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Warning!!!adult scene

What’s it like to kiss someone you fancy

At that very moment, Ji Qingying was certain she could have answered.

She may not be able to articulate it that well, but it all came from her heart.

She likes kissing Fu Yanzhi.

She liked it when he was kissing her, he’d suck her lip, and drove his tongue straight into her mouth, causing her to feel lingering sensations.

Just like now.

They hid at the bottom of the ocean of balls.

He cradled her in his arms and forcefully parted her lips for a kiss.

He even nibbled and sucked.

To Ji Qingying, she felt that he’s some beautifully vibrant flower that she couldn’t look away from.

The two fell deeper into their own world, their breaths gradually becoming heavier.

After an unknown period of time, Fu Yanzhi let her go.

The two gently looked at each other through the dim light, their eyes filled with love.

Fu Yanzhi nuzzled his nose on her neck and muttered something in a hoarse voice, “Home”


As soon as the two got home, Fu Yanzhi continued his assault.

She moaned as she lost control of her body.

The response her body had to his kisses were both natural and surprising.

“Bath…” Ji Qingying managed to push him off her and say, “Take a bath first.”

He brought her into the bathroom.

The bathroom tiles were icy cold, and as she was pinned against the wall, she felt a bone-chilling coldness.

Suddenly, something warm entered her before she knew it.

She felt that she was dragged from deep icy water, into a scorching fire.

The situation was both tortuous and pleasurable.

She opened her mouth a little, feeling a little breathless.

His presence made her feel as though her blood was racing all over her body.


The lights in the bathroom were bright and dazzling.

Through the mist, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

Her face, as well as the man in front of her.

She could feel his heavy breath, his every aggression, and his strong domineering presence.

His eyes betrayed his desire.

Ji Qingying fell into his world, where she drowned in him once again.

She couldn’t help but moan.

Her voice was a seductive melody, interspersed with the sound of a man’s breathing.

Up and down.

A symphony that leads to reverie.

Their scent lingered in the bathroom, where all her shame was blown away.

Ji Qingying locked her legs around him as he slammed her against the wall, enduring everything he gave.

His heat, desire, and everything else drew her irresistibly deeper.

Like falling into a trap of lust: Uncontrollable!

From the bathroom to the bedroom, the two’s breaths spread out all throughout the night.

Their faint scent also lingered on the floor beneath them.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

Who knows where their clothes were thrown away.

By the time the fire’s blaze dimmed, there was only one thought in Ji Qingying’s mind:


Fu Yanzhi wasn’t only knowledgeable with anatomy, he knew it intimately!

She curled up under the sheets in her musing, when her hair was ruffled.

“Would you like to drink water”


Ji Qingying buried her head on the pillow, as her muffled voice rang out, “Don’t talk to me.”

Fu Yanzhi wanted to laugh.

He kissed her on the cheek and said, “Didn’t you really enjoy it”


She opened her eyes wide as she glared at him.

Fu Yanzhi liked her like this: full of vigor.

He stretched out his hand to help her up.

“Drink a bit before we sleep.

It’ll help soothe your throat.”


Ji Qingying took two sips, then cleared her throat.

“Who’s to blame for this anyways”


Fu Yanzhi knew to directly confess his wrongs.

“I’m sorry.

It’s my fault.”

Ji Qingying looked at him and closed her eyes, “Sleepy.”

Fu Yanzhi put away the cup and got into bed with her, wrapping his arms around her.

He then kissed her face and whispered, “Your voice is still quite charming.”

Especially as she moaned beneath him.

He couldn’t help himself!

He had obviously tried to hold back at first, but after being stimulated by her cries, Fu Yanzhi couldn’t help but go all out.

Ji Qingying was determined not to respond.

She felt her face heating up as she recalled all the bad things he had done to make her moan.#pleasereadthischapteratfoxaholic.com

This was definitely not self-discipline, but total perversion!

She should never have teased him.

Ji Qingying forced her eyes shut, but she was still aware of Fu Yanzhi’s gaze as she muttered, “Go to sleep.”

Fu Yanzhi smiled as his arms gradually tightened.


Good night.”

“…Good night.”

Ji Qingying slept extremely soundly.

Perhaps it was because of the vigorous workout she did before bed, or because this man surrounding her was too sturdy.

She woke up that morning without any idea when Fu Yanzhi had gotten out of bed.

The house was quiet when she awoke.

Ji Qingying rubbed the corner of her eyes before lying back down.

She struggled to get up.


Her entire body was in pain.

It took her some time before finally managing to get out.

As soon as she got up, she noticed the message Fu Yanzhi had left her.

It told her to open the windows to air out the room when she woke up.

Ji Qingying couldn’t help but blush at the innuendo the message entailed.

The words he’d spoken to her last night came to her mind without her bidding.

Ji Qingying instantly felt restless and rushed to the floor-to-ceiling window, opening it to let some fresh air in.

When she entered the bathroom, everything they had scattered yesterday night was already arranged perfectly.

Though, at the corner of the mirror, a mark she had left behind was still there.

Ji Qingying left the bathroom without even brushing her teeth.

She had no choice but to go to her own bathroom to wash up.

Afterwards, she returned to Fu Yanzhi’s to eat breakfast pretending that nothing had happened.

Only then was she able to briefly forget last night.

Ji Qingying calmed herself as she drew her designs before leaving to pick up Rong Xue from the high-speed train station.

Rong Xue was as lively as ever, as she dashed towards her as soon as she saw her.

“Sister Qingying! I missed you so much!”


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