant.

The shopping mall the restaurant was in was large, with many floors.

On the third floor, there was a world of paradise.

After Ji Qingying saw the shop, she turned to look at him incredulous, and asked, “You! You want me to seriously play here”

Fu Yanzhi took her hand.

“Don’t you want to play”

Ji Qingying stopped and pointed at a nearby sign and read it out loud, “Recommended for children aged between three to seven.”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Fu Yanzhi nodded.

“That’s right”

Ji Qingying was confused for a moment and questioned him, “…what’s right”


Fu Yanzhi briefly looked at the sign and grinned, “Three years old.

Right on the dot.”

The female ticketing staff listened in on the conversation between the two, only to feel the overwhelming urge to vomit.

And yet, she couldn’t help but gaze at them in envy.

The balls it took to call his girlfriend a three-year-old.

Too cute.

Ji Qingying was amused by Fu Yanzhi’s antics.

“So you heard my conversation with Grandma”

Fu Yanzhi only “Hmm-ed” as a response.

“Well, do you want to take a look”

Ji Qingying was conflicted for two seconds, but then nodded.


She’s never been in one, so she really wanted to try.

Although the sign recommends only children, it didn’t ban adults.

Many parents would go in with their children as well.

After buying the tickets, the two headed inside.

There were only a few children at this time.

Ji Qingying took in the sights.

There was an ocean of balls, trampolines, a sandbar, and a lot more.

There really was a lot.

The two were not embarrassed, so they proceeded inside.

When they found something interesting, they’d stop to play.

The ocean of balls was big and a lot of children were playing inside it.

Ji Qingying listened to their laughter and stopped involuntarily.

She turned to look at Fu Yanzhi, eyes glowing.

“Play with me”


The two entered the ocean of balls.

The area was huge.

Along with the ocean of colorful balls, there was a high slide the children could use to play.

Ji Qingying stared dazedly at it for a while, then a familiar voice came to her ear.

“Why don’t you go and try”


She pointed her finger.


But she was too embarrassed.

“No, no.”

Fu Yanzhi reasoned, “I just asked.

Everyone is free to use it.”

Ji Qingying licked her lips, and whispered, “What if others laugh”

“Who will laugh ”

Fu Yanzhi stretched out his hand and patted her head.

“They must be laughing at me.”

“My girlfriend is only three years old, so no one should make fun of her.”

Ji Qingying blushed, “Then I’ll try.”

“Are you waiting for me below”

“I’ll catch you over there.”


Ji Qingying started climbing to the top.

She noticed that the children were slowly leaving the ocean of balls.

It was time for them to go home.

The slide was a bit high, and Ji Qingying was a little scared when she was at the top.

She looked down at the man waiting for her below.

He steadied her mind.

She slid down, the wind whooshed beside her ears, bringing a sense of exhilaration.

As she exclaimed, about to fall into the ocean of balls, she was caught in a warm embrace.

Leaning back, Fu Yanzhi had caught her firmly, the two sinking into the depths of the ocean of balls.

He embraced her firmly, letting her feel his warmth.

Right now, Ji Qingying found that her fear of the slide was no more.

At least, she didn’t feel that falling was such a bad thing.

She was falling, surrounded by the warmth of her man.

The ocean of balls had concealed them from sight.

They were hidden.


All the voices surrounding her had gone, leaving only the man in front of her.

Ji Qingying felt serene, burying her head on nape, inhaling his scent.

After hugging for a while, she finally spoke.




Some light could be seen shining through the gaps in the ocean of balls.

He looked at the person he’s holding close, and asked, “What’s up”#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Ji Qingying snuggled even closer to him, staring at his handsome face and whispered, “Can a three-year-old do bad things”

Fu Yanzhi looked at her with burning eyes, “What bad things do you want to do”

He pressed his mouth next to her, rubbing his soft lips on her hot ears.

His voice sounded gruff from arousal, “If you can do something bad to me, then I guess a three-year-old can do anything too.”

The implication is too strong.

Ji Qingying was shy, but not cowardly.

She stared straight at him and said, “Oh~”

She snickered.

“Prepare yourself then.”


Fu Yanzhi readied himself.

She lowered her head, touched his lips lightly, and then left.

Fu Yanzhi was dumbfounded a bit, but his gaze deepened a little and asked in a low voice, “Just that”

It was Ji Qingying’s turn to get stunned.

Before she could reply, Fu Yanzhi had turned his head sideways, and bit her earlobe.

He huskily said, “Is this the bad thing you want to do”

Ji Qingying’s body stiffened, feeling his hand wandering her back.

“Hmm,” she said, “…yes.”

Fu Yanzhi paused and said softly, “That does not count.”

Suspicious, Ji Qingying asked, “So what is”

As soon as she asked, Fu Yanzhi made an evil grin.

“I’ll teach you.”

Ji Qingying had just begun to say “Huh,” before he had pulled her head back and ravaged her lips.




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